Chapter 1:

The Girl and the Monster

The Girl and the Monster

This is the tale of a kid that lived alone in a house in the forest.Bookmark here

She was always happy, always cheerful. Even though no other humans were with her, all her animal friends were around her, helping her and making her company.Bookmark here

She had never once felt the need for anything more than what she had.Bookmark here

But among all the things she had been taught by the animals, there was one bit that had always troubled her.Bookmark here

Beware the monster of the forest, who’s always lurking in search of a prey. If it sees you, it will try to trick you and lie to you, only for you to suffer because of it.Bookmark here

She had no reason to doubt this.Bookmark here

All her animal friends agreed on this one point.Bookmark here

The monster of the forest was the only thing to fear in her little world.Bookmark here

So she wouldn’t go out at night, she wouldn’t go too far away from her home, she wouldn’t go beyond the limits the animals imposed her.Bookmark here

This kept her safe for years. She grew into a beautiful and healthy young lady, and her animal friends were proud of what she had become.Bookmark here

But one day, one ordinary day like any other – the girl accidentally stepped outside of the zone the animals had allowed her to be in.Bookmark here

She didn’t notice, for the sun had not yet risen that morning – so she kept walking around, with no more worries than usual.Bookmark here

She kept walking and walking, with no destination in mind – until it dawned on her.Bookmark here

She was lost.Bookmark here

She had gone too far, and now she didn’t know how to go back.Bookmark here

But as she thought this, she saw something moving in the distance.Bookmark here

Something that was far too big to be one of her cute little animal friends.Bookmark here

Something that – suddenly – started walking towards her.Bookmark here

She stood paralyzed.Bookmark here

She knew what that was.Bookmark here

It was the monster of the forest, the one all the animals had warned her about.Bookmark here

She stood there petrified, not knowing what to do.Bookmark here

She knew she had to run, but her legs wouldn’t move.Bookmark here

And when the monster came into sight, she was beyond shocked.Bookmark here

It didn’t look scary at all. Even when the animals had said so many horrible things about it – it didn’t look scary at all.Bookmark here

It had a happy smile on its face as it slowly approached her.Bookmark here

Even so – the moment the girl stepped back, the monster’s expression turned into one of worry.Bookmark here

It started running towards the girl, and she didn’t have time to flee. She tripped, and fell to the floor.Bookmark here

The monster caught her.Bookmark here

‘This is it’, thought the girl. ‘This is the end. I should have been more careful and paid more attention to where I was going-’Bookmark here

But to her surprise, the monster didn’t do any bad to her.Bookmark here

It didn’t hit her or harm her. Bookmark here

She felt no pain, only the gentle touch of the monster’s hands as it made sure she wasn’t hurt.Bookmark here

It helped her get up on her feet, and asked her why she was there.Bookmark here

‘I am lost’, she said. ‘I went for a walk before dawn, and now I can’t go back’.Bookmark here

The monster looked sad and worried.Bookmark here

But then it told her that it would help her go back home.Bookmark here

She was overjoyed. The monster of the forest had turned out to be good and kind! She decided she must tell the animals about this when she arrived home.Bookmark here

The monster guided her through the forest, using her descriptions of her home to find the right path.Bookmark here

While they walked through the deep forest, they talked.Bookmark here

The monster was impressed to hear of the girl’s home and her animal friends, and looked happy that she had such a pleasant life.Bookmark here

The girl, on the other hand, felt sad when she heard about the monster.Bookmark here

It was alone. It had also lived all its life within the forest, but it never had animal friends to rely on. Still, it wasn’t sad. It didn’t pity itself. It enjoyed its life to the fullest – though it wished it had someone else besides it.Bookmark here

The girl didn’t know why someone as kind-hearted as this monster would be alone all of its life. She told it that there was nothing to worry about, and that it could live with her in her home, with the animals as its friends.Bookmark here

The girl and the monster were now very close friends, even though so little time had passed since their meeting.Bookmark here

They kept walking as they heard each other’s stories.Bookmark here

And when the sun was beginning to set again, they finally arrived at the girl’s home.Bookmark here

All the animals had gathered in front of the house, and when they saw the girl, they all sighed in relief and ran up to her.Bookmark here

But they all froze midway.Bookmark here

The moment they saw the monster appearing behind the girl – they froze midway.Bookmark here

Their expressions turned into ones of pure rage, ones that scared even the girl who had known them for all her life.Bookmark here

‘What have you done to our girl?’, they shouted.Bookmark here

Nothing, replied the monster, fear taking control of him.Bookmark here

‘Liar! We know what you are! You only helped our girl so you could earn her trust and betray her!’Bookmark here

They all said this.Bookmark here

The girl was shocked.Bookmark here

She had no reason to doubt what the animals were saying, but the monster had never once tried to hurt her-Bookmark here

‘Don’t let yourself be fooled! That monster only wants you for his twisted pleasures! It will only cause you pain!’Bookmark here

This convinced the girl.Bookmark here

She mustn’t believe in strangers she had just met over those who had raised her.Bookmark here

Reluctantly but without looking back, she hid behind the animals, disgust now on her face as she stared at the monster she had once believed her friend.Bookmark here

And then she finally decided.Bookmark here

She picked up a small rock close to her, and she threw it at the twisted monster, who had lied to her to get her sympathy and harm her.Bookmark here

The monster didn’t protect itself from the rock, fake tears flowing from its eyes in a futile last attempt to get the girl on its side.Bookmark here

But seeing as it didn’t work, and no compassion came from the girl or the animals, it turned back and left with its head hanging low.Bookmark here

And then suddenly, as the monster disappeared from view, the animals exploded in cheers, congratulating the girl for not letting herself be fooled.Bookmark here

The girl had now learnt her lesson, and throughout the remainder of her happy life, she would never again be fooled by monsters trying to disguise themselves as people she could trust.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

THE END.Bookmark here

Author's Note: This short piece is meant to be open to interpretation, but the author does not make himself responsible for any of said interpretations of this work. Thank you for reading until the end.Bookmark here

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The Girl and the Monster

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