Chapter 4:

4 - Kingdom of Dalmatia - The favor and deal that lead to this meeting part I

Angel of Death


The excitement of the last match was still in the air, having been the opening to the tournament the gathered audience and respected guest received it well.

With that, the next match began and one can hear the air of excitement - hoping for the next one to repeat of the great turnaround of the first match - among the gathered audience as even more people have flooded the arena hoping to see great performances having heard the cheering and noise even outside the arena.

Here in the main hallway that circles the fighting area - right under the spectator seats - were the student and some of the teachers gather waiting to be called up next when it's there turn.

Lucy sits down with her back lend to the wall right next to the main gate - through which the gathered students here can enter the arena fighting ring - and is resting until her brother Maro returns, having joined the tournament on his professor's request - Lucy having refused at the time - weeks ago is currently in the middle of his match.

"Excuse me, are you miss Halbell?" The one asking was one of the few girls that approached Lucy, their uniforms indicate that they are students of this school.

"...Yes, what do you want?" Lucy asks seeing the emblem on one the girls and hair ornaments on the one that spoke to her, she quickly realized where this is going and what they want.

The one with the emblem on her uniform was undoubtedly a member of the Sky clan - white angel shaped wings - and the other has traditional hair ornaments on her that are usually worn by residents of the Cristal islands as such she must be from Blue Pearl clan.

"Well, the thing is we." As one spoke up Lucy with a tired look on her quickly stopped her and said.

"Ahh, yes yes let me stop you there, you girls are from Sky and Blue Pearl right?" The girls nod in confirmation.

"And you are from the lower years right, which makes me your senior." Lucy indicates that as more times than she would like to admit the issues of being mistaken for being in the lower year despite her uniform indicating otherwise happened. But this time she knows its for a different reason and can guess what they want from her.

As the girls nod again Lucy sigs yet again.

"Ok but be quick, I'm waiting for my brother after that I'm leaving, so?"

"Yes um, as I was wanting to- "Suddenly the one speaking - the girl from Blue Perl clan - was interrupted by her friend - girl from the Sky clan - and in an angry voice she said.

"Be quick!? The hell do you think, taking like that to us even if we are all students shes from a distinguished military family from the Blue Pearl clan and my self-am as well from a similar background from the Sky Clan. " Seeing the general lack of interest or impression from Lucy she ads on.

"Even if your a senior your not affiliated with any clan, no wonder your take such a disrespectful ton with us mear peasant girl" As she indicates one should not expect much from mear peasets and low borns such as Lucy.

"Ha? What was that!" Says Lucy as the girl's step to the side the one who took such an arrogant ton with Lucy stays firm in her place, but only momentarily because.

Lucy stands up thou her hights are relatively the same - the girls were all probably without exceptions older than her - they all step back as the fierce look in her eyes makes contact with them then stands right in front of the one who spoke down to her.

"What did you!? You lowly" Before the girl can finish saying Lucy pushes her lightly with her finger touching her chest and says.

"Clan? Family? The hell I care for that, this is Dalmatia if you wanna play the noble daughter or prices go to Leon"

As they all stunned from the way Lucy firmly stops their arrogance and high attitude she provides to - so figuratively put - give them a reality check.

"You think you can talk like that to me, you might as well scream and announce you're a first-year since you don't know who to talk to your elder. Here in the 1st royal only the results mater only that counts your achievement and success not your family or clan you ignorant girl"

"As if you can" Saying that the girl grabs Lucy's hand.

Bone cracks followed by a scream then a loud TUP!

As the students present in the hallway most of them also graduated gather hearing the noise they saw a familiar scene.

As the girl grab Lucy trying to intimidate her, the following happens.

Lucy - an Elemental - moves the stone floor on which they were all standing and creates a small hole in the ground the girl trips trying to pull her toward herself, losing her balance in the process.

Lucy then just proceeds to grab her arm and by throwing her to the ground full force breaking her arm an giving her some minor injuries.

The wailing and screaming that followed just irritated her more Lucy grabs her head and says.

"If you don't stop that horrendous noise which annoyed me from the very beginning ill break it" Not having said what exactly she will break the girl stops, and in a panic looking for help from her friends.

"They will not move little one, Halbell will just add on to the poor victim count," Said one of the older students that came here hearing the noise.

"Come on Halbell can't you just let her go she did not know better"

"Like hell, after that embarrassing match, now I have to listen to some kids still green behind their ears complain to me"

"I know, I know, I saw the match but come on " Seeing the girls shocked faces it seems that Lucy even the student talking to her knew exactly what they wanted from her.

As Lucy looks up to him she says, the anger in her voice very much still there.

"Look, Ren, as if they have anything smart to say you know how the three pillars like to have their backs" Lucy here referring to the three big clans of Dalmatia Dragon-Sky-Blue Pearl clan they are all sister clans unifying the three dominant races and cultures of the kingdom in to one as well as being its - symbolic - pillars.

