Chapter 96:

Chapter 96: The Heroes Go All Out Against Daykona

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 96: The Heroes Go All Out Against Daykona

Narrator: With Sasha down with significant injuries, the other heroes rage and release all of their power!

Daykona: (With a sinister smile) Come on then! Show me all you got!

*The heroes charge at Daykona. Zeth uses his Chains of the Volcano Demon and it wraps around one of Daykona’s arms and he then pulls himself towards Daykona, As gets reaches her, he successfully blocks her punches and then does a swipe kick to her head, knocking her back a little. His raging star aura also does damage to her as well*

Zeth: That was for Sasha, you asshole!

*Emily slashes at Daykona with her Shadow Sword but Daykona dodges just enough that it simply leaves a 1-foot-long cut on one of her arms*

Kurt: Punch Force Impact!

*Kurt’s aura starts traveling like needles into his arm and his punch collides with Daykona’s punch. Their punches do damage to each other but aura needles start to come out of Kurt’s fist which does more damage to Daykona*

Daykona: That hurts, you bastard!

*Daykona swipe kicks Kurt which knocks him away from her*

*The other three continue their assault. Joe runs towards Daykona and she jumps in anticipation of Joe’s attack. Joe ends up raising his arms and a wave of electricity releases from him going up towards Daykona*

Emily: You’re wide open!

Daykona: All of you are nothing but pests!

*Daykona decides to take the hit from Joe electric attack as Emily has jumped up after her*

*After taking damage from Joe’s attack, she punches Emily which knocks Emily back, saving Daykona from being slashed by the Shadow Sword*

*Zeth launches himself towards Daykona and he quickly transitions to a rapid strike of punches and kicks which he does at super-fast speeds, making Daykona spend a lot of energy just to block them all. Even while blocking them, she is still being damaged by his raging star aura*

Zeth: You think we are the ones underestimating you!? It’s the opposite, you have underestimated our combined onslaught!

*Joe comes from behind her to attack and she notices so she jumps, causing Zeth and Joe to collide in their attacks which damages each other*

Daykona: I enjoy seeing you all hit each other!

Joe: That’s it!!! Freezing Rain Storm!!!

*Clouds form and it starts to rain. The ground begins freezing but the body temperatures of anyone in the room keep them from freezing*

Daykona: So you intend to ruin my balance? Interesting.

*Kurt and Emily rejoin the battle as the heroes run on the ice. Daykona prepares to attack but she notices that she is starting to slip a little as she takes a step. She slips backward, causing Zeth to miss his jumping punch*

*Daykona uses her arms to stop herself from completely falling on the ground. She then pushes herself off which causes Joe to miss his sliding kick*

Emily: Joe, your ice is making it harder for us to hit her!

Joe: At least it’s making it harder for her to attack us!

Kurt: Let me make it better! Blazing Aura Eruption!

*Kurt’s aura turns molten. Waves of molten lava are released and Daykona tries to guard but she gets burned by a lot of it. The molten aura melts some of the ice*

Emily: That’s perfect!

*Emily assaults Daykona but Daykona is not prepared and so one of her six arms gets sliced off by Emily’s Shadow Sword. More could have been sliced off if Daykona did not quickly realize the attack was coming*

Daykona: My arm!! You damn scum!!

*Joe releases sideways razor hail which hits Daykona’s back, causing her to slip again and she falls forward*

Zeth: Now I have a great opening for an attack!

*Zeth jumps and slams both of his fists on Daykona’s back, just like what she did to Sasha in the last chapter*

Daykona: Gahh!

Zeth: That was also for Sasha!!

Daykona: Hahahahaha!

Zeth: What’s so funny!?

*Daykona stands up*

Daykona: You clearly forgot what I said about my magic! Now all those attacks you just used on me, I can multiply them. But first.

*Where Daykona’s arm was cut off now mutates into some weird eye-looking thing*

Daykona: Your upper hand was short-lived. It all gets worse for all of you from here!

Narrator: It appeared the heroes had the upper hand but now Daykona has their attacks such as the razor hail, lava waves, and other attacks ready to fire at the heroes.

Chapter 96 END

To be Continued in Chapter 97: The Plan Goes Into Effect