Chapter 109:

Chapter 109: Hirro City Bar

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 109: Hirro City Bar

Narrator: It’s Day 1 of the heroes in the Swamp Underworld. December 6th, Year 118.

*The heroes reach the city that they were walking towards. There is a large sign that says “Welcome to Hirro City”*

Zeth: The city looks cool.

Zaydra: Just know that most of the residents here are demons, though probably not loyal to the Dark Goddess. I propose we split up into groups of two and check around the city.

Emily: Why?

Zaydra: We need info on everything that is going on. Ask around and listen to conversations.

Kurt: Seems like a good idea.

Zaydra: Now to decide the groups.

Zeth: Sasha and I will make up a group.

Emily: I will go with Joe.

Zaydra: Alright, then Kurt you are with me.

Kurt: Got it.

Zaydra: We will meet back here in 4 hours.

*Everyone nods in agreement and they then go off in separate directions*


*Zeth and Sasha are walking down the street. Neon lights are on everywhere. They take notice of the people they see*

Sasha: Zaydra was right. Most people here are demons.

Zeth: As long as they are not hostile, it doesn’t bother me.

*Zeth takes notice of a bar*

Zeth: So demons like to drink too, huh? Sounds like a good place to collect info.

*They open the doors and go inside*

*The bar has everything from all the tables, to a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, to a large dance floor*

Zeth: Wow, this place looks amazing!

Sasha: You can say that again!

Zeth: Let’s have a look around.

*They walk through the bar*

*They end up taking a seat on the stools at the serving counter*

Server: What can I get for you two?

*They look up at the male server who has green skin and is clearly a demon*

Zeth: We would li—

*Zeth is interrupted by someone*

???: Get them some good shit!

*Zeth looks to the guy sitting on the stool to his right. He has backward spiked dark purple hair. He is clearly drunk*

Keith: Hi, my nameeee iss Keissthh.

Zeth: Go home, you’re drunk.

Keith: But dis isss my home. Listennn, I sense ssssomething great abou bou bout you.

Zeth: What the hell are you talking about?

Keith: Hell is what I’m tallllllking about. This place isssss hell right now.

*The server brings Zeth and Sasha their alcohol*

Keith: Di di drink your beer and I will te te tell you.

Zeth: Okay.


Narrator: Over the next hour, Keith tells Zeth and Sasha about everything that is going on.

Keith: Da da damn, you both are now as du du drunk as I am.

Zeth: Da da damn straight.

Sasha: Thi thi this is soooo funnnnn.

Zeth: We ne ne need to ki ki kick some a a ass!

Keith: Ye ye yeah! We ca ca can save this ti ti city. Here is to a ne ne new friendship!


Narrator: At the bar entrance.

*Suddenly a bunch of masked people with various weapons come into the bar*

Soldier Leader: All you drunk bastards! Listen up!

*Everyone ignores him*

Soldier Leader: Fucking drunks. Well, Keith has to be here somewhere. Search!

*The soldiers start splitting up to search the bar*


Narrator: Back to Zeth, Sasha, and Keith.

Keith: Se se see those guys? They are pa pa part of the problem.

Zeth: I se se see. Let’s go ki ki kick their asses.

Sasha: Ya ya yayyyy.

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha are now drunk. Will they be able to fight while drunk?

Chapter 109 END

To be Continued in Chapter 110: Battle of Drunken People