Chapter 68:

Chapter 68: Zeth vs The Clown Doll

Beyond The Stars

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Chapter 68: Zeth vs The Clown Doll

Narrator: The clown doll has become life-size and now intends to tear Zeth apart!

Zeth: I don’t have time for this!

*The clown doll starts walking towards Zeth. Zeth quickly runs towards the clown doll while charging his fist with magic*

*Zeth punches the left side of the doll’s torso. The upper left side of its torso and its entire left arm are destroyed*

Zeth: Well, you certainly are not as tough as you are scary.

*The wound starts to glow gray with magic and the torso and arm grow back*

Zeth: No! Come on!

*Zeth starts charging magic into his hands*

Zeth: I’ll just get rid of every part of your body! Star Shards!

*Zeth sends five star shards at the doll and they cut off both arms, both legs, and its head*

*It grows all of those back and then it leaps at Zeth*

Zeth: Shit!

*Zeth gets out of the way and heads to the opposite side of the room*

*The doll stands up after its leap missed*

Zeth: The magic properties of this mansion apply to the doll too?

*The doll walks towards the safe and opens it, causing the room to go dark*

Zeth: I can’t fight like this!

*Before Zeth can do anything further, he gets attacked by the doll. The clown starts using its claws to slash Zeth which greatly damages him*

Zeth: Gahh! Err! …Wait, I can use this! Starlight Shield!

*The starlight shield makes Zeth glow and provides him a little seeing light. He kicks the doll off of him and then runs to the door but it’s locked when the room is dark*

Zeth: Figures that it’s locked when you can’t see. Gotta close the safe then.

*Zeth tries to slow down the doll with his star shards but since his shield lowers his offensive strength, it does not cut through*

Zeth: Hand to hand it is then.

*Zeth charges at the doll and the doll has become more aggressive as they begin to punch each other*

Zeth: Even with my shield, these punches hurt. This doll is powerful.

*Zeth tries to get around the doll but its speed has increased too*

Zeth: Maybe I can use a ranged ability. Chains of the Volcano Demon!

*The magic chains wrap around the handle on the open door of the safe. However, with one less arm to use, the clown doll rapidly punches Zeth with little resistance*

*Though he took a lot of damage, Zeth closes the safe and the room lights up*

*Zeth releases his Starlight Shield and destroys the doll’s head with a punch*

*Zeth jumps back and away from the doll. He is bloody from all the damage he took from the doll’s attacks*

*The doll’s head grows back*

Zeth: Okay, now it’s time we take this battle up a notch.

*Zeth then smirks*

Narrator: Zeth now has the room lit up and the door unlocked. How will the battle continue?

Chapter 68 END

To be Continued in Chapter 69: Burn!