Chapter 110:

Chapter 110: Battle of Drunken People

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 110: Battle of Drunken People

Narrator: Soldiers have busted into the bar! Zeth and Sasha are both drunk so they must be able to fight while intoxicated!

*Zeth approaches one of the soldiers*

Zeth: I’m soooo drunk. Hehe hehe hehe.

Soldier: Get away from me, you drunk bastard!

*Zeth does a wobbly punch that hits the soldier and sends the soldier flying back and his body hits some drunk people*

Drunk Demon: Hey yu you fu fuck.

*The drunk people start attacking the soldier and the other soldiers are alerted*

*The soldiers begin attacking drunk people and an all-out fight begins*

*Sasha is drunkenly dancing on the dance floor when soldiers come to attack the drunk people*

Sasha: Hey, tha tha that’s not ni nice.

*Sasha forms her dark spear and throws it at a soldier but her drunkenness causes her to miss, though she still hits a different soldier and he dies after getting pierced by it*

Soldier: Who the hell threw that!?

Sasha: mu mu me!

*The soldier starts shooting his assault rifle at Sasha but he is attacked by other drunk people*

*Keith stands on a table with a microphone*

Keith: Go, my br br brothers! Sh sh show them no mer mer mercy! Sh sh show them the power of drunk!!

Soldier Leader: There he is! Get him!

*Unfortunately for them, the drunk people start rallying*

*Even with their weapons, the soldiers have a hard time fighting the drunk people/demons as the drunk ones have awkward and unpredictable movements. The drunk ones begin stumbling into their punches*

Drunk Demon: Get ou ou out oooff ouuur bu bu baaar!!

*Sasha approaches Zeth*

Sasha: Hey Ze Ze Zeth. Throw me a a at them.

Zeth: Okay. Anything fo fo for you.

*Zeth picks up Sasha and then throws her towards some soldiers. She has her dark spears ready and she stabs multiple soldiers in the neck when she gets to them*

Sasha: That wa wa was fu fu funnnnn!

Random Soldier: We have to retreat!

Keith: Ohhhh nooooo you du du don’t!

*Keith warps from a dimensional hole that opened near the entrance door*

Keith: You ch ch chumps aren't gu gu going anywhere!


Narrator: And so over the course of another hour, all the drunk people had their way which ended with the deaths of the soldiers. The inside of the bar also took massive damage from the fight. 2 hours have now passed since the heroes split into groups.

Keith: Now that that is o o over, let’s drink some mu mu more!!

Zeth and Sasha: Yeahhhh!!!!

Bar Owner: Thanks for dealing with those unwanted pests! Everyone! Drinks are on the house!!

*All of the drunk people in the bar begin to cheer*

Zeth: Mu mu more drinks!!!

Sasha: Mu mu more fuuunnnn!!!

Keith: Let's ce ce celebraaaate!!!


Narrator: And so for another hour, they all drink more, becoming even more drunk.

*The three of them have their arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders as they swing back and forth*

Keith: Wa wa what do do you sa sa say we blow thi thi this ji ji joint and do fun sh sh shit?

Zeth: Su su sounds gu gu good.

Sasha: Ee ee evennnn mu mu more fu fu funnn!!

*Zeth, Sasha, and Keith walk out like best buddies in the world, laughing and being drunk*

Narrator: 3 hours have now passed since the heroes split in the groups and there is only one hour left till the heroes are supposed to meet back up. With Zeth and Sasha completely wasted, what will happen?

Chapter 110 END

To be Continued in Chapter 111: The Search for the Drunken Divine Beings