The girls being part of those clans probably only wanted to protect the princes and stop Lucy from spreading rumors about her.

"Nothing new, Halbell we all know your skill and talent are a top quality in its one right. You're earned your position to represent us, at least that's what I think"

Ren is a fellow student who attended the same self-defense division as Lucy they become good friends and rivals over the years as such having him calm her down was only obvious to everyone who even remotely knows her gather here.

"What talent!? What skill!? You just cheated, hiding your strength if you fought in earnest the princes would not have lost even once" Scared jet boldly yelled one of the girls - another one from the Sky clan - as she said that Ren this time directed his attention on them.

"Be quiet you insolent fool! Think about how your disgrace your clan with such behavior"

"What did! You as- " As she was about to yell at him as well her friend the girl from the Blue Perl stops her and said.

"Look, we should not" Indicating to her the tribal tattoo on Ren's arm. The girl stops herself from saying any more seeing the scarf tied around his other arm they both were sure of it, Ren is a member of a powerful clan and on that served the royal family since the rule of Dalmatia's Mother.

"Seriously, I mean to us it came as a bigger shook how do you think Halbell here feals. She as the schools strongest warrior having such a thing happen to her I mean if she knew beforehand"

"O not a chance in hell, but sadly even if I did know I had to under others form master" Lucy not trying to hide her disappointment on the mater.

"Hm, you mean master Lionheart sama, well then I'm sure he had his reasons"

"Umu I would like to hear the reason for that my self-young miss Halbell. Having heard the honored Lionheart name I would like to know even more now" The voice belongs to an elderly man politely yet serious at the same he ask her showing interest in the mater.

The crowd gathered quickly fell in line all bowing to the man as he approaches they great him. Ren spoke on behalf of all students.

"General Emmor it is an honor to see you, may we know to what do we owe the pleasure of having you come personally here"

General Emmor a force of nature in his one right, dwarfing his soldiers accompanying him in both pressure and hight he stands tall and mighty his body gives an impression it's as immovable as a mountain. This old Dragon is the pride and living example of the mighty Dragon race.

A neatly kept and short hair and trim facial hair, well-kept dressed in armor yet not carrying any weapon his eyes give a sharp look that of a warrior and predator the reddish glow in them giving one the impression he can see right into one's soul.

"Well I'm here for miss Halbell but, am I interrupting something?" Emmor said seeing every one bowing yet in the middle Lucy sitting on a fellow student not even looking at him.

"Lucy the hell are you doing stand up" In the heat of the moment Ren whispers to Lucy not minding to call her by her family name but by her first name.

"Giving lessons to you junior, I assume miss Halbell?"

"Um, something like that I guess" Lucy's attention still focused on her junior.

"Wath can I do for you General?"

"Do not believe her she attacked me!" In a desperate attempt, the girl under Lucy yells out.

"Attack? Wath is she on about" Seemingly General Emmor thought that an eager junior askt for a lesson.

"Can you let her go ist not enough the girl is clearly in pain, for a so-called lesson" Comments the person next to the General.

"Hu, if I feel like. Not that you have much room to talk or demand something, my princess" Ren losing his mind the person next to Emmor is the princes taking such an attitude with her in front of Emmor no less.

"Never mind that student Halbell let the girl now" In a not much different tone of voice Emmor issue the command.

"Yes General!" Immediately letting her go Lucy now able salutes General Emmor and respectfully continues on.

"I was just teaching her some manners, seems that the newcomers here did not have a chance to learn how things work here"

"Umu I understand" The General is a graduate of this school and seems to understand what Lucy meant and seeing the girl is from the Sky clan he has a clear understanding of the situation.

"Well, I guess some things not changing, really reminds me of the old day. But none the less miss Halbell I hope you let it be with that"

"Of course"

It seems to reminisce of the old days really put Emmor in a good mood.

"But tell me, you mentioned the Lionheart name before can it be the General?"

"Well close but not rely"

"O can you elaborate"

"For starters, my clan master is Leonheart sama the one you thinking of right now, but I was referring to my guild master as did Ren"

"I see, I haven't seen him since he retired such a loss for our army but none the less he served the kingdom for a long time. And clan master? My apologies but I did not know he joined a clan and I believe I was told neither were you part of one"

"That's because my master instructed me to do so, you see and the old man is basically traveling all year around so all clan duties fall on to the guild master"

"Is that so no wonder that I have not heard anything about him, ho ho well, well he did always say once he retires he will like to travel and see the world I guess he finally did. But I must say your guild master is quite the strategist having hidden you so well"

"You think so?"

"Well, of course, raising such an excellent warrior and from what I saw he must have had a hand in giving you much needed practical experience, not bad at all can you tell me your masters' name and your clan. I regret not getting the chance to recruit you in our clan but maybe if the 1st royal interest you"

"I doubt it, you old oversize lizard, stop sweet talking one of my one" Thinking about it no matter how you are, talking like that to the Commander in chief of Dalmatia's military forces is a foolish thing borderline suicidal yet her they were all hearing all seeing the same thing.

