Chapter 104:

Chapter 104: Mansion of Horrors Arc Wrap-Up

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 104: Mansion of Horrors Arc Wrap-Up

Narrator: In Heaven.

*Harmona is speaking with the top two generals of her angel army*

Harmona: Korobu came too close to having Crimson successfully consume Zeth. I’m sure you understand why, as a mother, that upsets me.

Narrator: General of Heaven’s Army – Zentano.

*Zentano is a female angel. She has blonde hair in a ponytail and has blue eyes. She wears royal red-colored armor with ancient symbols and patterns on them. Like some angels, she has wings. Her name means “Upon Grace” in ancient words*

Zentano: Yes, we understand.

Narrator: General of Heaven’s Army – Grinton.

*Grinton is a male angel who has flat light brown hair and green eyes. He wears armor that looks similar to Zentano’s but it is a dark green color instead. He has angel wings. His name means “Great Shine” in ancient words*

Grinton: Yes, it is regretful that the prince was almost lost.

Harmona: We may have to disregard some rules for the time being. I want more of our angels on Earth. We must increase our security.

Zentano: Understood. We will increase our efforts to assist and protect Prince Zeth.

Harmona: Good.


Narrator: Outside the Mansion of Horrors.

*Udana looks at the mansion*

Udana: This mansion is an abomination. Now that there is nothing left in it, it’s time to destroy it.

*Udana walks away as the mansion burns to the ground. She pulls out her communication device*

Udana: This is Udana. I’m heading back and I have set the mansion ablaze. It will burn to the ground. Bethro will be back before me.


Narrator: One Week has passed since then. Kogen enters the city of Hashon, the home of the Hawk Clan.

*Kogen is wearing a suit and tie. He enters the city*

Kogen: It’s finally time to start the talks with the Hawks.


Narrator: In a conference room for Hawk Clan leaders.

*Kogen meets with the leaders of the Hawk Clan and there are four of them. One is a bearded man who looks like he is in his 40s. The second one is a bald man who lloks like he is in his 50s. The third one is an old man with gray hair and a gray mustache. The fourth one is a woman who has her hair in a bun and she looks like she is in her 40s*

Bearded Man: So Kogen, what is it that you want?

Kogen: More opportunities to expand my plans.

Bald Man: And what exactly are your plans?

Kogen: To infuse humans with more power. It's time for humanity to take the next step.

*The Bearded Man raises an eyebrow*

Woman: How exactly?

Kogen: By inserting internal enhancements.

Old Man: I’m not sure why you so badly want to do this? We have our own problems. Like getting back at the Eagle Clan for destroying our prison camp and killing off and arresting the poachers we hired.

Kogen: Oh but you see, with the enhancements I want to do, you Hawks could easily wipe out the Eagles.

Bearded Man: So you say these enhancements are that great?

Kogen: Yes. They will take humans far beyond their natural limits.

Bald Man: Interesting. Do you have the means to do it?

Kogen: As in the know-how and the enhancements? Indeed I do.

Woman: What do you need from us?

Kogen: Funds and manpower.

Old Man: Be more specific.

Kogen: I need money to obtain advanced equipment to mass-produce enhanced humans and I need… well, many humans to do it on.

Bearded Man: You seem like a powerful person. Couldn’t you just steal what you need?

Kogen: I could, but I would rather be able to do this without assassins, mercenaries, and warriors coming after me and my minions.

Bearded Man: Fair point.

Kogen: Lend me your people and they will be the ones that get the first taste of true power.

Bald Man: This seems very good. Do any of you object?

Bearded Man, Woman, and Old Man: No.

Bald Man: Okay, we agree. We will provide you funds starting tomorrow and our people when the enhancements are ready to be implemented.

Kogen: Thank you. I look forward to future meetings.

*Kogen shakes hands with all four of the Hawk Clan leaders and then leaves the room*


*Kogen begins leaving the city. Kogen smirks as he walks away from the entrance to the city*

Kogen: (Thinking) Hook, line, and sinker. What they don’t know is that these enhancements will cause humans to become an Enigmus which is a demon crafted from a human’s body. Their people will become my soldiers. I was turned into an Enigmus by the Dark Goddess. But I won’t use my army of Enigmuses to help her. By the time I’m done, the Hawk Clan will come to an end.

Narrator: Kogen has revealed that he is already an Enigmus. He isn’t on the Dark Goddess’s side. So what role will he play in the story?

Chapter 104 END

To be Continued in Chapter 105: The Story of a Human Boy.


Arc Completed: June 8th, 2015