Chapter 91:

Chapter 91: Dark Divine Princess and Shattering of Bones

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 91: Dark Divine Princess and Shattering of Bones

Narrator: Sasha’s true powers and personality have come out temporarily once again!

*Sasha starts walking towards “it”*

Sasha: Just even another scratch and your death will be brutal.

*“It” does not take her threat seriously and starts moving its tentacle towards Zeth. Sasha raises an eyebrow*

Sasha: It will be your last move.

*The tentacle slightly scrapes Zeth*

*In almost an instant, the tentacle of “it” is chopped off by Sasha. Sasha had run towards Zeth using an instinctual Blur Dash and chopped off the tentacle with her hand. She now holds the end of the tentacle in her hand and angrily looks back at “it”. Her stare is the stare of death*

Sasha: Your bones. They won’t exist anymore.

*In anger, “it” has another mutation and grows three tentacles on each side of its body for a total of six*

*Sasha quickly jumps and lands a strong punch on its forehead, cracking its skull some and leaving a dent in its head. She shouts as she lands the punch*

Sasha: This is only the start!!

*The tentacles try to attack but she quickly drops down and punches “it” from below, breaking some of its ribs. “It” coughs up blood*

*Sasha jumps back and “it” sends its tentacles after her but she has no problems dodging them. After chopping off a tentacle, she proceeds to punch “it” in even more spots, breaking even more bones*

Sasha: I told you that your death will be brutal if you bring Zeth any more harm! Now you are facing the consequences!

*When Zeth gets to see her eyes, he sees the look of someone ready to kill violently*

Zeth: Amazing! She is crushing this monster!

*Sasha moves to its right and punches its front right hand. The bones in it break and “it” collapses since it has no front hands left*

*“It” gets up by standing on its new deformed back legs. With broken bones and its legs deformed, its ability to stand isn’t stable*

Sasha: You look pathetic now… so let me help!!

*In a few seconds, Sasha kicks both of its legs and breaks the bones in both of them. “It” starts to fall backward*

*Sasha jumps and chops off two more tentacles on her way to its back*

Sasha: Now to shatter your spine!!!

*Sasha does a super strong punch on its back and the punch shatters its spine completely*

*Kurt, Joe, and Emily have all woken up and watch in awe as they see what Sasha does*

Emily: Incredible!

Joe: She is making it look so easy!

*“It” is now completely on its back and it’s paralyzed from the neck down. It can no longer use the three remaining tentacles it has. All of its bones are now broken and all that is left is the finishing blow*

Sasha: I change my mind about your heart. I don’t want all of your blood on me. I have another way of getting it out though. Let me show you. I’m going to stomp it out of you!!

*Sasha does a roll jump into the air and then with fierce momentum, thrusts her legs downward for a fierce kick. Her legs thrust down into its chest area. The impact is strong enough that its heart is forced up and comes out of its body through its mouth*

Kurt: Gruesome but effective.

*“It” is now dead and Sasha just stands there looking at it*

Zeth: Sasha!

*Sasha’s anger turns to a look of worry. Sasha turns around and runs to hug Zeth and she starts crying*

Sasha: Zeth! Are you severely injured!?

Zeth: No, I’m fine. Don’t worry.

*The other three come over to them*

Kurt: That was incredible!

Joe: Yeah!

Emily: That was the fiercest power I’ve ever seen!

Zeth: How did you know where to break its bones and force the heart out?

*Sasha’s face turns more towards concern*

Sasha: That thing… was originally human.

*Zeth, Joe, and Emily are shocked while Kurt looks sad like he got confirmation of something he didn’t want to be true*

Sasha: It’s knowledge that was brought out as my true power and personality came out. That thing was a failed experiment on a human and some type of reptile. Daykona isn’t the first person to do these experiments and she certainly won’t be the last. Though I was furious at it for what it was doing to all of you, the killing could be seen as having mercy on the human it once was. I’m almost certain my mother, the Dark Goddess, has done similar types of experiments.

*Again, everyone is shocked, even Kurt*

Sasha: Listen everyone, my body is technically still unconscious. I won’t have this knowledge once I wake up. You have to find a way to permanently unlock my true self. Also, we need to take samples of this creature. Don’t assume you are fine with its blood in you.

*Sasha stumbles a bit*

Sasha: This “high” is wearing off now…

*With that, the black parts of her eyes turn back to white and she falls back asleep and Zeth grabs her before she falls to the floor*

Zeth: We will. I can assure you of that. But first, it’s time we finally put an end to Daykona and rescue Clora.

Narrator: Sad truths have been revealed, but what do they all mean?

Chapter 91 END

To be Continued in Chapter 92: Experimentation Book