Chapter 73:

Chapter 73: Advanced Item Manipulation Magic

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 73: Advanced Item Manipulation Magic

*Walno uses his magic on a table and everything on it. Everything comes to him and forms a heavy machine gun*

Walno: See? I can turn even a table and a bunch of objects on it into a machine gun and bullets.

*He starts shooting it and the heroes try to avoid it. Though they avoid a major impact, they are all three at least partially hit. However, it doesn’t take long for Walno to run out of bullets*

Walno: Unfortunately for me, I have not mastered this magic, otherwise I could reform this gun into something else.

Kurt: You could do that?

Walno: Yes, but no matter, you are all injured from the little number of bullets I had.

Kurt: No, not me! I’m just joining this fight! Aura Snake!

*A snake made out of aura is released from Kurt and it is able to fly. Many points along its body are glowing*

Walno: What is this?

Kurt: It’s one of my new abilities. Those glowing points along its body will explode if you touch them.

Walno: I see.

Kurt: Go!

*The aura snake goes after Walno and Kurt also pursues him*

Walno: I can dodge your snake.

*Walno jumps onto a table and then jumps over the snake, however, Kurt is ready for him and jumps towards him*

Kurt: Bet you didn’t see this coming! Flame Aura Punch!

*Kurt punches Walno hard in the face and then kicks him, knocking him back*

Walno: That was a nice hit. I will give you that much.

*Walno wipes the blood off his face and he then uses his magic to make a small table form into a shield for him and holds it with his left hand*

Walno: I made a makeshift sword before. Now I have made a makeshift shield.

*Walno then charges at Kurt. Walno punches Kurt in the face and body multiple times but Kurt uses the opportunity to rip away Walno’s shield*

*The aura snake then wraps around Walno’s body and all the glowing points explode*

Kurt: *huff huff* See? Don’t be cocky.

Walno: Who said I was being cocky?

*Kurt is shocked*

*Most of Walno’s suit has been destroyed and he is also pretty wounded. Walno uses his magic on various objects around the room and he has them come towards him*

*In one hand, Walno has a big mallet that is 3 feet in diameter, and in the other appears to be a metal boomerang that is 1 foot in length*

Joe: On the bright side, he is running out of stuff to manipulate.

Walno: And that is why I plan on finishing all of you off with these.

*Walno throws his boomerang at Kurt. However, Joe jumps in front of Kurt and takes the blow, it knocks him back into a wall, just barely missing Kurt and he coughs up blood*

*The boomerang returns to Walno*

Kurt: You idiot! What were you thinking!?

Joe: *cough* If I’m to continue in this fight, it won’t be in close combat like it will for you. You can’t afford to take that hit.

Emily: I’m going after him!

*Emily charges at Walno. Emily slashes her sword at Walno many times but he blocks all the hits with his mallet*

Emily: How can he wield such a large mallet so easily!?

*Walno hits Emily with his mallet, sending her flying back into a wall. She falls unconscious*

Kurt: Emily!

*Kurt looks at Walno in anger*

Kurt: You will pay for that!

Narrator: Walno has shown just what advanced level Item Manipulation Magic can do. Now Kurt is angered. What must Kurt and Joe do to defeat Walno?

Chapter 73 END

To be Continued in Chapter 74: Intensify The Storm