Chapter 101:

Chapter 101: Zeth vs Crimson Round 2

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 101: Zeth vs Crimson Round 2

Zeth: How did you find me!?

Crimson: Hmhmhm! I have my sources. You seem much more powerful than when I faced you 5 months ago.

Sasha: Zeth, this is bad. None of us are in any position for another fight. He will defeat us easily!

Zeth: I wish I knew what to do to get us out of it.

*Crimson marks the ground beneath Zeth’s feet*

Zeth: Sasha, get out of the way!

*He pushes Sasha out of the way but gets caught in the explosion*

*Kurt, Joe, Emily, and Sandy hear the explosion and come running over*

Emily: What’s happening!?

*Zeth emerges from the explosion but it did damage him quite a bit*

Zeth: That’s Crimson. My 25 percent darker self.

Kurt: What is he doing here!?

Sasha: Someone must have told him Zeth was here!

*Crimson runs towards Zeth. Zeth quickly activates his Star Light Shield and then Crimson starts rapidly punching him. The damage is reduced thanks to the shield. Crimson then kicks Zeth which knocks him back*

*Zeth lands near a small lake*

Zeth: What do I do? If I was rested and at full power, I could put a good fight but I’m neither at the moment. My movements and reactions are both slower. The others are completely worn out too so I can’t involve them.

*Crimson comes walking towards Zeth, holding his arms out*

Crimson: Yes! This is it! I will finally get to consume Zeth!

*Zeth brings out Claws of the Guardians. As they engage, Zeth lands some good punches using his claw attack but Crimson just smiles and punches Zeth rapidly in the face*

Crimson: What!? Did you really think you that you are on my level now!? You’re still pathetic just like the last time we fought!

*Crimson then marks the ground Zeth is standing on and makes it explode which knocks Zeth back with a lot of momentum. On the way back, his arm gets pierced by a tree branch and then finally, he lands in the lake*

Zeth: (Thinking) Damn it… Why did he have to show up now when I’m too exhausted to fight…?

*As Zeth sinks, he grabs onto his arm that has a tree branch pierced in it and tries to pull it out but he fails because he has so little energy left*

Zeth: (Thinking) It’s no use…

*Now bleeding and in pain, he, struggling and slowly, swims back to the surface. He gets his arms, head, and upper body to rest against the grass but is too weak to pull himself out*

*Crimson sinisterly smiles at Zeth*

Crimson: Are you ready? Let’s get this consumption underway.

*Zeth struggles a little bit*

Zeth: No…

*The other heroes come running for him but Crimson just looks at them and marks the ground and makes it explode. The heroes are knocked back and are very injured*

Joe: Damn it… Why?

*Crimson focuses back on Zeth*

Crimson: It will take one more hit to destroy all of your remaining resistance.

*Crimson does a soccer-like kick to Zeth’s face and his body is knocked back to the other side of the lake*

*Zeth is lying there on the ground*

Zeth: Gr..err

*Zeth feels a strong heartbeat*

Zeth: Ga..ahh That hurt. I need to get this tree branch out!

*Zeth looks to his side and sees a knife. Zeth slowly takes the knife and then starts carving into his arm to create a bigger wound. It loosens the branch up and he is able to pull it out*

*His arm is in bad shape and soon, he puts his hands on his head*

Zeth: Something is wrong… It feels like everything is spinning…

*Zeth starts acting strangely*

Zeth: (Giggling in a delusion) It looks like I need to stop the bleeding. Hehe… hehe.

*Zeth has another strong heartbeat. His eyes become unfocused*

Zeth: What is happening?

*Crimson is walking around the lake to get to Zeth*

Crimson: This is so exciting! I’ve waited too long to get to consume you!

*A chemical reaction begins in Zeth’s bloodstream as the strong heartbeats become more frequent. Zeth hears his own voice talking to him*

Voice: Consume Crimson.

*Zeth’s whole body begins turning blood-like. His skin has blood all over it. His ears become pointy and his eyes start glowing orange. His teeth are now sharper. He then stands up and Crimson stops in place*

Crimson: What is this?

Zeth: Hmhmhmhm! Welcome, dark side. Welcome to your consumption.

Narrator: For the first time since the Cursed Water incident, Zeth has released Blood Magic. But this time seems different from the last time and not just the appearance. Is this the same Zeth? Or is there some other evil at play here?

Chapter 101 END

To be Continued in Chapter 102: The Power of Blood