Chapter 99:

Chapter 99: Dark Star

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 99: Dark Star

Narrator: Daykona’s mutations continue! In this finale of the final battle against Daykona, can the heroes finally overcome her mutant strength!?

*Daykona begins walking towards the three heroes*

Daykona: Your punishment for siding with divine beings is death!

*Kurt, Emily, and Joe look nervous*

Kurt: Get ready everyone!

Joe: We’re not just going to stand here and let you kill us!

*Daykona readies her laser beam from her eye tentacle. Before she fires it, she is punched hard in the face and is knocked back. Zeth has shown up and he is angry. He has a dark aura*

*The other three are shocked at what they see*

Narrator: Zeth infused with Sasha’s dark power – Dark Star.

Zeth: My hatred for you now goes beyond the stars, Daykona! I am passing judgment on you, and the verdict is that you will die!

Daykona: You should be near death!!!

*Zeth charges at Daykona and dodges her laser beam in the process. He then engages in an exchange of punches with her*

Daykona: I don’t know how you got a second wind but I’m going to finish the job this time!!

*Daykona then tries to use her crab claw on him but he dodges and then uses a Dark Star Blast on her eye tentacle which blows it off*

*Zeth reaches his hand into the wound and rips out a lot of her insides near it which prevents her from mutating there again*

Daykona: What!!?

Zeth: (Smirking) Now that arm is permanently gone!

*Zeth jumps but his arm is grabbed by Daykona’s crab claw and she slams him down into the ground. She then continuously stomps on him*

Daykona: You’re like a cockroach that just won’t die!!

*Zeth pulls out two Dark Star Shards. Then he quickly plants them onto her legs. The pain causes her to stop. He then kicks her and jumps up to get away from her stomping attack, but then Daykona does an uppercut which sends Zeth into the ceiling*

*The momentum is so great that his body knocked all the way up to the room the fight started in before “the plan” went into effect. Daykona quickly jumps from floor to floor to get to him*

*Zeth wipes the blood from his face and he sees Sasha*

Sasha: Don’t tell me that she is still too powerful for you to defeat?

Zeth: No, but I might need to get more reckless to deliver a finishing blow.

*Daykona arrives*

Daykona: So Sasha, you gave him your energy. Too bad it won’t be enough.

Zeth: You’re wrong! Raging Dark Star Mode!

*It’s like his Raging Star Mode but he gets a black tint instead of red*

Zeth: (Pointing at Daykona) This is it, you monster! The last fight!

*Zeth charges at Daykona*

Daykona: Bring it, you sack of trash!!

*Zeth jumps and then they end up punching each other in the face. Zeth takes some follow-up punches from Daykona*

Daykona: You are still no match for me!!

*Zeth shrugs the punches off and then quickly moves forward and punches Daykona’s gut rapidly. She coughs up blood. Zeth then jumps and kicks Daykona in the face but she counters by pinching onto his body with the claw and then rapidly punching him*

Zeth: Your damn crab claw is annoying!

*Zeth releases a Dark Star Blast to cut off the claw which releases him*

Zeth: That won’t be a problem anymore!

Daykona: I don’t need the claw to take you down!!

*Zeth begins running around the room as Daykona multiplies the Dark Star Shards that Zeth stabbed her with earlier*

*Zeth underestimates how fast she can throw them and he gets caught and pinned against a wall from all the shards*

Zeth: Oh shit!

*Daykona starts charging at Zeth with high speed*

Daykona: Yes!!! I will punch your heart out!!!

*As Daykona reaches Zeth, there is a flash. The next thing Daykona notices is that Zeth is not there and two of her arms were cut off and she only has her original two arms remaining*

Daykona: Huh! What happened!!?

Zeth: It’s simple. I used my raging aura to launch the shards at your arms.

*She looks behind her to see Zeth holding the amputated arms*

Zeth: (Smirking) Let’s finish this. Arcade Style!

Daykona: Don’t act like you are stronger than me!!! I will squash you like a bug!!!

*They charge at each other and begin punching each other*

*Kurt, Joe, Emily, and Sandy arrive to see the fight*

Joe: Whoa… Zeth is in a winning position!

Kurt: Zeth, you got this!!

Emily: Destroy her, Zeth!!

Sandy: If you don’t, we’re all in big trouble!

*Their fight looks like a street fight as they do nothing but punch each other, fueled by their hatred for the other. Daykona lands a powerful blow on Zeth’s face but he follows with a gut punch and then an uppercut, knocking her back some*

*Zeth is now crying as he fights and the other heroes notice as tears start flowing down his face*

Sasha: Zeth…

Kurt: For as much physical pain that we have all taken, Zeth has taken the most emotional pain… The way she insulted and said terrible things to everything he finds important. Being so ungrateful for all the good things Harmona has done.

*Zeth and Daykona exchange punches that are both blocked*

Zeth: Horrible people like you shouldn’t be allowed to live!!

Daykona: Look in the mirror!! You divine son of a bitch!!!

*Zeth releases even more tears while getting angrier*

*Zeth elbows Daykona in the gut and she coughs up blood. In retaliation, she throws a punch at Zeth’s face but he stops the punch by catching it with his hand*

Zeth: Say that again!!!

Daykona: Divine son of a bitch!!!

*She gets ready to throw more punches, but at a super speed, Zeth releases a punch into Daykona’s gut so strong it almost tears through her*

*Zeth backs away a bit as Daykona puts her hands on her gut as she starts to throw up a lot of blood*

Zeth: It’s going to hurt a lot more!!!!

*Zeth does another uppercut to her chin. Zeth then jumps in the air and slams his fists on Daykona’s head which knocks her down onto the floor, lying on her back*

Zeth: This will finish it!!!

*Zeth comes falling back down headfirst and charges his fist*

Zeth: Dark Super Nova Punch!!!!!

*Zeth slams his punch into Daykona’s gut and an explosion full of dark rays is released*

Daykona: Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!

*Daykona’s body blows into pieces*

*At last, it is over as the other four heroes and Sandy all smile while looking at Zeth. Zeth starts to stand back up*

*In Heaven, Harmona smiles down upon Zeth*

*Zeth looks up and then raises his arms in the air, shouting in victory*

Zeth: Yeeeaaaahhhhh!!!!!

Narrator: After a long battle, the heroes have prevailed and Zeth has killed Daykona while his mother, Harmona, watches proudly. Now all that’s left is to save Clora.

Chapter 99 END

To be Continued in Chapter 100: Saving Clora