Chapter 106:

Chapter 106: Angel Sanctuary

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 106: Angel Sanctuary

Narrator: It is now December, Year 118

*In a first-person perspective, someone’s eyes are opening. It turns out to be Zeth who sits up on a bed and puts his hand on his forehead and rubs it. He has bandages wrapped around his body*

*He looks to his left to see Sasha sitting in a chair, plus there are two angel guards near the door*

Sasha: Zeth, you are finally awake. I was worried.

Zeth: Finally? How long have I been out?

Sasha: 2 weeks. You were badly injured so your sister and her angel guards brought you here to the Angel Sanctuary.

Zeth: Huh… The last thing I remember was getting my ass kicked by Crimson.

Sasha: Wait, you don’t remember using Blood Magic?

Zeth: No…Wait, now I remember there being strong heartbeats and then a voice that sounded like my own in my head… But at the same time, it wasn’t mine. I’m drawing a blank after that.

Sasha: You used Blood Magic and dominated Crimson but before you could consume him, you were blasted in the back by a laser beam from Korobu and knocked unconscious.

Zeth: Korobu?

Sasha: Yes, the same Korobu that infused you with darkness that caused Harmona to have to separate you.

Zeth: This is bad.

Sasha: Indeed. The others are planning what to do next. You now have scars from the holes shot into you.

Zeth: Alright. I better get up.

*Zeth is now dressed. He is wearing a dark blue sweater with white horizontal stripes and black long pants. He puts on a black headband*

Sasha: Why the headband?

Zeth: It’s a nice change of pace. I’ll wear it for a little while.

Sasha: I see. Well, it looks good on you.

Zeth: Thanks.

*They leave the room. As they walk through the Angel Sanctuary, Zeth takes notice of the Heaven-like design of it and all of the angels*

Zeth: So where exactly is Angel Sanctuary. It can’t be Heaven, right?

Sasha: That’s right. This place is located on the northeast tip of the country of Harmone. It’s the only location Harmona’s angels are allowed to stay on Earth and they do this because there is a country to the northeast across the ocean ruled by vampires and other monsters and if they ever take their ships to come to this country, the angels will defend Harmone.

Zeth: Why is there a country like that that is simply allowed to exist?

Sasha: Ask your sister. She knows the details.


Narrator: A little bit later.

*Zeth and Sasha reach a briefing room with the other three heroes, Zaydra, and various angels*

Zaydra: Brother, you are awake! I’m so glad!

Zeth: Yeah, it seems I missed a lot in these past 2 weeks.

*Zeth looks at Kurt*

Zeth: Did Sandy return to your hometown?

Kurt: Yes, she has to go and see everyone there.

Zaydra: Listen Zeth. Our best doctors fixed you up and checked out that crap blood that got inside you and our best researchers checked out that mutated monster.

Zeth: And?

Zaydra: That blood is carnivorous!

Zeth: What!?

Zaydra: It will kill you!!

Zeth: Why didn’t you get it out!?

Zaydra: The blood attached itself to your organs and other parts! We can’t remove it without killing you in the process! If you had your divine powers, it wouldn’t matter because it is pretty weak and your divineness would destroy it over a few days. As of now, it will slowly kill you.

Zeth: Then what do I do!?

Zaydra: Unless you run into Crimson again, there is only one option. Go to the Swamp Underworld.

Zeth: The Swamp Underworld?

Zaydra: Yes, as its name implies. It’s an underworld connected to a swamp. Various species of things you won’t find here on the normal part of Earth can be found there and that includes demons. In the Swamp Underworld can be found a liquid that can drain the body of all impurities. You need to drink that liquid. It is called Kraysheen, which is an ancient word meaning “Purify Liquid”.

Zeth: Is this Swamp Underworld extremely dangerous?

Zaydra: Well, it’s actually a place that mother has not had much of a problem with in the last few thousand years. Though, I will still be coming with you.

Zeth: Wait. Before we go, I have questions I want to ask. I’m the son of a goddess. There are things I need to know. You are 536 years old so I’m sure you can answer any question that arises.

Zaydra: Alright then. Ask away.

Narrator: The heroes must now travel to the Swamp Underworld to purify Zeth’s body. Before they go, Zeth wants information. What will he ask?

Chapter 106 END

To be Continued in Chapter 107: Preparations for the Swamp Underworld