Chapter 60:

Chapter 60: The Light Goddess

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 60: The Light Goddess

*The heroes reach a big, wide-open room. There are stained glass windows all over depicting events and there is a lot of light coming down from a hole in the ceiling that has a diameter of 7 feet. The light suddenly starts shining even brighter and suddenly a woman floats down from it*

Kurt: It’s her! It’s the Light Goddess, Harmona!

*Harmona has long blonde hair and a green iris color in her eyes. She wears a white dress. She is 7 feet tall*

Narrator: Light Goddess of Earth - Harmona

Harmona: Greetings. I have been waiting eagerly for you to arrive. I’m sure you have a lot of questions.

Zeth: Yes, we have many.

Harmona: Before we begin questions, I should start off with the sad facts. If the Dark Goddess is not stopped, she will one day return and finish the campaign to rebirth the world the way she wants. A plan I just barely stopped 118 years ago.

Zeth: My mother did tell us that.

Harmona: I’m still recovering from a Soul Attack I used. If she came back any time before hundreds of years from now, I would not be able to stop her. All of you give us the best chance to stop her.

Zeth: Why do we offer the best chance to stop her?

*Harmona smiles*

Harmona: It’s time you learn the full truth of your past… my son.

*All five heroes open their eyes wide and just stare at her almost speechless*

Zeth: What…?

Harmona: Yes. I’m your biological mother. The most recent stained-glass window even depicts your birth.

Zeth: But I’m not even the slightest bit divine and I have black hair and brown eyes. It’s nothing like yours.

Harmona: You are divine and those are not your natural colors. Naturally, you have blonde hair and green eyes like me.

Zeth: Then tell me everything… Why am I like this then?

Harmona: I will explain everything about you. To start, your father is human. Usually, this would mean you are a half-breed but divine overpowers mortal.

Zeth: So what does that mean?

Harmona: It means you are a divine being with the benefits of mortals. Divine beings are forbidden from living in the mortal world and would stick out like a sore thumb as they can easily attract the attention of demons that have found their way into the mortal world which can cause more pain for nearby mortals. But you can go throughout the mortal world without anybody being able to tell you are divine just by looking at you. Upon birth, the purpose I gave you was to rid the mortal world of its biggest problems.

Zeth: So then where is my divine power?

Harmona: This is where the story becomes unfortunate. In the months after birth, we were preparing your body for both the mortal world and the divine realm. Unfortunately, the Dark Goddess wanted you out of the picture before you became a problem. The Dark Goddess sent her messenger, Korobu, after you while you were in the mortal world. Your sister’s attempts to stop Korobu’s offensive failed. Your body was infected with the Dark Goddess’s vile darkness. Before permanent damage could be done, I used my divine power and split you from the darkness. This created you which is 75% of your original body and another boy that was 25%. Korobu then took that other boy. That other boy has come to be known as Crimson.

*Zeth and Sasha go into major shock*

Zeth: No way! So that’s what he meant by trying to consume me!

Harmona: Without your full body, your divine powers are gone. But you can recombine back into one. The one who consumes is the one who takes control of the body. Individually, Zeth you can live to the age of 200 while Crimson, with less of the original body, won’t live past age 50.

Emily: 200!? That’s still longer than us mortals.

Harmona: Yes, but with his full body, Zeth would never die of old age. Also, he’s still not fully grown. Zeth, you’ll likely be as tall as me by the time you are fully grown.

Zeth: How long would that take?

Harmona: You should be fully grown by the time you reach age 40,000.

*Zeth is shocked*

Zeth: 40,000 years to grow another foot in height!? That’s a super long time!

*Harmona chuckles*

Harmona: Well, Diving Beings go through growth a lot slower than mortals. How tall are you right now?

Zeth: 5 feet, 10 inches.

Harmona: I’m 7 feet exactly so you got over a foot to go.

Zeth: I can’t even comprehend being alive that long.

Harmona: Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it.

Zeth: I think we should get back to the questions. You’ve mentioned a couple other family members so I want to know… who is my father and who is my sister?

Harmona: Your sister’s name is Zaydra. Like me, she has blonde hair and green eyes. Like you, her father is human. However, she is also 536 years old.

Joe: Wow, she is not just your older sister. She is more like your ancient sister.

Harmona: Your father is Kyle Dredon. He was among the strongest humans, but sometime during the 10 years that I was pregnant with you, he disappeared. And with my powers still recovering, I could not track him. I have no idea where he is.

Emily: Wait a minute… Excuse me!? Did you say 10 Years!!?

Harmona: Yes, a goddess’s pregnancy lasts 10 years. But keep in mind that 10 years to us is less than 9 months are to mortals.

Zeth: It’s a shame about my father… However, there are more important things to worry about right now. I need to know how I can consume Crimson.

Harmona: Your body will instinctively know how to consume Crimson, and sometime in the future, it will crave his consumption. I assume this has already happened for him.

Zeth: Okay, my questions are answered.

Emily: I have questions too.

Harmona: Then ask away.

Narrator: The heroes have finally met Harmona, the Light Goddess. Zeth is revealed to be her son and now more questions and answers await.

Chapter 60 END

To be Continued in Chapter 61: The Earth Dens