Chapter 105:

Chapter 105: The Story of a Human Boy

Beyond The Stars

Author's Note: Now we begin the first chapter of the sixth arc. This is the Swamp Underworld Arc.

Chapter 105: The Story of a Human Boy

Narrator: 12 Years Ago in Year 106.

*A young boy is walking through the streets of a city. It is raining. The boy has short dark purple hair that spikes backward. He has a blue iris color in his eyes. He is wearing nothing but a T-shirt and shorts*

*He is approached by a man and a woman. Both have short black hair and a red iris color in their eyes. They are wearing jackets and they are carrying umbrellas*

Woman: Little boy, where are your parents?

*The boy looks sad*

Boy: They were murdered. They pushed me down into here as they were being killed.

Man: That’s horrible!

Woman: What is your name and how old are you?

Boy: My name is Keith and I’m 10 years old.

Woman: How about you come live with us? At least for as long as you are willing.

*Keith looks hesitant at first but then opens up to them*

Keith: …Okay. What are your names?

Woman: My name is Lisha

Man: My name is Trate. We’re a married couple.

Keith: (Narrating) I was young, alone, and had no other choice so I went with them and lived with them in this city. Then I got to meet their son, Jinto, and daughter, Bayga. Jinto is about a year younger than me while Bayga is about two years older than me. The living experience was great. I got along well with all of them. For 2 years, my life was as ordinary as it was with my biological parents. But then… I had discovered that all four of them are demons. I had walked in on them when they were in their true forms.

*Keith looks at all of his family in their demon forms. Not much is different. They have the same general appearance with the differences being that their skin is a darkish red, they have pointy ears, and they have short spikes on their arms. Keith opens his eyes wide and has his mouth open in complete surprise*

Young Keith: W-What…?

Lisha: Keith, we can explain!

Keith: (Narrating) As a 12-year-old, I didn’t know much about demons. They thought I would get scared and run away but I didn’t. Instead, I started asking questions and got answers. They told me how they were born as demons which I thought was an odd thing to explain. Why wouldn’t they be born as demons? So I asked them if it was possible to be something else and become a demon. They told me that there were two ways a human could become a demon. It could be done by implanting “special” internal “objects” or by doing a direct restructuring of a person’s DNA. The first method makes you become an Enigmus, a demon crafted from a human. But there is no label for the other method. You simply become a demon. I told them I wanted to become a demon. They told me they liked who I was now but I insisted. They didn’t have the means to do the Enigmus method. We had no choice but to go with the second method so we obtained a slimy cocoon thing that their specific species of demon liked to use. They were worried because this method is not as “safe” as the Enigmus method. If my body rejects the DNA changes, I will die. I was placed in the cocoon and I immediately fell asleep. The process takes time so I was in it for one year. It’s much slower than the Enigmus method.

*Keith's family looks at the cocoon*

Lisha: I hope his body does not reject the changes. Keith is a wonderful member of our family.

Trate: All we can do is wait.

Jinto: How long will big brother be in there?

*Jinto has short black hair and red irises in his eyes*

Bayga: You are going to be waiting a while. It will take a whole year.

*Bayga has long black hair with bangs that hang down close to her eyes. She has red irises in her eyes*

Keith: (Narrating) But finally, one year later when I was 13 years old, I had “hatched”. My skin was just like their skin now. The DNA changes were only for my physical makeup and my magic was now of the demon “variety” but everything else about me remained the same. I even had the ability to disguise myself with my human appearance. It was just like how they were able to use magic to disguise themselves, only except that they were never human. For the next 6 years, I continued to live normally with them. They were nice demons. But then at the age of 19… Things went downhill for this beautiful city… This beautiful city of the Swamp Underworld.

*The narration is over and now Keith is shown as an adult in his human appearance. He still has short dark purple hair that spikes backward. He is 6 feet tall. Keith is weak and injured and is walking through a valley towards the city*

Keith: (Talking to himself) I’m now 22 years old and these last 3 years have been hell! Drinking has become a common occurrence for me now. But one day, I will free the Swamp Underworld from this hell!

Narrator: The backstory of a boy/man named Keith has been shown. What has happened the last 3 years that things have gone so wrong?

Chapter 105 END

To be Continued in Chapter 106: Angel Sanctuary