Chapter 32:

A4P6: rebuilding of the territory and preparing for moving out

From Assassin to Demon lord

After that scolding, during which Lizzie sit next to me for what ever reason, we both fall asleep in the office.

When I woke up, I realised two things. One, Lizzie was laying before me. My hand around her waist and her silky blue hair were in my face.

But that was not all.

I felt a hand on my stomach.

When I slightly turned my head around I saw long white hairs. In other words, Yuki.

„Ahhh. I could get used to this… but work is work and it’s needed to be done.“

I sit and carefully let Yuki sleep next to Lizzie. I looked around to find Yama sleeping on couch and Haba on armchair next to the door. When I looked closely I found out that she held a doll in her hands.

„Is that… me?“

I left for the hidden room Tomi told us about, and destroyed some notes about breeding with other species. I'm sure that this guy was more sick in the head than that village elder I let those two pregnant girls kill.

„So, if I understand this, the food distribution is practically by class. Army soldiers get more then normal people and those who live in slums are so low that they are barely considered fellow orks… this is much worst then I originally thought,“ said Yuki who after hour acompanied me with Lizzie in tow.

„Me too, I mean even lowest human in Astenna kingdom live better than these guys, well except slaves… OK, so what are we going to do about this?“

„Farms around city are practically abandoned, as well as most of the villages. So we will encourage the people to return there and start farming… we could use some water spirits, don’t you think?“

„Kaen is actually in spirit realm right now to get some of those to help us Lizzie. Can’t you summon them?“

„Sadly no. It seems like I lost my protection from god of Justice… no need for such faces dear, I in stead got protection of goddess of night so it’s okay! Plus I can still use my [Karma Eye] skill.“

„I-is that so?“

„Yeah! No prob!“ Lizzie smiled and give me thumbs up.

„So that is one thing. We will disperse the orks and give them reinforcements in form of some undead to build waterways. Can we do it?“

„I think that we will have to give them some food for starters. Grain and fruit can be cultivated, but it will take some time. I think that our farm on third floor is too small for this many orks.“

„You’re right, Lizzie. We thinned them out and there is still too much of them. I guess we will need to touch their food reserves. Their army is now nonexistent so it will be easier. Plus I got message from Zipzap. The army that retreated from third prince is now subduing rebelion in south, so if we strike fast we can take over north in less then two weeks.“

„Isn’t that too fast?“

„I understand your worrying Yuki, but with our magic it should take about that much. And don’t forget about gnolls, they are currently drunk as hell, but they will want more wine don’t you agree?“

„That's a fair point.“

After that I went with some orks outside city walls and speak to them.

„So, you lot! I will have you work on farm for this city.“

„But sir… we don’t possess tools for that,“ said ork that I nominate to be mayor.

„I know you don’t, but I do.“

„Sir does that mean…“

„I will lent you those tools, after that I will contact my co-workers in dungeon to open store in the city with materials. Bronze, Iron, Green and Blue steel, mithril, all you can ask for. As for the price… I'll let those in charge set it. Do not worry, I will tell them to keep it low ‘kay?“

„T-thank you sir!“ ork Mayor said with tears in his eyes.

Why are you crying? Is it really that much for you guys?

After that orks I called and even some orks from slums came and prepare fields, while me and Lizzie prepared wells. That was actually easier then we originally thought. Lizzie found strong source of water and I used earth magic to dig hole and harden it’s walls with magic.

„Altough this is pretty fast, we will need something to grow, what were you thinking about planting?“

„Well, First things first, wheat, turnips and some pumpkins?“

„That sounds good. We have some wheat in stock, so we can plant it right away, the time for [Spring wheat] is also about right.“

„Yeah, I would like to also create Hop garden on third floor, maybe even vineyard.“

„So you want your own wine and beer is that right?“

„Can’t deny that. Also alcohol is best gift to new people. And you know how much dwarves love alcohol. South from main dungeon is Dwarven council state so I want some for export there.“

"You will drink most of it yourself I know that."


After six separate wells were made, me and Lizzie returned to the casle town where I opend new entry to the dungeon, in centre of the biggest square.

Thanks to that we were able to bring the undead to the farms and fasten the cultivation of the fields.

„Soon, there will be only happy faces in this town dear.“

„Yes. This town will soon experience boom… I told the goblins on third floor to start cultivating fruits and vegetables, that should help these guys.“

„That would be nice.“

In that moment Yama came with summons from her father.

We went outside the city where the ogre camp was build.

„King Ya-rok, what happened that you had to summon me?“ I asked little angry.

