Chapter 103:

Chapter 103: Zaydra’s Desperate Attack

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 103: Zaydra’s Desperate Attack

Narrator: Even with Blood Magic, Zeth is defeated by a surprise attack from Korobu!

*In Zeth’s unconsciousness, his Blood Magic fades away*

Korobu: He was using Blood Magic. It’s released when chemical reactions of magic occur in a person’s blood. I’m sure in that mansion, he had a lot of opportunities for weird things to interact with him.

Crimson: Is that so?

Korobu: However, that did not seem to “be” Zeth. I admit that I’m even stumped by it. But there’s no time to think about that as now you must begin the consumption.

*Crimson hovers his arms above Zeth. Before he is able to continue, a person instantly appears in front of him and punches him in the face, sending him flying back into some trees*

*It is Zeth’s older sister, Zaydra, who is crying and furious at the same time. She grabs Zeth*

Zaydra: I’m sorry!! I almost let Korobu ruin your life a second time!

*She looks at Korobu*

Zaydra: Korobu!! I will not fall to you this time!!!

*About 15 angels arrive and Zaydra gives Zeth to them*

Zaydra: Take him to safety!

Female Angel: Got it.

Zaydra: I want five of you to treat the injuries of his friends.

Male Angel: On it.

*The angels with Zeth fly away. Five of the angels go over to the heroes*

Emily: Thanks. But where are they taking Zeth?

Male Angel: To Angel Sanctuary. His case is an emergency so he has to go now, but after we are done here, all of you will be going there too.

Zaydra: I will not let you have your way, Korobu!!!

*With extreme speed, Zaydra charges at Korobu and continuously punches him with very strong punches. She then does a super-strong kick which sends him flying back and he lands near some trees*

Zaydra: I’m going to end you!!!

*Zaydra’s rage increases and starts sending a massive number of Star Shine Blasts at Korobu which creates a lot of explosions*

*Zaydra crosses her hands with her index and middle fingers pointing forward*

Zaydra: Geesabo Shodon Zen Tero!!!!

Sasha: (Thinking) I understand it! Those are ancient words meaning “Bringing Destruction Upon Evil”.

*A huge orb of energy surrounds Zaydra’s body*

Zaydra: Goddess Divine Super Nova!!!!

*Zaydra thrusts her arms forward and the big orb of energy is sent flying to where Korobu is*

Zaydra: I will not let you ruin Zeth!!!!

*The orb lands and it causes a massive explosion*

*After the explosion ends, all that is left is a massive crater. The heroes see in amazement the power that Zaydra has*

Joe: Incredible!

Kurt: And to think this means she could have defeated Daykona in one hit!

*Zaydra looks exhausted now and she falls to her knees, breathing heavily*

Zaydra: *huff huff* I couldn’t do it…

*She slowly gets and walks over to the heroes (who are still being tended to by the angels) with a sad and worried face*

Sasha: What’s wrong? Didn’t that kill Korobu?

*Tears start flowing down Zaydra’s face*

Zaydra: No… He was letting me land those hits. He had no intention of fighting seriously.

*The heroes start to look sad too*

Zaydra: The truth is that this was a desperation attack. If I had lost complete control of my anger and used all of my power, all of you would have been wiped out. He realized this and took advantage and escaped during my last attack… Even though the attack was created to smite down even the strongest of evil, it does not discriminate and that is necessary if you want to destroy evil. Korobu is no longer in the area but I don’t know why he left without a fight. If anything, I at least injured him. Come. We are going to Angel Sanctuary.


Narrator: Somewhere in a cave miles away from that area.

*Korobu tends to Crimson’s injuries*

Crimson: Why didn’t you fight?

Korobu: She was about ready to blow up everyone there in her rage. I didn’t want to risk your death.

Crimson: Yeah but look how injured you are.

*Korobu has a lot of wounds*

Korobu: Hmhmhm. Yes, I suppose I am quite injured. But that’s what happens when you decide to take on a lot of hits from a powerful divine being. I will let her take the victory. But sometime in the future, I will be far stronger than I am now. It’s part of the nature of my one-of-a-kind power.

Crimson: What do you mean?

Korobu: My power is not from this world. You could go all over Earth, Heaven, Hell, or any of the other dimensions connected to them and you will not find anyone else with Abyss Magic. The progenitor of the abyss rests outside of this world and did not pass it on through his bloodline or by “giving” the magic to someone.

Crimson: So then how was it passed on?

Korobu: Perhaps I will tell you one day after you have consumed Zeth. When that happens, I will tell you everything you want to know about my power.

Crimson: There’s no chance that I won’t consume him! I will do it! I will get after him immediately!

Korobu: Be patient. This story still has a long way to go I feel. These next few years, possibly decades, maybe centuries, or even millennia will be very interesting. For now, know this, there is so much out there in the galaxy. You just have to go beyond the stars to find them.

Narrator: With Zaydra’s desperate attack, she was able to force Korobu to retreat. The heroes will now go to Angel Sanctuary. There is a major mystery about Korobu and his power. What is the meaning of everything he just said?

Chapter 103 END

To be Continued in Chapter 104: Mansion of Horrors Arc Wrap-Up