Chapter 117:

Chapter 117: Commander Moss’s Secret Weapon

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 117: Commander Moss’s Secret Weapon

Narrator: It is now Day 10. Zeth is in near-critical condition. Kurt and Keith are hard at work trying to secure the Kraysheen.

*Kurt and Keith are meeting with Commander Moss*

Kurt: Why won’t you let us have the Kraysheen!?

Commander Moss: You see, I’m using it as part of my secret weapon to kill the spiders and centipedes.

Keith: How does a purify liquid help with a weapon?

CM: The Kraysheen has cold properties. Spiders and centipedes are vulnerable to the cold.

Kurt: I want to see proof of its cold properties.

CM: Fine. Follow me.

*They go down an elevator*

Kurt: (Thinking) I’m not sure I trust this guy. For all I know, he could be leading us to our death. Better be on guard.

*They reach the desired floor underground and they step out of the elevator and it’s a laboratory*

*They follow CM and pass through a scanner. It does not go off*

CM: Good, you are not a spider or centipede or infected minion.

Keith: You suspected us?

CM: No, but it’s always good to be safe.

*They meet up with Major Tarres. Major Tarres has poofy and short brown hair. He wears glasses and has on a gray uniform. He is 5 feet, 8 inches tall*

MT: Commander Moss sir, the assets are ready.

CM: Good.

*They all go into an experimental room. They stand behind a glass window that is part of a sealed experimentation area*

*In the sealed-off area are restrained spiders and centipedes*

CM: You see gentlemen, let these abominations be the example of what this weapon can do! Major Smithy, use the weapon!

*Major Smithy is in a control room. Major Smithy has flat and short black hair. He wears a white lab coat. He is 5 feet, 10 inches tall. Major Smithy gives a thumbs up and then activates the weapon. A pink gas begins to fill the sealed-off area*

*The spiders and centipedes that are exposed begin to freeze and then die*

Major Smithy: Interesting. These ones died faster than the last bunch.

CM: Hahahaha! Now do you see why I can’t give back the Kraysheen!!? I will annihilate all spiders and centipedes!

Kurt: You have no way to prove its effectiveness on the more powerful ones.

Keith: I agree. Don’t waste your time with this. If you agree to return the Kraysheen you can get divine beings on your side.

CM: Ha, don’t make me laugh. There are no divine beings here in the Swamp Underworld.

MT: Though they would be useful assets if there were.

MS: What would you folks need the Kraysheen for anyway?

Kurt: One of our divine being friends needs it to recover or he will die.

CM: You expect me to believe that without proof?

*Kurt powers up and Keith turns to his demon appearance*

Keith: I’m one of your supporters, but if you don’t return the Kraysheen, I will have to kill you.

*Commander Moss, Major Tarres, and Major Smithy feel fear*

Kurt: The choice is yours. Handing over the Kraysheen and winning the power struggle or death.

CM: Okay, okay! But you better help me kill those abominations!

Keith: Oh don’t worry. We will.


Narrator: Later, it is now the night of Day 10. Commander Moss fulfills his promise and returns the Kraysheen to the pond where it was originally.

*There is a big rumble in Telecouch City and suddenly a huge hole opens in the city. The centipede army comes out from the hole*

*Kurt and Keith can see the centipedes taking over the city from the location of the Kraysheen pond*

Keith: Oh no! They have come! We have to hurry and get Zeth here!

Narrator: The Kraysheen has been returned but the heroes failed to get Zeth to it before the centipede invasion.

Chapter 117 END

To be Continued in Chapter 118: The Final Battle of the Power Struggle Begins