Chapter 69:

Chapter 69: Burn!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 69: Burn!

Narrator: With Sasha missing, Zeth continues to face a tough battle against the clown doll.

*Zeth spits out the blood in his mouth*

Zeth: This fight’s going to a different room.

*He runs out the door and the clown doll pursues him*

*As the clown doll gets into the hallway, it sees Zeth at the other end of it charging a Star Shine Blast*

Zeth: Here’s a present for you!

*Zeth releases the Star Shine Blast and it’s a direct hit and destroys most of the clown doll’s body. However, the clown doll regenerates again*

Zeth: Can this doll regenerate from any attack?

*The clown doll jumps up at the ceiling and sticks to it and begins quickly crawling along it towards Zeth*

*Zeth throws four Star Shards at the doll but it evades all of them and then it jumps down towards Zeth. The doll attacks and lands a powerful punch to Zeth’s face, knocking him back into the door at the end of the hallway*

*Zeth is now sitting against the door and lifts his head up to see the doll right in front of him and it is ready to continue its onslaught. The doll rapidly punches Zeth*

*Zeth takes a beating but then he grabs the clown doll’s left arm and kicks its left leg to knock it off its feet. At the same time, the doll uses its right arm to punch Zeth in the face. The result is that the doll falls backward while Zeth has to recompose himself*

Zeth: Damn.

*Zeth stands up. The doll makes more deranged noises and then the top of its head opens and five 1-foot-tall clones of the doll come out. The hole closes and all the dolls are making deranged sounds*

Zeth: This is creepy and I’m not getting any closer to defeating the clown doll! Think…! That’s it! Out of my way, clowns!

*Zeth charges at the clown dolls, punching all of them as he tries to get past them. After that, he reaches a door to a room and goes inside. The clown dolls pursue and go inside too*

*Zeth has his magic chain wrapped around the handle of the safe’s door and he uses a hand gesture to signal he wants the clown dolls to come towards him*

Zeth: Come at me.

*The five clones all rush towards Zeth. Using his one remaining available arm and his legs, Zeth pounds all the clones into the ground. He then gets out of the way and opens the safe with his chain*

*The flamethrower shoots a wave of fire and incinerates the clones. They all turn to ash and don’t regenerate*

Zeth: I’d say that this is a good plan.

*The main clown doll charges at Zeth but Zeth jumps over it and kicks it into the fire as he comes back down*

Zeth: Burn!

*Zeth watches as the clown doll burns*

Zeth: It looks like you can't take the heat!

*Soon, he closes the safe with his chain*

*The burning reveals the doll’s core and there is a heart made out of magic in it*

Zeth: A magic heart? This is probably how it regenerates.

*Zeth grabs the heart and crushes it with his hand and what remains of the doll falls into pieces and turns to ash*

Zeth: Now to check the fourth room of this hallway and finally get out of here. Hang on Sasha!

Narrator: Zeth has figured out how to defeat the clown doll and is ready to move on and find Sasha.

Chapter 69 END

To be Continued in Chapter 70: The Dark Power Within Her Heart