Chapter 102:

Chapter 102: The Power of Blood

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 102: The Power of Blood

Narrator: Zeth has gone into Blood Magic once again! But this time feels different...

*Zeth sticks out his hand*

Zeth: Come.

*Crimson marks the ground Zeth is standing on but Zeth quickly moves to Crimson. Zeth puts the palm of his hand on Crimson’s face and releases a blast of magic energy which damages Crimson and knocks him back*

Crimson: (Thinking) What!? How does he have the energy to resist!? Not only that, he is even stronger now!

*Zeth charges after Crimson and begins trying to rapidly punch him though Crimson starts blocking them with his hands. Crimson then gets a punch in but it doesn’t do much damage*

Zeth: You are wasting your time. I am far beyond you.

*Zeth lands a kick that knocks Crimson to the ground. He then jumps and slams a punch into Crimson’s gut, causing Crimson to cough up blood*

*Crimson marks the ground and then Zeth jumps back, allowing Crimson to get up*

Crimson: How are you doing this!? You went from down for the count to overwhelming force in an instant!

Zeth: The volcano…

Crimson: Volcano?

*Zeth does not elaborate and begins running towards Crimson*

Crimson: No answer, huh? Fine! I will take you down regardless!

*Crimson marks the ground near a tree and causes it to explode. With the tree uprooted, he kicks the huge tree trunk at Zeth. The trunk hits Zeth and it knocks him back. After Zeth hits the ground, he is blocked from getting up by the trunk being on top of him*

Crimson: Now I got you pinned to the ground!

*He charges at Zeth, intending to punch him over and over while he is unable to get up. However, Zeth uses his Chains of the Volcano Demon to wrap around Crimson’s arm. Zeth pulls Crimson towards him in which Zeth uses his other fist to punch Crimson in the face*

*Zeth then releases a blast of energy around his body which tears up the tree and Zeth is now able to stand. He then uses his chains to throw Crimson into the lake*

*Crimson thinks to himself as a he falls into the lake water*

Crimson: (Thinking) Is he actually stronger than me now!?

*Zeth then jumps in the water. The constant blood he is releasing creates a smokescreen which keeps Crimson from seeing him easily*

Crimson: (Thinking) I can’t see him!

*Crimson just starts causing random explosions in the water since he can’t see Zeth, however, Zeth seamlessly moves through the water without doing any swimming motions*

*Zeth does a powerful elbow attack on Crimson’s torso and he is knocked back in pain. As Zeth moves seamlessly towards him again for another attack, Crimson rotates his body 180 degrees and kicks Zeth in the face*

*Zeth is stunned so Crimson swims towards him and lands a powerful punch which knocks Zeth back*

Crimson: (Thinking) Why can he seamlessly move through the water? I have to get out since I’m at a disadvantage!

*Crimson starts trying to swim out but, from below, Zeth releases a Blood Shine Blast which catches Crimson and does a lot of damage but also blows him out of the water*

*Zeth comes out of the water as Crimson is injured, sitting on the ground. The other heroes aren’t sure what to think about Zeth*

Kurt: His Blood Magic appearance is different from last time.

Sasha: His personality seems much different too.

Emily: Is this really even Zeth?

Joe: Yeah, I’m getting really nervous about this.

*Zeth walks towards Crimson*

Zeth: You have witnessed the power of blood. Your destiny is to come back to this body. Now I shall consume you.

Crimson: How could I lose like this?

*As Zeth gets ready to consume Crimson, he is shot in the back by a small energy beam that pierces his body and goes out the other side. He coughs up blood*

Zeth: Ahhg!! What…

*Zeth falls forward onto the ground unconscious*

*The heroes are shocked, the one who shot the beam was Korobu who walks towards Crimson and the unconscious Zeth*

Crimson: Korobu, just how powerful are you?

Korobu: One day you will learn but right now you must use this chance to consume Zeth. Hurry, I am still being pursued and won’t have any more time to assist you.

Crimson: Got it.

Narrator: Even with the powerful Blood Magic, Zeth was easily defeated in one attack by the mighty Korobu. What are the limits of his power and how will Zeth be saved?

Chapter 102 END

To be Continued in Chapter 103: Zaydra’s Desperate Attack