Chapter 95:

Chapter 95: Daykona’s Mutation

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 95: Daykona’s Mutation

Narrator: The battle with Daykona continues as she injects herself with a liquid!

Daykona: Heheheeeee!

*Daykona grows taller to about 7 feet tall. She becomes more muscular. She grows four more arms and now has six total*

Zeth: Oh so you have become just another mutant abomination? I see how it is.

Daykona: Do not speak ill of this transformation! It will give me the power to crush you!

*Zeth runs to Daykona and stands in front of her as he starts rapidly punching her. However, Daykona grabs Zeth’s arms and then punches him which knocks him back*

Sasha: We’re all in this fight!

Joe: I’ve been waiting too long to kick you ass, Daykona!

*The other four heroes assault Daykona. Emily (with her Slasher Sword) and Joe jump towards Daykona*

*Daykona blocks Kurt’s and Sasha’s punches, dodges Joe’s punch, and then dodges Emily’s sword slash. She then grabs Emily’s face and knocks her into Kurt*

*With Kurt’s and Emily’s bodies knocked together, Daykona kicks them and sends them flying into the wall*

Kurt: Guhh! Sandy, what is taking you so long to start the plan…?

Daykona: You all have done nothing but severely underestimate me!! I will be the martyr that slays the children of the goddess and show humanity that we can rebel!!

Emily: Martyr? Does she plan on dying even if she wins?

*Zeth is still against the wall but he releases a Star Shine Blast at Daykona as she is attacking Joe. Daykona punches Joe in the gut and he coughs up blood. Then she grabs Joe and lets him take the hit from the Star Shine Blast and it explodes*

Zeth: Joe!!!

Daykona: (Still holding Joe) Hahahahahaha!! The son of the “Light” Goddess attacks his own friend and ally! How shameless! I see you will be treating us mortals as playthings too!

Sasha: You know that’s a load of crap and nothing but a terrible attempt at gaslighting!

*Sasha jumps up and tries to do a swipe kick to Daykona’s head but she dodges by ducking. She drops Joe and then punches Sasha, pushing her back a bit*

Daykona: And you Princess of Darkness! You are the most dangerous one here! I will not allow your true powers to come out while you are unconscious. I will kill you while you are awake!

*Daykona starts walking towards Sasha. Sasha moves back and forms her Dark Spears and throws three of them. Daykona dodges two but one pierces her shoulder. Daykona’s shoulder is bleeding a bit but she just laughs*

Daykona: You see, I use a modified version of Formation Magic. Instead of forming myself into other things, I take other things and multiply them, usually giving them different effects. It’s how I easily made this mansion. Decorating was the hard part.

*Emily, sitting injured against a wall, thinks about the poacher she fought that used Formation Magic*

Emily: Another user of Formation Magic, even if it’s a different kind… Great.

*Daykona pulls out the spear*

Daykona: You see, like this.

*Daykona throws the spear into the ground in front of Sasha and it then starts multiplying. With nowhere left to stand, she gets stabbed by the rapidly spawning spears*

Sasha: Ahhh!!!

*The spears dissipate and then Daykona jumps above Sasha and slams her fists into Sasha’s back. This smashes Sasha into the ground and she coughs up blood but she does not fall unconscious*

*Zeth is getting angrier and he starts to stand up*

Daykona: Not unconscious? Good. Now be a good princess and let me finish you off.

*Before Daykona does anything, she notices strong energies and looks around the room to see the other four heroes starting to stand on their feet, even Joe. The four heroes all have the angriest looks on their faces that they have ever had in their entire life*

*Zeth enters Raging Star Mode. Emily takes out her Shadow Sword and her irises turn a dark red color. Kurt’s aura expands to become large and a few feet off his body. A lightning storm now encircles Joe’s body*

Zeth: Don’t you dare lay even another finger on her!!

Daykona: Going all out now, are we? This will be fun as I crush all of you!

Narrator: The cruelty Daykona has inflicted on the heroes has caused their anger to go sky high and now they will fight with all their power!

Chapter 95 END

To be Continued in Chapter 96: The Heroes Go All Out Against Daykona