Chapter 72:

Chapter 72: Emily and Joe vs Walno

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 72: Emily and Joe vs Walno

*Emily and Joe charge at Walno who is still standing on the stairs*

*Joe engages Walno directly and throws a punch at him but Walno blocks it with his own punch. Emily engages from the side and tries to punch Walno but he kicks her in the gut, knocking her back to the railing*

Walno: Don’t think so low of me. I can hold my own in a two-on-one battle.

*Walno uses his Item Manipulation Magic on the railing and the end of the railing starts going towards Emily and pushes into her, hitting her into a wall at the top of the stairs*

*The other railing comes after Joe but he ducks under it to avoid getting hit and then jumps on top of it. Joe then immediately jumps off the railing and starts a downwards kick. The kick strikes Walno in the face which knocks him down the stairs*

Joe: Maybe you should be the one to not think so low of us because we can overwhelm you in a two-on-one battle!

*Emily gets up and pulls out her Slasher Sword again*

Emily: And I’m back in the fight!

*Emily and Joe charge at Walno again. Joe creates a lightning bolt in his hand and throws it at Walno. However, Walno uses his magic on it, stopping it in its tracks. Joe is shocked at Walno’s ability to stop his attack*

Joe: How!?

*Walno sends the lightning bolt back at Joe which hits him and knocks him down*

*Emily continues her attack and slashes her sword at Walno. He tries to dodge it but still ends up getting cut by the sword but it could have been worse*

Emily: (Thinking) Why didn’t he try to manipulate my sword? He had no problem doing it to Joe’s lightning bolt.

*Walno uses his magic on a metal pole of a table and breaks it off so he is now holding the pole*

Walno: I don’t have a sword but this will have to do.

*Emily and Joe charge at Walno and Joe tries to continuously punch Walno while Emily tries to slash him but Walno is able to block them using quick reflexes with his metal pole*

*Soon Walno gets a hit on both Emily and Joe with the pole and he then kicks each of them, sending them flying back in different directions*

Kurt: Damn it! I need to break out of this chair and help them! Could I use my Aura Image? No. My aura would not be able to come off my body with this manipulated magic wrapped around me.

Walno: Indeed, there is nothing you can do.

*Joe stands up*

Joe: It’s time to create some weather in this room. Rain Storm!

*A storm cloud forms at the ceiling of the entire room and it starts raining hard in the room*

Joe: Lightning Storm!

*Lighting starts striking from the clouds. Soon it strikes the metal pole that Walno is holding and the strike causes Walno to get badly electrocuted, especially his right arm which was holding the pole*

*Emily takes advantage and uses her Slasher Sword and cuts off Walno’s right arm*

*The magic wrapped around Kurt weakens from the storm and he is able to break free of the chair and join Emily and Joe*

Joe: You’re finished.

Walno: Not quite.

Joe: What?

Walno: This natural arm is expendable. Observe!

*Walno uses his magic on a bunch of metal table legs and breaks them off. They form into a liquid and gather around his wound and then reform into a metal arm*

Walno: See? I don’t need natural limbs.

*Walno uses his magic on a table cloth and forms it around his metal arm*

Walno: And for good measure, I’m covering up the metal so you can’t take advantage of it with your lightning.

*The heroes are more nervous now*

Kurt: His magic is incredible!

*Walno smiles*

Walno: Let me show you the advanced Item Manipulation Magic.

Narrator: Walno’s magic is advanced enough that he can create replacement limbs. How will the heroes defeat this strong opponent?

Chapter 72 END

To be Continued in Chapter 73: Advanced Item Manipulation Magic