Chapter 97:

Chapter 97: The Plan Goes Into Effect

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 97: The Plan Goes Into Effect

Narrator: Even with the heroes going all out, Daykona remains confident!

Daykona: Your effort was good but, in the end, it doesn’t matter.

*Daykona multiplies the razor hail and the small lava waves that are on the ground. The lava begins to spread over the room except where Daykona stands. Daykona smirks*

Daykona: I know how much all of you love hitting each other with your own attacks so here, have some more!

*Daykona throws a lot of razor hail at Zeth*

Zeth: It won’t happen again!

*Zeth jumps over the razor hail*

Daykona: You really are a fool!

*Jumping over the razor hail is exactly what Daykona wanted him to do as she shoots a strong laser beam out of the large eye tentacle and it pierces his chest*

Zeth: Gaaahh!!!

*With a dying look on his face, Zeth’s body falls backward and then hits the ground. He’s not dead but he is on the verge of unconsciousness and blood starts flowing out of his mouth*

Kurt, Emily, and Joe: Zeth!!!!

*Lava begins to flow near Zeth and Daykona looks ecstatic*

Daykona: Yes!!! Burn to death, you divine trash!!! Are you watching Harmona!!!? Your son is about to burn to death!!!!!

*The other three heroes try to get to him but the lava keeps them from having a chance of getting there in time*

Emily: We won’t make it in time!!

Joe: Damn it!!

Daykona: Burn!!!!

*Suddenly, an injured Sasha shows up and grabs Zeth’s body, carrying him away from the lava. The other three heroes look relieved*

Kurt: Thank goodness!

*Sasha puts Zeth down in a safe spot but still holds on to him*

Daykona: How are you even still able to move!?

*Sasha continues holding on to Zeth but turns her head to look at Daykona. Sasha is crying*

Sasha: You are a monster!! Your hatred is absolutely unfounded!

Daykona: Oh is it!? Tell that to every mortal that suffered during the 24 years of the Great Chaos!!

*With Daykona focused on that, she is hit from behind by three attacks. First by Kurt’s Mega Aura Whip. Then by getting pierced by Emily’s Shadow Sword which she threw. And lastly by Joe’s Derecho which drives Emily’s sword further into Daykona’s body*

*Daykona coughs up blood. Emily uses her magic to have the sword pull out and then fly back to her*

Daykona: (Turning her head back to them in anger) You have some nerve!!! All three of you should be ashamed as humans to side with divine beings!!!

*The anger the three of them had felt earlier has come back and they look at Daykona with high intensity in their eyes*

Kurt: You are simply blind to reality!! Harmona has always fought to protect this world!!

Daykona: Nonsense!! You are naïve if you truly think the goddesses look at as anything more than playthings!! They can wage their damn wars somewhere else!!

*Daykona makes the lava vanish and charges at the three heroes. She shoots a laser beam at them but they dodge*

*All three attack at the same time with punches, kicks, and Emily’s sword slashing. The heroes get a fair number of hits in*

Daykona: You three can all die with the children of the goddesses!!

*Emily tries a jump slash but Daykona quickly punches the sword out of her hand and then punches her*

*Joe runs up and stabs a lightning bolt into the wound that Emily’s sword had caused earlier. Daykona takes damage but she ends up overwhelming Joe and hits him back with her elbow. She punches Kurt back too*

Daykona: Do you finally see!!? You can’t beat me!!

*She stops walking as a rumble is felt throughout the room. Kurt smiles*

Kurt: Finally…

Daykona: What are you doing!!?

*Suddenly, a hole in the floor opens up where Daykona is standing and she falls in*

Daykona: Damn You!!!!!

*Then a flying sign shows up that says “Trolling is fun!”*

Kurt: Well Sandy, I don’t know what took you so long but we can talk about that after we finish this. Come. We are going in.

*He looks over to Sasha who is still holding on to Zeth’s body and she is still crying*

Kurt: We will be back once we finish this. Alright, the plan has gone into effect. You hear that, Daykona!!!!? It’s your end that is coming!!!

Narrator: Kurt’s plan all along was to attack with the help of Sandy, the Troll Queen. Can their combined efforts be enough to stop Daykona once and for all?

Chapter 97 END

To be Continued in Chapter 98: The Boulder Trap