Chapter 100:

Chapter 100: Saving Clora

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 100: Saving Clora

*The other heroes and Sandy come over to Zeth*

Zeth: I’m so glad it’s over.

Emily: I think we all are glad. We don’t have enough energy for another fight.

Zeth: It’s a good thing there won’t be any more fights here.

Sasha: But where has Daykona hidden Clora?

Sandy: In her secret chamber.

*Sandy walks over to a wall in the room. She then uses her magic to open a hole in it*

Zeth: But how did you know?

Sandy: My magic is very useful in a mansion so I was pretty much the only one she told about this.

Kurt: That certainly saves us a lot of trouble.

*They all go through the opening and down the stairs. They reach the chamber see Clora tied to a chair*

Zeth: Clora!

*Clora opens her eyes and sees the heroes*

Clora: Zeth!

*The heroes destroy the magic that is wrapping her to the chair*

Clora: Zeth, this is the first time I have seen you in person since a few months after you were born and I had to help you escape from the Dark Goddess’s demons. You’ve grown so much.

Zeth: We are getting you out of here.

Clora: Did you defeat Daykona?

Zeth: Yep. I finished her off. We won’t have to worry about her anymore.

Clora: (Smiling) I knew Harmona’s son would pass judgment on her. You are well on your way to becoming Harmona’s successor.

Zeth: Really?

Clora: Well, provided that your sister, Zaydra, decides she doesn’t want to. Zeth, since the day you were born, Harmona intended you to be the protector of all that is good on this planet.

*The heroes all have a surprised look on their face*

Clora: You would be the one that finally puts an end to the countless cycles of death and destruction.

Zeth: Countless cycles?

Clora: That’s right. The Great Chaos that happened over 100 years ago was certainly not the first one and there have been many of these major wars over the history of this planet.

*The heroes are shocked*

Zeth: I know that mother mentioned that the conflict has gone on longer than even her whole life but I didn’t know that these major wars were a common occurrence!

Clora: At 24 years long, the Great Chaos was the longest period of chaos. It was also the worst one. Every time a chaos ended, the calendar would start over. Just like how there have been periods of chaos before, there have also been other gods and goddesses, both light and dark, that preceded the current ones. Power is passed on when either the current god or goddess steps down or is killed. Harmona became the current Light Goddess when the mother of the current Dark Goddess had supposedly assassinated Harmona’s mother, Zothena, while she was on a trip down to Earth. Though there were no eye-witnesses to see how it happened. Harmona was young when that happened. She was only 34 years old and while that may be the age of a mature adult for humans, that’s basically a teenager for divine beings. She was immediately designated as the next Light Goddess. Since she was young, she was also rash.


*In Heaven, Harmona watches and listens, she puts her hand on her forehead in shame*

Harmona: Please don’t tell this story…


Clora: In her youngness, Harmona immediately wanted revenge so she sent herself and her entire army to Hell to go and kill the Dark Goddess, Zenta. It was rash, but they succeeded. They executed the Dark Goddess and many of her demons. Then the daughter of that Dark Goddess became the current Dark Goddess. Of course, Harmona is now hundreds of thousands of years old so she is much more mature now. Zeth, Sasha. Your ancestries go back more years than all of the mortals’ ancestries combined.


*Back to Harmona*

Harmona: Oh no. I hope Zeth doesn’t think less of me now…


*Back to the heroes*

Zeth: (Thinking) Damn, I had no idea my mother was such a badass. (Now talking out loud to Clora) Okay, I understand now. If that is what she wants me to do, then that is what I will do.

Clora: (Smiling) You are already doing a great job. One day I hope you get the chance to become the next Light God.

Zeth: I think it’s about time we get out of this dump.

Clora: Just remember that not all of the chaoses involve divine beings. Most of the time, they were exclusively between mortals. It’s just that the divine chaoses are the most notable.

*They start to leave the room*

Sandy: I think I will finally return home.

Emily: Why exactly were you working with Daykona to begin with?

Sandy: Don’t think too much about it. I was just interested in getting out in the world and I eventually encountered Daykona. I thought being a part of Daykona’s mansion would be fun. It had so many trolling opportunities. But now, I’m ready to head back.

Kurt: You had so many people back home worried about you.

Sandy: I will apologize to all of them. I’m sorry for leaving without telling anyone where I was going.


Narrator: Everyone leaves the mansion and they are now all outside.

Clora: Don’t worry. We now have the remains of that monster and will research it to find out what negative effects its blood could have on you.

Zeth: Thanks. (Now looking at Sasha) The dark power you let me use is not going to have any bad effects on me, right?

Sasha: Of course. It was only a temporary transferal of power. Most of the darkness effect should have worn off by now. It’s not like what my mother wanted to do to you.

Zeth: That’s good.

Clora: I will be returning to Heaven now. I need to let Lady Harmona know about everything that happened while I was in the mansion.

*Clora flies off towards the sky*

Sasha: Wouldn’t flying up to the sky just take you to space?

Zeth: I’m sure there is some method to having it take you to Heaven instead.

*Zeth and Sasha walk a little bit farther and then Zeth’s and Sasha’s facial expressions turn to fear*

Zeth: Impossible…

*Right in front of them is Crimson, the dark 25% of Zeth’s body that was removed. He is smirking. He is now wearing a plain black T-shirt and jeans*

Crimson: Hello there, my light self.

*Zeth and Sasha stand there in fear*

Zeth: How could he be here…?

Narrator: Crimson has found Zeth and he still intends to consume him. With the heroes all worn out from their fights in the mansion, how will they resist him?

Chapter 100 END

To be Continued in Chapter 101: Zeth vs Crimson Round 2