Chapter 77:

Chapter 77: Heart of the Knights

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 77: Heart of the Knights

*Emily, now wearing full knight armor, prepares to fight the seven remaining knights*

Emily: I get it. If I cut you into pieces, you won’t regenerate.

*Emily charges at the knights, though the knight armor slows her down*

*As she gets close, one of the knights tries to stab her with its sword but she jumps over the attack and slashes straight down the middle of the knight which cuts it completely in half*

Emily: That’s one down!

*She immediately engages the other knights, switching between attacking and defending. With so many knights attacking her at once she can’t get a finishing blow on any of them*

Emily: Why do there have to be so many of you knights!? Space out at least!

*One of the knights lands a slash on Emily’s right arm, tearing off some of her armor on the arm but she is otherwise okay*

Emily: I’m glad I have the armor on because that could have been bad!

*Emily jumps back out of the fight and runs around to the side. She picks up the sword from the first knight she destroyed and quickly lunges and stabs a different knight in the back*

*She notices magic energy leaving the knight and the energy goes into another*

Emily: Magic energy? It’s going from one knight to another?

*With the sword still through the knight’s body, Emily carves her sword upward. This tears the upper half of the knight apart and five more knights remain*

*Before Emily can do anything else, a knight lands a slash on the front part of her body and a good chunk of her front armor is cut off*

*Emily jumps back to avoid further hits*

Emily: Woah! That could have killed me if I was not wearing the knight armor! But I need to attack the knight that has the magic energy. It could be the source that powers all of them!

*Emily then quickly pierces a knight by throwing the knight sword that she was holding.

*She then runs and jumps on the sword and then immediately jumps off of it to lunge at the knight that has the magic in it while pulling out her Slasher Sword. She slashes the knight to pieces and the magic energy leaves and goes into a different knight*

Emily: I need to be quick! I don’t want to have to go through every knight to get the magic source!

*There are now only four knights left. Emily then dashes towards the knight with the magic energy and tries to slash it but the knight blocks her attack with its sword*

Emily: Damn it!

*Emily is then hit by a different knight which destroys more of her armor and now there is hardly any of it left so she once again jumps back*

Emily: This won’t do! I’m still not quick enough in my reactions! I can’t keep taking these hits! I need to know what that magic is that keeps switching knights.

*Emily charges at the knights again and this time slides between the legs of one knight while slashing it to pieces in the process*

*Emily then does a quick slash at a knight but the attacked is blocked. However, she immediately transitions to slashing the knight that has the magic energy into pieces*

Emily: That’s the one! I’m not losing it this time!

*Emily quickly dodges a knight’s attack and grabs the magic energy with her hand. The energy forms into a heart*

Emily: A magic heart?

*Eyes appear on the heart*

Emily: Eyes!?

*Freaked out, Emily squeezes the heart and it bursts. The two remaining knights collapse*

Emily: So this heart had control of the knights? I have a bad feeling that this may be related to what I read in the books. But these are inanimate objects, not humans. Maybe it’s a spinoff idea?

*Emily takes off what remained of the knight armor she was wearing*

Emily: This is getting worse and worse. I must get going!

Narrator: Emily has defeated the knights but found out they were being controlled by a magic heart, the same as the clown doll that Zeth defeated. What does it all mean?

Chapter 77 END

To be Continued in Chapter 78: Shriekers of the Lower Levels