„Lord Zaru. I wanted to tell you that we are prepared for move out. In two days we will leave for capital Hu-bano.“

„That seems little too early, are your soldiers ready for fight? Your numbers are barely ten thousand and enemy will have at least double of that you know?“

„That’s why we let that pig you brought to us live this long.“

„Oh, the third prince is still alive? That's suprising.“

„Yes, we will use him as bait and let them open gates…“

„That will not work. He’s THIRD son, not first. If you had that one… well it would be easier. Remember that for his father he’s just a spare, not even worth teaching. I am sure that he send him to your city just to get him killed.“

„So what would you do?“

„If you can’t get mouse out of it’s hole, flood it out.“


„Ahh… so vexing, listen here king Ya-rok. You need them in open field. Ogres have strenght to defeat five or six orks in open field, but in siege, orks have upper hand. Their food provisions, and morale will be high. So in order to lower your morale, they will take ogre prisoners and hung them outside of the walls, for example.“

„They would…“

„Lowerning ones morale is essential in siege battles, provisions are next important criteria.“


„If you want we will tear the wall down for you. The army that assisted third prince is curently supressing rebellion in south of the kingdom. As for the price for our job… yeah, I don’t need anything after taking down capital and royal family so I will stop there and let you alone take over the south.“

„So you will not assist us?“

„Why should I? Price the princess wanted to give me is already in my possesion and this would be bonus. Can you pay for my assistance, King of ogres?“


„If that is all we will take our leave, Yama came with us.“


As we left the camp I could hear King and generals yelling at each other.

„Yuki how did it go in ogre capital?“

„Yes. Our scouts find out that queen was plotting to kill three dukes who wanted to support miss Yama in ascendence to the throne, as well as plotting to kill miss Yama.“ Yuki reported to me back in the lord mansion.

„What the queen?“ Yama got suprised.

„You know her well?“

„Yes, she was like mother to me, when I was little… and now… she wants to kill me…“

„It’s not suprising. Things like this happen in royal families quite a lot. Back in the old days I was getting jobs of killing the heirs or pretenders every other week.“

„That’s quite a lot… even for adventurer… wait was this your side missions that quild master was giving you personally?“

„Yeah, well, sometimes. Yama, will you join us? I mean, you could help us manage the land we are about to get so I would appreciate your help. You are talented.“

„Wh-why are you asking me? I said I would give you all I have, even me… so why are you asking me for help?! How… how could… how could I say no like that…“

„I want you to chose your future. Same goes for kids in dungeon, if they decide that they want to leave, I will not make them stay by force.“

„Then, let me work for you! I will show you that cities you let me govern will only prosper!“

„OK, let’s do that. I will change your name to mark you as my subordinate… Let’s see… hm, what about Kyoko?“


With that Yama, now Kyoko, shined with golden light. As always name provided by someone strong can rewrite ones weaknesses into strenghts. In Kyokos case, her weak body turned into stronger version, her horns turned golden and were big as my hand, she got taller and her looks got closer to her actual age. I mean she had body of ten year old while being seventeen.

She got nice mascular figure with C-cups and tanned skin. What was worse about this sudden change was that her clothes got ripped so she was now standing before us completly naked.

Is that a mole on her left breast?

My thoughts were sadly cut short when I got smacked by Lizzie and Yuki.

When I woke up, Kyoko was already covered in new dress. Sad, but expected.

„Master you woke up!“ Kyoko smiled.

„Yeah… I’m awake now… jeez level 230 is no joke Lizzie… you could kill me…“

„I just wiped your droll, thats all!“ Lizzie said angrily, but her anger looked so cute that I couldn’t helped but smile. Yuki on other hand was sulking in corner of the room. I should take her on a date… wait what did I just say?

„With fist? ... well anyway, tell me the situation, Kyoko.“

„I’m already on it Master, I sent letter to the three dukes that I joined your side and you are willing to accept them in if they swear loyalty to you.“

„That fast?“

„They trust in me, so when we take over the ogre kingdom we will have allies.“

She’s already planning to take over her fathers kingdom… is this becouse of the evolution? What am I saying, this was plan from the start, ogres are stronger than orks so hiring them is more beneficial to the dungeon.

„I see. Good work. Call Goru-bo and tell him to send his proxy in order to acompany us to the ork capital.“

„Understood I will see to it,“ said Hikari, who until this morning was with gnolls. And by her words, they were training… I don’t know what training she went though but she is fully covered with bruises. But her level went from 12 to 40 so she is now really stronger. Yuki is also stronger, she is near level sixty now… realy non-combat jobs have easier leveling up…

Before departure I stand before the camera and spoke to the people.

„Ladies and gentlemens, I, Demon lord Zaru, am temporarly leaving this city. I let some of my underlings to help with resurection of agriculture. In my decree all of you are same so everyone will get equal share of food until your agriculture is stable. Now work hard and you will be rewarded!“

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