Chapter 87:

Chapter 87: The Heroes Reunite

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 87: The Heroes Reunite

Narrator: The heroes have been in the mansion for a while so now a quick summary of their paths up to this point. Upon entering the mansion, Zeth and Sasha fell down through a trap floor that took them down to the lower levels, separating them from the other heroes. Zeth and Sasha started moving through the lower levels while Kurt, Emily, and Joe moved through the middle levels. In the lower levels, Sasha was knocked out and abducted by Daykona’s ninja, Sheeth, thus separating them from each other. On the middle level, the other three heroes defeated the mansion’s butler, Walno, and then Emily had to split up from Kurt and Joe as the doors would only allow a limited number of entrants. Back on the lower level, Sasha temporarily awakened to her dark power and disposed of Sheeth and other Daykona assistants while Zeth continued on searching for her, eventually coming across some Shriekers. Zeth’s encounter with the Shriekers allowed Sasha to find him and thus they were reunited where they then took on a fraction of power from the mysteriously evil Poleon. On the middle level, Emily continued alone and had to fight a group of knights with no bodies in them. Also on the middle level, Kurt and Joe found themselves up against the strange Troll Queen and went through her Troll Quest. Elsewhere on the middle level, Kogen’s underling, Udana, also was going through the mansion and took down three of Daykona’s minions. Now, Zeth and Sasha must get back to the middle level so that they may reunite with the other heroes.


Narrator: Back with Zeth and Sasha.

*Zeth and Sasha reach the stairs that go upwards*

Zeth: Hopefully, these take us out of the lower levels.

Sasha: Yeah.

*They start running up the stairs. As they go up the stairs, Sasha starts thinking about the multiple one-second-long flashbacks that show pieces of what she did when she brutally murdered the doctor, his assistants, and the guards.

Sasha: (Thinking) What are these memories that are showing up in my mind? Did I really do stuff like that to those people? No! I can’t focus on something that was probably just a dream! I have to keep focus on what’s ahead of me!

*Zeth and Sasha reach the top of the stairs and are now back on the main floor*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Emily.

*Emily is running room to room trying to find any of her friends. She looks like she has been through more fights since she fought the knights*

Emily: I can’t believe how expansive this mansion is!

*Eventually, she reaches a hallway and sees Zeth and Sasha farther down it and she looks happy and relieved*

Emily: Zeth! Sasha! Finally, somebody!

Zeth and Sasha: Emily!

Zeth: Glad to see you are okay. Where are Kurt and Joe?

Emily: We had to split up. Hopefully, we can find them.

*Emily takes a good look at Zeth and Sasha and notices their wounds and torn clothes*

Emily: Jeez, you two look worse than I do right now. What happened?

Zeth and Sasha: It’s a long story.

Sasha: We can talk about it after we find Kurt and Joe.

Emily: Right.

*They begin continuing through the mansion. They search through different rooms and hallways. Eventually, they reach more stairs*

Emily: I don’t think there is much more left on this floor so we might as well go up to the next one.

Zeth: Alright then let’s go.

*They go up to the next floor*


*Daykona is watching them on her crystal ball*

Daykona: (Talking to herself) Damn! They have all reached the next floor. This is getting bad. They are progressing faster than I thought and I have not heard from Fisha’s group on a successful kill of Udana yet.

*Daykona uses her crystal ball to find Fisha’s group. She sees all three of their dead bodies*

Daykona: No way! This is getting out of hand! I don’t want to do this… but it’s time I call in “it”. Aside from my close guards, “it” is all that is left to stop them.


*Now on the next floor, the heroes look around*

Zeth: It certainly feels spookier and creepier up here. I don’t like it.

Sasha: It is very unsettling.

Emily: Getting worse as it goes has been the theme of this mansion honestly.

*Soon after, they reach a door and interestingly, it leads to a balcony outside. There they see Kurt and Joe sitting*

Zeth, Sasha, and Emily: Kurt! Joe!

*They run over to them*

Kurt: Good. You three are here. We were just planning our move.

Zeth: Okay, but before you tell us, we need everyone to explain what each has been through so we can be prepared.

Narrator: Everyone explains what happened to them, but the others were particularly concerned about the threat of Poleon.

Kurt: Yes, that sounds very bad. But no matter what, we are committed to helping you stop the Dark Goddess, Poleon, and any other threat to this world.

*Kurt looks at Joe and Emily*

Kurt: Right?

Emily and Joe: Right.

Kurt: If we don’t help save this world, there will be no world left to live in.

Zeth: Thanks, guys.

Sasha: And since I’m a divine being like you, I will certainly fight by your side to the end.

*Zeth smiles*

Kurt: Okay, now here’s the plan.

*Kurt tells the others the plan (You the reader don’t get to hear yet). Zeths pounds his fist into his other hand and he has a confident smile*

Zeth: Oh yeah! That’s a great plan!

Narrator: The heroes have reunited and now have a plan to defeat Daykona. However, what is this “it” that Daykona speaks of?

Chapter 87 END

To be Continued in Chapter 88: “It” Comes Calling

(Author's Note: "It" is a reference to Resident Evil 4. That game has a monster that the antagonist simply refers to as "it".)