Having recognized the voice immediately Lucy turns and rushes him yelling "Oversize lizard!?! The hell master you stupid idiot, trying to have us all thrown into prison" And while saying that she high knee kicks him right in the stomach.

"Not like I said anything wrong he is the one trying to pouch one of my one yet acting all nice like that, discussing" Acting all cool yet he did feel the impact from her kick.

"Master? Don't tell me she's one of yours, Grey!?"

"Of course she is got a problem with that Emmor? Lucy where is Maro?" As Grey says in a determined voice he turns to Lucy.

"Um, he is still in the middle of his match"

"Fine let's go, there is someone who would like to meet you"

"If you say so, but won't the General be mad if you just-"

"What left? Worry not, probably that old lizard came to get you he has to bring someone else there as well"

Having said that as he came out of nowhere he left just as quickly, the gathered crowd douting there eyes starts to exchange looks with each other.

"General should we just?"

"Let it be princes, hm to think she was one of his... can it be because of it, that the Queen showed interest or..."

"Emmor sama shall we also take our leave then, seeing how she-"

"Yes you're right, we should make haste as well not make her wait let's go"

Seeing how both sides went there separate ways the crowd quickly dispersed and went about their previous business"

Part 1 - The promise of a favor 

Standing before the same door and the same four-guard guarding it, only this time Grey was not alone for Lucy accompanied him seeing the high security and number of guards she had a vague feeling that whoever it was she was about to meet was undoubtedly important.

Lucy just like the rest of her clan members knew of their guild masters often almost regular travels to the capital specifically the Royal Palace, from time to time the Red Appel's third floor being occupied - reserved - for a special guest was a common occurrence at least two maybe four times a month.

Yet they knew nothing of the nature of those meetings and travels, honestly even if few in numbers they got to know each other very well and living with one and other only deepen their comradery.

The saying blood is thicker then water held no meaning to them, they were all stranges some even foreigners from different forms and ways of life yet they all came together under the banner of the Fallen clan.

The clan lead and founded by the grandfather-grandson duo of the Lionheart family, even so, little is known about them. Lucy only learned in recent years that her guild master has actual blood ties and family in the Wolf clan learning that from her friend Ren him being a member of the said Wolf clan.

Yet that confused her, even more, the Halbell twins are originally orphans from the northern war-torn regions after losing their parents they were taken in by their grandfather, who broth them south and upon his death entrusted the two of them to his old friend from his service days during the infamous war between the Kingdom of Hell and the Sky Clan.

Lucy's and Maro's grandfather was a member of the now disbanded 4th army so they thought they would be entrusted to some old war veteran friend of their grandfather, but instead after a hard and painful young life losing their parents fleeing their home and then experiencing the pain of loss again at a still young tender age they found themselves standing in front of that door.

Red Apple the place which they would call their new home, yet to Lucy's surprise the old man who took them in was none other then Raizen Lionheart having read her grandfather's old letters which he wrote to his son - Lucy's and Maro's father - she learned two things her grandfather was a captain in the 4th army's and the General who lead them was none other than General Raizen Lionheart the old lion of the north as he was known among his men.

Honestly, she never askt about it the General was even then an old man no wife or family of his one, he often jokingly said the 4th is his home and his soldiers serving under him are his kids but he did not have any blood relatives to speak of.

Much to her surprise, he said similar things now the Fallen clan is his home and family, seemingly never wanting to speak of the old days. But the one who gave the siblings a new life and place to call home was his grandson Grey.

Grey accepted them into the guild teaching them everything they needed to know to become adventures, they learned how to hunt and read animal tracks surviving in the wilderness. Reading and writing eventually even putting them into the 1st royal academy hoping to give them a better life.

Lucy owned her life and everything she knows to Grey, including her younger brother as well she was determined to repay that wich the Lionheart family did for them and more, hence the reason she wishes to join the military to revive the 4th and become a General herself one day that is her dream.

Now standing here she knows that she is about to learn something important about her master and just who he really is, the guests in the Red Apple, the high amount of coin needed for the academy, and lots of other things are among the numerous mysteries surrounding her master. Yet Lucy never doubteth her decision no matter what or who stands behind that door, no matter what she heard or learned in the near future nothing will change her resolve to stay in the Fallen clan.

"Master... is it? Is it really alright for me too?" Despite her pride and high position in the school, Lucy felt that this is way over her, yet from what her master told her on the way here this has everything to do with her and will greatly influence her future. That just made her more nervous.

"Yes like I told you this concerns you as well" As Grey said that one of the guards moved to the side and announce their arrival.

"Master Grey D. Lionheart and Lucy Halbell have arrived permission to enter!"