Chapter 5:

Chapter 5 - Lich

Monster Girl versus the Multiverse (Isekai)

Looks like it's up to me. Emma sighed.

Akumi had ran in greenhorn-style and gotten herself one-shotted by the Nazi Lich. As a Dungeons & Drakes Online player, she probably hadn't understood that while her orichalcum plate armour protected her from melee weapons and bullets, it didn't project her from Call of Honour Online's explosives. Emma couldn't tell if Akumi was dead or just knocked out and watching her as a Player Spirit.

The Nazi Lich stretched its hand out and shrieked. All the fallen Nazi Zombies rose from the dead and pieced themselves back together.

'Shit,' said Emma.

She had been hoping to keep her Ability a secret so she could ambush other Players with it, but if she wanted to beat this Dungeon, she'd have to use it now, even with Akumi potentially watching her.

Emma took a cigarette out of her trench coat pocket, lit it with her Zippo lighter, and breathed in the bitter smoke. 'One for the money.'

The Nazi Lich pointed towards her and screeched.

'Two for the show.'

The Nazi Zombies aimed their MP 40s at her.

'Three to get ready.'

She got into a sprinter's crouch..

'Go go go.'

The Nazi Zombies opened fire.

Emma's telekinetic shield caught the bullets and bounced them back. The Nazi Zombies got shredded. She sprang forwards, opened her trench coat, and flung out 10 Desert Eagle pistols. She telekinetically pressed the Desert Eagles to the monsters' heads and blew their brains out.

The Nazi Lich flew wildly around the room.

Emma came to a skidding stop and shot at it with her Barrett .50cal. The Nazi Lich dodged as she'd expected, but she curved the bullet in the air using her telekinesis. The bullet hit the mob in the spine, and it crashed against the wall.

It's wings clipped, the Nazi Lich fired a rocket at her.

Emma held out her hand, stopped the rocket in mid-flight, turned it around, and let it go.

The explosion blew the Nazi Lich to pieces.

Emma leaned against the wooden chest and took another drag on her cigarette. 'There'd better be at least be a minigun in this thing.'

A high-pitched scream sounded from across the room.

The Nazi Lich's head was still intact!

'FUCK!' Emma dropped her cigarette and ran towards the sound.

Nazi Liches were bad enough, but if their heads got separated from their bodies, they could evolve into Nazi Demiliches and summon mini bosses!

She vaulted over the stone sarcophagus. The son of a bitch had evolved! It was now a golden skull with emerald eyes and teeth floating on the floor!

It screeched at her.

Emma lifted her combat boot and stomp-stomp-stomped it to pieces!

She wiped the sweat from her brow.

She'd done it. She'd managed to kill the thing before it summoned any mini bosses....

She heard the coffins in the hall behind her slide open.

Emma looked over her shoulder. 'Give me a break....'

Out of the black coffins emerged four high-level undead: a Frankenstein's Minotaur, a Vampire Bat Man, a Skeleton Centaur, and at the front—a Death Knight.

Emma frowned.

Though she was primarily a Call of Honour Online player, she'd dabbled with Dungeons & Drakes Online as a Dark Elf Gunslinger. Death Knights were an adventurer's worst nightmare. With their super strength, high health pool, and ebony plate armour, greatsword, and war door shield, these mobs were virtually invulnerable to everything but Legendary-level holy weapons.

There was only one thing Emma could do.

She took the Fortune Die out of her trench coat pocket and threw it to the stone floor. 'Rolling for assistance!'

The Fortune Die bounced to a stop before the Death Knight, who stampeded towards her.

Emma opened fire with her Barrett .50cal and floating Desert Eagles.

The bullets sparked off the Death Knight's ebony plate armour and war door shield like they were nothing.

The monster closed the distance and brought its greatsword down on her.

The blade cut through Emma's Telekinetic Shield and sliced her chest open.


She fell to her knees.

This isn't be right! Pain like this should be illegal in a VRMMO! Is this...real?!

The Death Knight raised its greatsword over her.

Emma's eyes widened.

Am I going to die?!

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