Chapter 89:

Chapter 89: Heroes vs "It"

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 89: Heroes vs “It”

Narrator: The heroes find themselves stopped at a locked door and must now take on the giant monster that is simply known as “it”!

Zeth: You may be a freakishly large and scary monster but we are not going to just sit back and let you kill us!

*Zeth jumps and does a magic-powered punch on “it’s” face. “It” flinches a little but it slaps Zeth, knocking him hard into the wall*

*Joe unleashes a Derecho attack, but after being pushed a bit, “it” then overcomes the attack and charges at the heroes*

Joe: I thought it would be more effective than that!

*In its charging, the heroes are all knocked into the wall but since “it” keeps charging, they are then further knocked into a large room as “it” destroys the locked door and the wall surrounding it*

*The room is based on nature so it looks like an outdoor setting with plants, small trees, streams, etc. The heroes are all damaged but they quickly compose themselves and are prepared to fight*

Zeth: I guess letting it destroy the door for us was an option also but it’s time to defeat this thing!

*Zeth unleashes a Star Shine Blast. Sasha unleashes Dark Spears. Kurt unleashes Mega Aura Whip. Joe and Emily circle around behind it. “It” doesn’t take much damage from the attacks. Then Emily and Joe prepare an attack*

Joe: Let’s use a Combination Attack!

Emily: Yeah! Wind Slash!

*Emily jumps in front of Joe as he releases strong winds that push Emily towards “it” while she has her Slasher Sword out. The wind gives her increased momentum and she ends by slashing “it” with her sword. There is a cut mark on it but the magic power didn’t do much to it*

Emily: What gives? Why is magic not doing much to it?

*“It” roars with a lot of energy coming from it which knocks the heroes back and does a good amount of damage to them*

Zeth: I think I understand this thing now. It can weaken the effects of magic which explains why none of the mansion parts that it destroyed were able to regenerate. We are going to have to defeat it relying on physical damage!

*Everyone spreads out*

Zeth: This calls for Claws of the Guardian.

*He uses magic to turn his hands into claws but other than that it does physical damage rather than magic damage. Zeth appears before “it”*

Zeth: Hey you big shit! You ready for a real fight?

*“It” is angered and charges at Zeth. “It” swipes its claws at Zeth. As he dodges and jumps over and behind it, he grabs the very short and deformed tail at the end of it and digs his claws into it*

Zeth: Now somebody! I got it pinned!

Emily: On it!

*Emily moves in and uses her sword to cut down a largish tree near “it” and the tree falls on its head. The tree did a lot of damage and leaves “it” dazed*

Kurt: My turn now!

*Kurt moves in and punches its eye as hard as he can. “It” cries out in pain*

Joe: Sasha, let me give you a lift!

Sasha: Right!

*Joe and Sasha (who is carrying a decent-sized pipe) come running and Joe lifts up his hands. Sasha jumps onto them and then immediately jumps off of them. From there, she lands on a tree branch*

Sasha: Take this!

*Sasha does a roll jump forward and downward and, with lots of momentum, breaks out of the roll and swings the pipe with a lot of force, hitting “it” with a lot of physical damage*

Zeth: Wonderful! That’s what I like to see!

*The result is a severe tear in its body and the severing of its left hand/claw. “It” starts screaming in agony*

Kurt: Will this be the end of it?

Zeth: Whether it is or not, that was awesome!

Sasha: Thank you. Though it was based on what you did back in that Cursed Water incident.

Zeth: (Smiling) Well still.


*Daykona is watching the battle on her crystal ball*

Daykona: It can’t be! They can’t defeat “it” that easily!

*She notices something*

Daykona: Wait, what is happening?


*The body of “it” begins to rumble. “It” suddenly grows deformed hind legs and blood spurts from the growth and covers all over Zeth. He lets go of its deformed tail and falls to the ground in pain*

Zeth: Gah!!! Ahh!!

*The blood from “it” that mixes with his wounds severely stings him*

Sasha: Zeth!!!

*The other heroes become frightened*

*From where “it” lost its left arm, a tentacle with a mouth (with sharp teeth) grows out of it*

Kurt: What the hell is going on with this thing!?


*Daykona continues to watch the battle on her crystal ball*

Daykona: Oh no… “It” is mutating. This is not good. I will have to put it down once it deals with them.

Narrator: With “it” finally on the ropes, its body began mutating. How much more monstrous could it become?

Chapter 89 END

To be Continued in Chapter 90: The Monstrous Mutations of “It”