Chapter 62:

Chapter 62: Harmona's Plan

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 62: Harmona’s Plan

Harmona: The next thing we need to discuss is the magic altar that lies in this very room. You five have already used the magic altar in the Great Falls. As you know, there are eight total in this country. Here in this room is another one of those altars.

*A wall opens up and reveals the altar*

Harmona: You will use this altar to, once again, increase your abilities. It’s especially important for you, Zeth.

Zeth: What do you mean?

Harmona: First, place the four divine stones you picked in the first room of the temple into the slots of the altar.

*Zeth walks up to the altar and places the stones in the slots*

Harmona: The altar’s upgrades to your abilities along with the stones will allow you to temporarily access divine powers during your journey. However, it can only be done in areas with sacred energies or other divine power in the air. Why is this important you might ask? Your biggest goal currently should be to consume Crimson and regain your permanent divine powers. Without them, we have no chance of defeating the Dark Goddess before I fully recover. You also need them to be able to return to Heaven which is your home. Your sister and I can’t bring you home in your current state.

Joe: Dang. You get to call Heaven, home.

Sasha: The place that is beyond the stars?

Harmona: That is how mortals tend to look at it which is fair enough but not technically correct. Heaven exists as a separate dimension that is connected to Earth. It’s the same with Hell. Explaining how it works requires a more complex and in-depth explanation that I don’t think any of you are ready for yet. Anyway, we need to get back to using the altar so use it and I will continue.

*The heroes use the altar and light from the altar goes into the heroes, increasing their powers*

Harmona: While searching for Crimson, destroy anything and anyone that you see that is sided with the Dark Goddess. We have to weaken her influence here.

*Harmona looks at Sasha*

Harmona: And that makes this case special. Sasha, I know who you are…

*Sasha looks nervous*

Harmona: You are the Dark Goddess’s daughter.

*All five heroes open their eyes wide and are shocked*

Sasha: This can’t be! I’m a good person!

Harmona: I know and that is why you are special. You have the powers of the Dark Goddess but can use them for good. Oddly enough, just like my children, your father is a human or at least that’s what our intelligence has told us. But given that you do not currently have your natural eye color, that basically confirms it.

Sasha: My natural eye color?

Harmona: Yes. Since you are the daughter of the Dark Goddess, you should have Dark Divine Eyes.

Sasha: What do Dark Divine Eyes look like?

Harmona: Imagine your current eyes but the white parts of your eyes are black. Dark Divine Eyes are mostly black except for the irises which are red. Your irises are already red so I imagine your dark power has been sealed and the mortal aspects of your eyes are at the surface because of it. That is why your eyes are white instead of black.

Emily: This explains everything I have noticed. If her dark power has been sealed then sometimes it starts to leak out a bit when she gets very angry. I saw it when Zeth took a big blow against the poacher leader.

Harmona: The Dark Goddess must have noticed the benefits of having a child with the benefits of mortals. But why did she seal Sasha’s dark powers? I don’t have an answer for that.

*Harmona looks at Sasha*

Harmona: I also would not know how to break the seal and fully access your dark powers.

*Sasha falls to her knees and looks sad*

Sasha: I guess I really am the devil’s spawn as my step-parents called me…

Zeth: No, you are a good person that can use what seems bad to the benefit of all that is good. You will forever be someone capable of turning bad into good and that is what matters most.

*Zeth grabs Sasha’s hand and helps her stand up but then Sasha falls into Zeth’s arms crying. Zeth hugs her tight*

Sasha: *sniff* Thank you… You are right. It matters who I truly am on the inside.

*Sasha ends the hug and smiles while she wipes the tears off of her face*

Sasha: We will defeat the Dark Goddess. Together.

Zeth: That’s the spirit! It’s time we get to work!

*Harmona smiles while watching them*

Harmona: (Thinking) A being of light… and a being of dark… Maybe this conflict will one day end and both sides can be happy with each other.

*Harmona then speaks aloud*

Harmona: Being a Dark Divine Being does not automatically make you a bad person. I know it seems odd, but Heaven and Hell are not supposed to be in conflict with each other. Both Heaven and Hell were made to fulfill a purpose. They are for giving the souls of dead mortals a place to go after death. Those who are good people go to Heaven and those who are bad people go to Hell. Our purpose isn’t to fight each other… and yet we’ve been in conflict for even far longer than I’ve been alive. It’s like it’s all part of someone’s sick twisted game to get us to fight each other.

Zeth: A purpose, you say? Who gave them their respective purposes? What is the origin of our entire existence?

*Harmona stays silent for a moment and looks surprised by the question*

Harmona: Going right for the big questions, I see. Zeth, I think it’s too early for you to learn about that. You have a lot on your plate already and need to focus on regaining your divinity. And besides, while I know a basic level about our origin, I don’t know everything. I think one day when you’re in my position, you will get the chance to learn everything there is to know about the origin of everything.

Zeth: Okay, I understand. I guess that’s all we have to ask right now so we better get going.

*The heroes prepare to leave, but before they do, Harmona stops them*

Harmona: Wait Zeth, just one more thing.

Zeth: What is it?

Harmona: It’s been 18 years since you were born and I have not been with you since you were four months old.

*Harmona walks up to Zeth and hugs him*

Harmona: This is something I needed to do to make up for the lost time. Remember, I will always be watching over you.

*In their continued hugging, Harmona continues speaking*

Harmona: I look forward to the day you can finally come home…

*Zeth is silent for a moment before responding*

Zeth: …So do I.

Narrator: The heroes now know what they must do. And in this first in a long time meeting between mother and son, Zeth feels the true caring and love that his mother, the Light Goddess, gives. The question of who his biological parents are is now over.

Chapter 62 END

To be Continued in Chapter 63: Korobu and Crimson

This is the end of the Temple of the Light Goddess Arc

Arc Completed: April 21st, 2015