Chapter 90:

Chapter 90: The Monstrous Mutations of “It”

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 90: The Monstrous Mutations of “It”

Narrator: Zeth is covered in the blood of “it” and is now in serious pain!

*Zeth is screaming on the ground trying to get the blood of “it” off of him. Sasha and Joe run over to help him*

Joe: There is a pond in this room! We need to use it to get all this blood off of him!

Kurt: Then Emily and I will take care of this monster.

*“It” swings its mouthed tentacle at Kurt who then jumps on the tentacle and then immediately jumps on top of “it”*

Kurt: Emily, throw me your shotgun!

*Emily throws her B3 Tide Shotgun and Kurt catches it. Kurt jumps off of the head of “it” and shoots point-blank at the eye he had punched. Since Kurt doesn’t use channeling magic, all of the damage is physical. The eye bursts and “it” is hurting and angry so it charges forward*

Emily: Brilliant strategy!

Kurt: Weapons are your specialty but this situation calls for no use of magic!

*Sasha and Joe have taken Zeth (who is still screaming in pain) to the pond and they lay him in it and proceed to wash all the blood off of him*

Joe: Damn, who knew that just being covered in something’s blood could be painful?

Sasha: It’s okay, Zeth! We will have this blood off of you in no time!

*Zeth calms down*

Sasha: You are alright!

Zeth: Yeah… But I think some of it got in my bloodstream.

Joe: Then we will certainly need to get you checked out after all of this is done.

*Meanwhile, Kurt and Emily are both knocked back when they are hit by the tentacle of “it”*

Kurt: It got more powerful!

*From where its eye had burst, a sack of goop stuff has formed. The sack opens a little bit and some of the green goop comes out. It has an acid-like effect as it burns through the floor*

Emily: How can we defeat this thing!?

*The sack releases the acid goop at Kurt and Emily. They dodge the acid goop but, in the air after their jump, are both hit by the tentacle and knocked unconscious*

*Sasha and Joe show up while Zeth is taking a few minutes to rest*

Sasha: Let’s take this thing out!

*Sasha and Joe are not prepared for its increased speed, however. After dodging some of its attacks, Joe gets knocked away by the tentacle. Sasha decides to use the pipe again and charges at “it”. She only runs straight and dodges the tentacle swipes as she gets closer*

Sasha: I’m putting you down, you creepy monster!

*Sasha jumps for its head and intends to behead it with her pipe. As she gets in striking range, her luck runs out and she is hit by the tentacle, knocking her back and unconscious*

*Zeth finally enters the battle*

Zeth: Come on! I’ll take you!!

*Zeth enters Raging Star Mode. His aura begins attacking all of the plants and trees near him. Some trees are knocked over and Zeth grabs them. He throws some of the trees at “it” and then he picks up one and swings it at “it” and hits its face. The trees did damage but not enough*

*“It” enters into a rage and the mouth of the tentacle bites onto Zeth’s arm*

Zeth: Ahh! Damn it!

*However, his raging star aura attacks the tentacle so the tentacle throws Zeth across the room*

*Zeth took a lot of damage and is now sitting against a wall in the room. His Raging Star Mode ends. “It” now comes closer and closer to Zeth, ready to eat him*

Zeth: We… We can’t beat this thing… Not without using any sort of magic.

*As “it” gets in close range, Sasha’s voice is heard*

Sasha: Stop right there!

*Zeth and “it” look over to see Sasha. Zeth at first only sees her arms and legs because his vision has become blurry. But then he rubs his eyes and can now see a full view of Sasha. The white parts of her eyes are black (still red irises) and she has a dark aura with black electricity sparking around her for a few moments. This is it. Her true powers have temporarily awakened once again*

Sasha: How fast do you want to die? If you so much as lay another scratch on him, I will kill you by breaking every bone in your body and then ripping out your heart and shoving it down your throat.

Narrator: Sasha was knocked unconscious and as a result, her true powers and personality have awakened once again. How will the Dark Divine Princess fair against “it”?

Chapter 90 END

To be Continued in Chapter 91: Dark Divine Princess and Shattering of Bones