Chapter 74:

Chapter 74: Intensify The Storm

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 74: Intensify The Storm

Walno: Now do you see why that, despite all three of you fighting me, you aren’t going to win?

Kurt: We will win!

*Kurt charges at Walno and uses multiple Flame Aura Punches. Walno blocks all of them with his mallet. Kurt then jumps above Walno. Trying to get past Walno’s hammer, Kurt tries to punch Walno from above but Walno is even able to block that with his mallet*

*As Kurt lands on the other side, Walno swings his mallet at Kurt and he takes the hit, knocking him back but he softens the blow by blasting his aura magic at the mallet*

*Kurt steadies himself and then holds both of his arms out*

Kurt: Aura Barrage!

*A barrage of spherical-shaped aura filled with energy is released from his arms. Because of the wide range that the blasts cover, Walno is unable to block all of the blasts and he gets caught in an explosion from a few of the blasts that land near his feet. Walno takes damage from the attack*

Walno: A wise attack.

Kurt: I’m not done yet!

*Kurt takes the opportunity to get in close while Walno is recovering*

*Walno is shocked at Kurt’s lack of hesitation to get close and Kurt punches him in the face*

Kurt: I’m not giving you a moment to prepare!

*Kurt then rapidly punches Walno more all over his body and he can’t block because he lost his grip on the mallet*

Walno: Enough!

*Walno eventually kicks Kurt in the gut which knocks Kurt back*

Walno: You may be able to gain the upper hand but it will never last long!

*Walno follows up his last attack by throwing his boomerang at Kurt. Kurt charges his hand with magic and catches the boomerang in the air, though he endured a lot of pain in his hand in the process*

Kurt: I caught your boomerang! So much for that!

Walno: What a foolish idea.

*Kurt drops the boomerang and then he grabs the hand that he caught it with as that hand is now in a lot of pain and is bloody*

Kurt: Gah! It hurts a lot… *huff huff*

Walno: I doubt you will even be able to use your left hand again for the rest of the battle.

*Walno chuckles*

Walno: It’s over now!

Joe: No, it’s not…

*Walno turns around to see Joe charging his magic*

Joe: You won’t be the first opponent to think that just because I’m injured, that means I’m out of the fight… No, far from it! It’s time to intensify the storm!

*His arms have a lot of magic charged in them*

Walno: And what do you mean by that?

Joe: Here, let me show you! L4 Tornado!!

*A strong tornado is released in the room and the only thing keeping the room from being destroyed is the magic properties that the whole mansion is made out of*

*Kurt braces himself and Joe grabs ahold of Emily who is still unconscious*

*For the first time in the fight, Walno is scared*

Walno: No!

*A lot of objects that are not stuck to the floor start flying around. Soon, Walno and his mallet are caught in it too*

*Walno is hit a lot of times in the air by his mallet and Kurt picks up the boomerang*

Kurt: Here is your toy back!

*Kurt throws the boomerang at Walno. The boomerang hits Walno and knocks him towards a wall*

Joe: And now for the finishing blow! You can have this thing back too!

*Joe has the tornado throw the mallet hard at Walno, delivering the finishing blow and knocking Walno out*

Kurt: Yes!

*Joe ends the tornado and Walno’s body falls to the ground*

Joe: We won!

Kurt: Yes, but unfortunately, we took too much damage for a three-on-one fight.

*Emily regains consciousness and rubs her head*

Kurt: Emily!

Emily: What happened?

Joe: Walno knocked you unconscious with his mallet but we were able to finish him off while you were out.

Emily: Thank goodness.

Joe: Now, the question is where do we go from here?

Narrator: The three heroes have defeated the mansion’s butler. Now they must continue on in the mansion.

Chapter 74 END

To be Continued in Chapter 75: Emily Alone in the Mansion