Chapter 63:

Chapter 63: Korobu and Crimson

Beyond The Stars

Author's Note: This is the first chapter of the fifth arc. This is the Mansion of Horrors Arc.

Chapter 63: Korobu and Crimson

Narrator: At an unknown location.

*Crimson is sitting in a somewhat dark room of a place that looks like a medieval dungeon and is staring at the dead bodies of the people he killed*

Crimson: Such a waste. These people die so easily. It doesn’t help my craving for consuming Zeth.

*Korobu walks into the room*

Korobu: You will consume Zeth.

*Crimson is alerted*

Crimson: Who’s there!?

Korobu: What, you don’t recognize me?

Crimson: No! Leave me the hell alone!

*Crimson marks the part of the floor Korobu is standing on with his destruction magic and an explosion happens where the marks are but Korobu backs up near a wall seemingly not hurt at all*

*Crimson marks the wall Korobu is by and he explodes those marks too which then leads to a much bigger room that has tables in it*

*Now in the bigger room, Korobu is still not hurt. Crimson charges at him, throwing many punches at Korobu. Korobu blocks all of them until one lands in his face but it does not even hurt him. He just smiles and then kicks Crimson*

*Crimson gets knocked into a bunch of tables which destroys a few of them. Korobu laughs*

Korobu: Come on, don’t you know I’m the reason you exist?

*Crimson charges at Korobu*

Crimson: You are not making any sense!

*Crimson marks the floor Korobu is standing on and then explodes it*

*Crimson uses the smoke caused by the explosion to get closer without being seen. He jumps and then goes down in the smoke attempting a punch. However, he does not see Korobu in it. Korobu appears behind him*

Korobu: Hi.

*Korobu punches Crimson multiple times*

*Korobu then grabs Crimson’s arm and slams him down onto the ground*

Korobu: (smiling) Now listen, you trying to fight me is pointless. Your power is nowhere near mine currently. You are only 25% of a person. Zeth is the other 75%.

Crimson: (In fear and confusion) What does that mean?

Korobu: It means you and Zeth are one person. The one who consumes the other gets control of the body. Your life goal is to consume Zeth.

Crimson: How are we one person?

Korobu: A few months after Zeth’s birth, I, commanded by the Dark Goddess, was sent to infect him with her darkness as he is the Light Goddess’s son and needed to be eliminated. I succeeded, but the Light Goddess used her power and removed the darkness, though it resulted in you. I then took you and left you with humans while we waited for you to become powerful enough to go after Zeth.

Crimson: So the woman in my mind is the Dark Goddess?

Korobu: Yes, and you are the Dark Goddess’s darkness. Go, find and consume Zeth and bring us one step closer to our ultimate goal.

Crimson: Yes, I see now. Zeth, I will find you and I will consume you.

Narrator: Korobu has demonstrated that his power even far exceeds Crimson, the one who dominated Zeth in their fight. What will come of Zeth and Crimson’s next meeting?

Chapter 63 END

To be Continued in Chapter 64: Zeth and Zaydra