Chapter 71:

Chapter 71: The Mansion's Butler

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 71: The Mansion’s Butler

Narrator: Back with Emily, Kurt, and Joe.

*Emily, Kurt, and Joe are walking through a hallway in the mansion that is filled with creepy paintings of scary-looking people*

Emily: This place gives me the creeps.

Joe: I think that is the point. They want to creep us out to make it more difficult for us to exceed.

Kurt: And that’s exactly why it shouldn’t creep you out. This isn’t a haunted mansion or anything. It’s a very large trap. There is nothing supernatural about it.

Emily: I get that… it’s just that… ugh, I hate it here.

Joe: We all hate it and I’m sure it won’t take us long at all to reunite with Zeth and Sasha, kick Daykona’s ass, rescue Clora, and get the hell out of here.

Kurt: Just be careful. Daykona was literally able to capture a real angel. She will likely be a tougher foe than the poison demons and the poachers were.

Joe: Must you always be so cautious? It’s a lot more exciting to believe that we’re going to walk right into the enemy’s waiting spot and kick their ass.

Kurt: Overconfidence would be our downfall against a strong enemy.

Emily: I’m with Kurt on this one. Let’s just keep going and be ready for anything.

Joe: Yeah, yeah…

*They reach the end of the hallway and find a large door*

Joe: I’m not the smartest but I can only guess that a large door leads to some important place.

Kurt: That’s a pretty good guess.

Emily: There’s only one way to find out. We’re going in!

*Emily opens the large door and then they all head through it and enter a big dining room. There are lots of tables and a staircase leading higher in the room*

Joe: I don’t know if I would call a dining room that important but you would think with all these tables that this mansion gets a lot of guests.

Kurt: It’s doubtful. This mansion has magic properties all over it. This place wasn’t built to be lived in or visited by a lot of people. Having this many tables must serve some sort of purpose.

Emily: Forget that. We just need to know where to go next.

???: You won’t need to go anywhere. You can stay in this room and enjoy a meal.

*The three heroes are alerted and they look to the staircase to see a man coming down the stairs. He wears a typical black butler suit, has black hair, a mustache, and a slight beard*

Narrator: Daykona’s Butler – Walno.

Kurt: I assume you are just one of Daykona’s cronies?

Walno: Serve Daykona? Yes. A crony? No. I am the butler of this excellent mansion. My name is Walno.

Kurt: I hope you don’t mind letting us move on because we have friends to find.

*Walno thrusts his right arm forward and a magic wave comes out and hits Kurt, knocking him into a chair in a sitting position*

*Walno makes a motion with his hands and then another chair turns into liquid and wraps around Kurt, strapping him into the chair he is sitting in*

Kurt: What magic is this!?

Walno: It’s Item Manipulation Magic. If it’s not a living thing then I can manipulate it. And yes, I do mind if you move forward. Why don’t you stay awhile and enjoy yourselves?

*He thrusts both of his hands forward, trying to hit Emily and Joe with his magic wave but they dodge it*

Joe: If you want a fight, we will give you one!

Walno: You won’t survive but if you want it then so be it.

*Walno starts using his magic around the room and all of the chairs in the room (except the one that Kurt is strapped too) start to become humanoid as two of the legs bend to become arms*

Walno: Can you handle these chairs? With my magic they also have power.

*The chairs begin charging at Emily and Joe*

*Emily throws her Dual Spinning Blades and they cut through a lot of the chairs and then uses her B3 Tide Shotgun on other chairs*

*Joe throws lightning bolts at some chairs. He charges his fists with magic winds and destroys other chairs with punches*

Walno: Impressive.

*Eventually, a few chairs do get some hits on Emily and Joe*

Emily: How about my new sword! The Slasher. It may not be the best sword for stabbing but it produces some of the best cuts through slashing.

*Emily takes out a sword that is sharp but bends at the top. Emily charges it with a lot of magic and slashes at and destroys a chair. Also from the slash, an energy wave is released and it destroys more chairs*

*The remaining chairs back off and the heroes look at Walno*

Walno: Well done. Combined you might just have a shot at defeating me. Maybe anyway. Are you ready?

Emily: You bet!

Joe: It’s go time!

Narrator: Walno has tested Emily and Joe to see their abilities and now it’s time for them to fight him.

Chapter 71 END

To be Continued in Chapter 72: Emily and Joe vs Walno