Chapter 86:

Chapter 86: Udana’s Pursuers

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 86: Udana’s Pursuers

Narrator: Udana continues walking through the mansion.

*Udana notices there are three people pursuing her so she turns around*

Udana: I know you are there. You might as well show yourselves.

*The three people show themselves and one is a man that is tall and fat and has spiky blue hair*

Narrator: Daykona’s Henchman – Grape.

*Another one is a woman that has short neck-length black hair*

Narrator: Daykona’s Henchwoman – Fisha.

*The last one is a man that is skinny, has long arms and legs, and is bald*

Narrator: Daykona’s Henchman – Bano.

Udana: I see that Daykona has finally discovered my infiltration if she is having you three come after me.

Fisha: That’s right. We have trained and now we are E rank in magic. You are now just a dead woman walking… *She smirks* old friend.

Udana: It’s a shame but I can’t call anyone who goes against Kogen a friend.

*Udana pulls out her sword*

Udana: Sword, brown.

*Her sword’s blade changes to a brown color*

Fisha: Let’s go!

*The three of them charge at Udana. Grape tries to grab Udana but she dodges and then kicks him*

Bano: Try dodging this!

*He extends his arms at Udana, trying to grab her*

Udana: Extension Magic, huh? Beam Tether.

*With her other hand, Udana releases a tether energy beam and it wraps around his arm, keeping him from grabbing her*

Fisha: These are for you!

*Fisha throws a wave of magic ninja darts at Udana but she dodges them*

Fisha: What!?

Udana: Do you take me for an amateur?

*Udana quickly moves to Bano and kicks him into Grape’s hand who was trying to grab Udana. Bano ends up being electrocuted once he is in Grape’s hand*

Udana: I see, so you use Conduction Magic. You can transfer many effects into any person you have grabbed. How amusing.

*Grape drops Bano and Bano then breaks free of the beam tether. Fisha angrily charges at Udana*

Fisha: Why don’t you use your sword, you bitch!!?

*Fisha attempts many punches and chops at Udana but Udana blocks or dodges all of them. Udana then does two gut punches and then a swipe kick, knocking Fisha back*

Udana: You want me to use my sword? Fine.

Grape: You will die, woman!

*Udana uses her beam tether and wraps it around Grape’s arm. Udana uses the tether to pull herself on top of Grape’s arm and she then uses her brown sword and cuts into his arm. She then detaches his arm from his body*

*Fisha, Bano, and Grape all have a shocked face when they see that his arm is connected to a magic brown line from the tip of her sword which is connected to the wound from his body*

Fisha: What kind of magic is that!!!?

Udana: I can do that when I have my sword turn brown. You need not worry though.

*Fisha and Bano charge at Udana*

Bano: After the initial shock wore off, I realize that doing that has no use for you! We’re going to destroy you!

*Udana smirks*

Udana: Is that what you think?

*Udana uses the cut-off arm that she can control and thrusts it at Fisha and Bano. Fisha dodges it but Bano is grabbed*

*Udana uses Grape’s cut-off arm to completely freeze Bano in ice*

Udana: I can use my victim’s magic against you.

Fisha: You’re a dead woman! Take this!!

*Fisha unleashes a barrage of sphere-shaped energy attacks*

*Udana can’t dodge well while controlling Grape’s arm so she takes some hits, though the only damage is that her clothes are ripped some*

Fisha: That’s all the damage she took!?

Grape: How did she get so powerful!?

Udana: *Chuckles* You are about to see just how inferior all three of you are.

*Bano breaks out of the ice*

Bano: Ugh!!!! Just kill her!!!

*Bano charges in a rage and then jumps and extends both arms and one leg trying to hit Udana*

Udana: Sword, blue.

*Her sword changes to a blue color and Grape’s arm falls to the ground*

*Before Bano’s attack reaches her, she slashes the air, causing a blue wave of magic energy to be released which not only repels the attack but knocks him back against a wall*

*A second later, Udana throws her sword and it pierces Bano’s neck. He dies almost instantly*

Fisha: You fucking bitch!!! I will kill you!!!

Udana: Why so angry, Fisha? It’s not like he was your best friend or a family member.

Fisha: Don’t mock me!!!

*Udana dodges Fisha’s punches and chops. She then kicks Fisha in the jaw and runs over to Bano’s dead body and grabs her sword*

Udana: Sword, red.

*Her sword turns red*

*With one arm remaining, Grape tries desperately to grab onto Udana. She then jumps in the air and Grape doesn’t see her*

Grape: Huh? Where did she go?

Fisha: You idiot! She is above you!!!

Grape: What!?

*Udana falls down and cuts Grape’s head off with her sword*

Udana: My red sword is the most lethal.

*Fisha’s anger turns to fear*

Udana: What’s wrong? I thought you wanted me to use my sword?

Fisha: You have to be a demon!! Humans… Humans can’t be this efficient!! Not three against one!!!

Udana: You clearly don’t understand anything. Let me put an end to your stupidity.

*Udana charges at Fisha*

*Fisha throws magic darts and a barrage of magic energy attacks but Udana easily blocks and dodges them*

Fisha: Noooo!!!!!

*Fisha sees death flash before her eyes as Udana stabs her in the stomach with her sword. Fisha’s body falls back as Udana’s pulls out her sword*

*Fisha sees flashes in her mind of the ninja that Sasha annihilated and she assumed that Udana was the one that defeated him*

Fisha: I’m sorry… brother. I failed to avenge you…

*Udana starts walking away. Fisha just lies there on the ground dying*

Fisha: Yes… I can see it now… I will see you in Hell, Udana. I just know it… I will get my revenge there…

*Udana turns her head and looks at Fisha*

Udana: Maybe one day you will get that chance, but it won’t be any time soon.

*Udana continues walking away. Fisha quietly laughs and then dies. Udana uses her device to communicate with Bethro*

Udana: Bethro, we are almost done here. Gather up any last possible test subjects. I got one last thing to do and then we are leaving.

Narrator: In a three against one fight, Udana dominated against opponents whose powers were on the same level as the heroes. Just how powerful are Kogen and his underlings?

Chapter 86 END

To be Continued in Chapter 87: The Heroes Reunite