Chapter 67:

Chapter 67: The One Who Stalks in the Darkness

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 67: The One Who Stalks in the Darkness

*Zeth and Sasha continue in the underground area of the Mansion. They enter a 12-foot-wide hallway with decorations and furniture in it. There are two doors on each side of the hallway leading to different rooms as well as a door at the end of the hallway*

Zeth: It looks like we have to choose a door.

Sasha: Might as well go through the door at the end of the hallway.

*As they walk to the door at the end of the hallway, a shadowy figure quickly hides behind furniture, stalking them*

*Zeth and Sasha check the door*

Zeth: It’s locked.

Sasha: Why not just destroy it?

Zeth: The whole mansion has magic properties. It would regenerate in a second. Watch.

*Zeth shoots the door with a weak star shine blast and the hole in the door regenerates instantly*

Zeth: That’s why. It’s not worth wasting the magic energy it would take to permanently destroy it.

Sasha: Then I assume one of the four rooms this hallway is connected to has the key.

Zeth: Probably.

*They enter one of the side rooms. They don’t notice the shadowy figure stalking them*

*The room they enter is medium-sized and square-shaped*

Zeth: Hopefully it’s in here.

*They search every inch of the room and eventually find a safe*

Sasha: Maybe it’s in here.

Zeth: It could also be a trap so don’t stand in front of it as it’s opened.

*They step to the side and then open it. A smiling clown doll falls out of it*

Sasha: This certainly is not a key.

Zeth: Damn Daykona. She is trolling us with this garbage.

*As they leave the room, the clown doll’s eyes blink and it frowns*

*They go into a different room. After searching the room, they find another safe. They step to the side and open it. A magical flamethrower shoots fire out*

Zeth: Shit! Close it!

*Sasha closes the safe*

Sasha: That fire would have left nasty burns.

Zeth: No kidding. Let’s get out of here and check another room.

*They check the third room and once again find a safe in it. They step aside and open it. The room becomes completely pitch black as a result*

Zeth: Damn it! I can’t see! Sasha, don’t move!

*Sasha does not reply*

Zeth: Sasha? Sasha!??

*Zeth closes the safe and the room lights back up again. Sasha is not there*

Zeth: Damn it! Sasha!! Where is she!?

*The door to the room slams open. In comes the clown doll which was only a foot tall before but is now 6 feet tall. It has a deranged face and is making deranged sounds*

Zeth: The clown doll? Oh no… Oh shit…

Narrator: Sasha has gone missing and now Zeth is faced with the monstrous clown doll!

Chapter 67 END

To be Continued in Chapter 68: Zeth vs The Clown Doll