Chapter 70:

Chapter 70: The Dark Power Within Her Heart

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 70: The Dark Power Within Her Heart

Narrator: Somewhere in the mansion.

*In a medium-sized room, Sasha lies unconscious on an operating table. She is chained down and a male doctor is preparing to operate on her*

*There are also the doctor’s assistants and guards in the room. A man who is wearing ninja clothes that are black and cover every inch of his body except for his eyes enters the room*

Narrator: Daykona’s Ninja Guard – Sheeth.

Sheeth: Are you ready to begin the operation, doctor? Mistress Daykona is very interested in uncovering her secrets. This is the only one of those five people that she has no background information on.

Doctor: Yes, in just a few minutes.

Sheeth: Good, it’s time we find out more about this one.

Doctor: Though, every now and then her body rumbles slightly for reasons I don’t know why.

*The doctor approaches the table and Sasha’s body rumbles*

Doctor: See?

Sheeth: What could it mean…?

Sasha: It means you are about to die, mortals.

*Everyone in the room is alerted*

*Sasha’s eyes quickly open. Her irises are still red, but the white parts of her eyes are now black*

Narrator: Sasha’s true eyes – Dark Divine Eyes.

Doctor: What the hell!?

*Sasha easily breaks the chains holding her down and gets off the operating table. She has a tremendous black aura*

Sasha: “Hell” is right mortal because that is where I will send you. Behold, my natural personality! This is only temporary for as long as my body remains unconscious. But I will find a way to permanently bring it out. I don’t know if you are aligned with my mother, the Dark Goddess, but if you are, I will make your deaths more painful. I am aligned with Zeth, someone I care for, and will follow him to Hell and back. I will slit the Dark Goddess’s throat, carve out her insides, and feed them to my Hellhounds. I will not forgive her for trying to ruin Zeth’s life!

*Sasha puts her right hand close to her face as she starts smiling sadistically*

Sasha: I always enjoy tormenting others! Just the thought of carving out the Dark Goddess’s insides as her screams of agony reach my ears fills with me with the greatest joy! But she is not here so maybe I should start with you lot!

*The doctor is terrified*

Doctor: Well, Sheeth… It looks like Daykona has her answer now…

*Sasha continues to smile sadistically*

Sasha: I’m going to enjoy watching as my Hellhounds tear all of you limb from limb.

*Sasha summons her Hellhounds from the ground and there are five of them. They all look like demonic dogs from Hell*

Sasha: With my full powers unlocked, my Shade Magic goes all the way to Dark Creatures Magic.

Sheeth: Guards!

*The seven guards engage in battle but they are easily destroyed by Sasha’s quick punches and her Hellhounds ripping the flesh off their necks. Now only Sheeth, the doctor, and his assistants are left*

Sasha: Well doctor, your time among the living is up.

*Sasha smiles sadistically and then licks her lips*

Doctor: No! Please stop!

*Sasha does a quick dash and grabs his right arm. She starts pulling on his arm*

Doctor: What are you doing!!?

*Sasha sadistically smiles again*

Sasha: I think you would look better if I—

*Sasha rips off the doctor’s right arm*

Doctor: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sasha: —took off your right arm.

*Sasha scoops out some of the blood from his arm with her fingers and then she licks it*

Sasha: Tasty.

Doctor: What kind of bloodthirsty monster are you!!!!!?

*Sasha continues to smile sadistically and is about to do something else to the doctor but Sheeth jumps in trying to attack Sasha with a dagger. Sasha grabs his arm to stop his attack*

Sasha: Don’t you worry, ninja man. Your turn is coming. Just wait patiently.

*Sasha kicks Sheeth back against a wall and then summons a small Hell Snake and it wraps around Sheeth. Sheeth tries to break free but he can’t*

Sheeth: This small snake is stronger than me!?

*Sasha returns her focus to the doctor*

Sasha: Now, where were we? Ah yes, I know what I should do to you.

Doctor: Get away from me, you crazy bit—!! Gaaaaaah!!!

*The doctor is interrupted as Sasha pierces his chest with her right hand. She grabs onto his heart and the doctor’s eyes are wide open in complete terror. Sasha smiles sadistically*

Sasha: This is a nice heart you have here, doctor. You wanted to operate on me so it’s only fair that I get to “operate” on you. Let me see if your heart is okay by giving it a little squeeze…

*Sasha squeezes his heart in her hand and then it bursts*

*Sasha pulls out her hand and the doctor’s body falls lifelessly to the ground*

*Sasha licks the blood off of her fingers. She then looks at the doctor’s assistants who are all terrified*

Sasha: You all could have tried to run away. Yet you are so terrified, all you could do was watch in horror. You assistants will make good food for my Hellhounds. Sick ‘em and feast!

*The Hellhounds attack and pin down the assistants while biting off their flesh and eating them*

*While the Hellhounds feast on the assistants, Sasha turns her attention to Sheeth*

Sasha: So now all that is left is you, the ninja who knocked me unconscious and kidnapped me. Pretty cheap trick, taking advantage of the room going dark. But now you have no chance. To make it fair, I’ll even have my Hell Snake unwrap you.

*The Hell Snake unwraps Sheeth and then he stands up*

Sheeth: That’s what you think! I’m taking you down!

*Sheeth draws his 1-foot-long ninja sword*

*In one second, Sasha dashes from where she is to right in front of Sheeth, surprising him*

Sasha: Hi.

*Sheeth dashes to a different part of the room and when he stops moving, Sasha is already in front of him*

Sasha: (With a blood lust smile) I’m too fast for you, mortal.

*In his rising fear, Sheeth swings his sword multiple times at Sasha and she easily dodges the slashes*

*Sasha swipe kicks Sheeth, sending him flying into the wall on the other side of the room. Sasha begins dashing towards Sheeth again who throws magic-charged darts at her*

*To dodge, she sidesteps quickly and continues dashing*

Sheeth: No way!

*As Sasha closes in, she holds out her magic-powered hands and swipes at Sheeth. The attack takes off Sheeth’s entire left arm and rips his clothes near the wound*

Sheeth: Gaaaahh!!

*Sasha picks up Sheeth*

Sasha: Now get lost!

*She fiercely punches Sheeth, sending him flying through the door that is the entrance of the room*

*At Sheeth's landing point, 5 feet away from his body is a silhouette of someone that is looking at his body*

*Back to Sasha, she unsummons the Hellhounds and Hell Snake*

Sasha: (Talking to herself) All this power that I have out… It’s amazing and it’s even more impressive since my body is technically unconscious. I probably shouldn’t look for Zeth and the others because once this “high” wears off, I will fall back asleep. Zeth must be looking for me so I will return to the table and wait for him. I probably won’t remember much once my body regains consciousness. I must bring this out permanently so I can be more useful. But how?

Narrator: Sasha was able to temporarily bring out her natural personality and unleash her powers but how will she bring it out permanently?

Chapter 70 END

To be Continued in Chapter 71: The Mansion’s Butler

Author's Comment: Sasha with her true personality awakened is my favorite character to write. Her sadism just works so well. These poor guys won't be the last to suffer at the hands of Sasha's true self.