Chapter 116:

Chapter 116: Zaydra Infiltrates the Centipede Lair

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 116: Zaydra Infiltrates the Centipede Lair

Narrator: It is now Day 8. The heroes have rented out a hotel room in Telecouch City.

*Zeth is sleeping in bed but is not doing well as his breathing has become heavier. Sasha (who is back to her non-true power), Emily, and Joe watch over him in the room*

Sasha: Hang in there.

Joe: Keith and Kurt better not take too long negotiating with Commander Moss.

Emily: Same with Zaydra in the centipede lair.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zaydra.

*Zaydra travels through the tunnels of the centipede lair*

Zaydra: So far, no centipedes. Why am I not running into any?

*As she goes farther in, she sees small centipedes but they are no threat so she leaves them alone*

Zaydra: Hopefully, these tunnels don’t go too far.

*Eventually, she comes to a large room with a spring at the bottom of it and she jumps down*

Zaydra: How could there be no centipedes here?

???: You need not worry about that.

*Zaydra is alerted. There is a giant centipede hanging above her but she doesn’t notice that is where it is*

*The giant centipede falls and tries to land on Zaydra but she notices at the last second and dodges*

Zaydra: Where are the rest of your kind!?

Centipede: Doing stuff.

Zaydra: Tell me!

Centipede: Only if you stop me from eating your brain!

*The centipede lunges at Zaydra but she dodges*

Zaydra: Great, I have to stop it without killing.

Centipede: Too bad for you, you won’t be able to do either.

*Zaydra changes from dodging to trying to grab the centipede but it dodges her grabs*

Zaydra: (Thinking) If I’m too aggressive and grab it too hard, I will kill it.

*Zaydra picks up a small rock. The centipede lunges at her*

*Zaydra throws the rock at the centipede which hits it with a lot of force, knocking it back and onto its back*

*This allows Zaydra to easily grab the centipede*

Zaydra: Talk or I will kill you.

Centipede: You wouldn’t!

*Zaydra rips off a few of its legs*

Centipede: Okay! Okay! Our ruler, Kitipede has launched an offensive on Telecouch City with most of our forces.

Zaydra: Why?

Centipede: She fully believes that this is her chance to win the power struggle.

Zaydra: Are they traveling underground?

Centipede: Yes, and the tunnels they are making are connected to this lair.

Zaydra: Is that so? How do I get to it?

Centipede: That tunnel was started in the tunnel that connects to Kitipede’s room.

Zaydra: One last question, did she take the Kraysheen?

Centipede: Not that I am aware of. Now let me go!

*Zaydra drops the centipede and it runs away*


Narrator: Zaydra makes her way into Kitipede’s room.

Zaydra: Well, no Kraysheen here. He must have been telling the truth. I have to hurry! I’m going through that tunnel to try and catch up to the centipedes before they get to Telecouch City!


Narrator: Deep within the tunnels, Kitipede and her forces continue digging a path to Telecouch City.

*The worker centipedes are continuing to dig while Kitipede and her attacking forces follow behind*

Kitipede: We are almost there. The downfall of Spay and Commander Moss will be soon.

Narrator: The centipedes don’t have the Kraysheen. Can Keith and Kurt get it from Commander Moss and save Zeth? Can Zaydra stop the centipedes from reaching Telecouch City?

Chapter 116 END

To be Continued in Chapter 117: Commander Moss’s Secret Weapon