Chapter 76:

Chapter 76: Knight and Knight. Sword and Sword

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 76: Knight and Knight. Sword and Sword

Narrator: Emily has discovered that someone has been reading books from the alleged radical named Nairo Drogen. What exactly is the meaning of the information that she learned in the books?

*Emily finishes looking at the books*

Emily: I’m taking these books. They are too dangerous to let people with evil intentions have.

*She packs the books away and goes to the entrance of the room. Once she opens the door, the knight she walked by earlier is now standing there with a large sword in hand*

Emily: What the…!? How did this get—!?

*Emily is interrupted as the knight swings its sword at her and she barely dodges it. She then slams the door shut*

Emily: Shit! Is there another way out of this room!? A secret exit!? Something!?

*She starts knocking stuff over trying to look for clues. Eventually, she finds a button behind a picture frame near the fireplace*

Emily: Aha! I bet this opens a secret passage!

*She pushes the button and a secret door opens in the back of the fireplace. However, the fire is still lit*

Emily: I don’t have a way of putting out that fire so it looks like I have to quickly roll through it.

*She does a quick roll through the fire to avoid catching on fire and then she crawls through the new opening*

Emily: I hope this doesn’t take me somewhere with more danger.

*Emily then sees the end of the passage*

Emily: There’s the exit! Maybe I can find Zeth and Sasha!

*Emily crawls out from the exit of the secret passage and finds herself in a somewhat large room. Unfortunately, there are eight medieval knights in the room ready to fight*

Emily: These knights don’t even have a body in them! Looks like I have to fight and with so many, I better keep my distance.

*Emily takes out her B3 Tide Shotgun*

*The knights start to come after her and she fires her shotgun. The ones she hit now have bullet holes in them but the shot otherwise had no effect*

Emily: No! I guess I have to cut them up with my sword!

*Emily takes out her Slasher Sword and she charges at the knights. She attempts a horizontal slash on a knight but it blocks the slash with its own sword. As part of a combo, she immediately transitions a slash to the knight that is to her right. She gets a good horizontal slice through the front half of that knight’s body at the stomach area*

*Emily gives a confident smile as the top half of that knight’s body leans over. The tear in the armor heals and the knight is back to normal*

Emily: Huh!?

*Emily is now on the defensive as three knights are trying to slash Emily with their swords all at the same time. She does her best but a knight gets a hit in*

Emily: Damn, that hurts!

*Emily stumbles backward and she is bleeding from the attack*

Emily: You hit me that time but it won’t happen again!

*Emily angrily charges at the knights. She fools the knights by doing a quick sidestep and slashing at the waist of a different knight, separating the upper half of its body from its lower half completely*

Emily: Gotcha!

*She kicks the knight armor to where she started running from and then she runs back to the armor. She picks up the knight armor and puts it on*

Emily: What better way to fight knights than to become a knight yourself? We are now knight and knight with sword and sword.

Narrator: Emily has defeated one knight but seven remain. Now wearing full knight armor, she will take on the remaining knights.

Chapter 76 END

To be Continued in Chapter 77: Heart of the Knights