Chapter 75:

Chapter 75: Emily Alone in the Mansion

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 75: Emily Alone in the Mansion

Narrator: Emily, Joe, and Kurt have finished off Walno and are ready to move on.

*Emily wraps bandages around Kurt’s left hand*

Emily: I think for future reference we need to know why Walno was not able to manipulate stuff like my sword or Joe’s tornado.

Kurt: For your sword, it’s probably because his magic can’t override your magic. For Joe’s tornado, it’s probably because his magic has limits and can’t manipulate something like air or winds.

Joe: That seems to be the case. I’m willing to bet he can’t manipulate pure liquids either. Anyway, I have had a quick look around the room. There are two doors we can go through.

Joe: Unfortunately, we have to split up.

Emily: Why?

Joe: The doors have a set “enter” limit. One door can have no more than two enter it and the other one is no more than one. The number can be changed and obviously Daykona set those numbers just for us.

Kurt: So one of us has to separate. Who is it going to be?

Emily: I will do it.

Joe: Are you sure?

Emily: Yes, I will be fine.

Joe: Alright then let’s go.

*Emily enters one door while the other two enter the other*


*Emily finds herself in a bunch of connected hallways that are low-lit*

*She walks through the hallways and checks various things. The doors she checks are locked*

Emily: I hope not every door is locked. Surely, there is somewhere I can go.

*Emily walks past a medieval knight and then a pair of eyes appear in the emptiness of the helmet, staring at her. She doesn’t notice as she has walked past by the time the eyes appear*

*Emily checks one last door and finds that it is locked*

Emily: Where do I go? All of these doors are locked.

*She hears the sound of a door unlocking*

Emily: Who just unlocked a door? I have to keep on my guard.

*She goes to the door that she heard unlock and pulls out her Slasher Sword. She slowly opens the door and sees nobody inside*

Emily: Anyone in here?

*She goes in*

*It appears to be a living room with a fireplace (with the fire lit) and there are a few books open on a table. She does not notice anything out of the ordinary in the room*

Emily: Nothing seems off about this room. It’s all normal. I wonder if those books are important.

*Emily approaches the books and starts reading the book that is currently opened*

Emily: “Humanity itself is weak. However, humans have great potential to get upgrades by internal enhancements”. What does that mean? Who was reading this?

*She continues reading*

Emily: “For maximum improvements, an inhuman, organic part should be connected to important human internal parts: The bones, veins, mussels, etc.” Who wrote this book?

*She looks at the cover and she is shocked*

Emily: Nairo Drogen! I’ve heard of him! He was a radical person that wanted to change the world in insane and unrealistic ways. I fear whoever it was that was reading this book.


Narrator: Elsewhere in the mansion.

*Udana is going through the mansion. She is talking to Master Kogen over a communication device*

Kogen: Have you learned the secrets of the books?

Udana: Yes, and I have copied them down on my device. I’m sending you the information.

Kogen: And Bethro?

Udana: He is gathering any possible test subjects.

Kogen: Good.

Udana: It also appears that Zeth and his friends are in the mansion too. I have instructed Bethro to leave them alone and avoid being seen.

Kogen: I see. Well, keep exploring the mansion. Daykona may be my old friend but she will pay for her betrayal.

Udana: Yes, Master Kogen. Though I don’t think I will need to deal with her myself since combined, Zeth and his friends should be able to overpower her.

Kogen: I suppose so. *He chuckles* Zeth will be a great help to our plans.

Narrator: Emily has discovered that someone has been reading the books written by an alleged radical. Little does she know that it was Udana, the woman who confronted the heroes in Chapter 30. Could Kogen’s and therefore Udana’s plans to stop the Dark Goddess be shady? Is stopping the Dark Goddess really even their goal?

Chapter 75 END

To be Continued in Chapter 76: Knight and Knight. Sword and Sword