Chapter 115:

Chapter 115: Rampage in Lady Spay’s Fortress

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 115: Rampage in Lady Spay’s Fortress

Narrator: In the first room of the spider demon fortress.

*The front doors to the spider demon fortress are blown open and the heroes bust in*

Spider Demon: Intruders! Prepare for battle!


Narrator: In the main room.

*The sounds from the door being blown open were heard*

Zeth: See, I told you.

Spay: That doesn’t mean anything. They still have to defeat everyone.


*The heroes quickly move through the fortress. None of the spiders stand a chance against Zaydra or Sasha in their current forms*

Zeth: Do you want to know why you don’t stand a chance? You may not know this but I’m the son of the Light Goddess. Though I currently lack my divine powers.

Spay: What? Impossible.

Zeth: It’s true. As I said, I lack my divine powers but my older sister doesn’t.

Spay: What an unexpected turn of events. Time for a new plan.

*The heroes enter into the main room holding the heads of the decapitated Secret Ops unit. Sasha has a sadistic smile*

Sasha: Do these belong to you?

*The heroes toss the heads onto the floor in front of Lady Spay*

Spay: My Secret Ops unit!

Sasha: You're next!

*Sasha charges at Spay but then Spay just disappears into a wall. Sasha can’t go through it*

Sasha: How?

Keith: It’s part of her spider abilities. She can do things like that.

Zaydra: How are you so knowledgeable about this?

Keith: I recently infiltrated this fortress because I wanted to kill Lady Spay but I failed because of that.

Zaydra: Then what?

Keith: I took a lot of damage getting out. Obviously, your divine powers far surpass what I can do.

Zaydra: We are going to put an end to this power struggle.

Zeth: We better do it fast… I’m starting to feel the effects of the carnivorous blood. I puked up blood a little bit ago.

*Zaydra’s eyes open wide*

Zaydra: Shit! I went to where the Kraysheen can be found but it wasn’t there!

*Everyone is shocked*

Keith: What do you need the Kraysheen for?

Zaydra: Didn’t you just listen to what Zeth said? He got carnivorous blood in him and he will die without it!

Keith: I understand now. Chances are, the disappearance has to do with the power struggle. Either the centipedes or Commander Moss has it and is using it for something.

Zaydra: Explain.

Keith: Most likely it is Commander Moss as he is always looking for new ways to defeat the spiders and centipedes. If Kraysheen has interesting properties then he will likely use it. Moss is the side that I personally support.

Zaydra: And you are sure of this?

Keith: We can’t rule out the centipedes of course.

Zaydra: Alright then. I will go search the centipedes. The rest of you meet with Commander Moss.

*Everyone nods in agreement*

Zeth: Before that, it needs to be mentioned that Spay bit me and turned me into part spider. I can’t attack any spiders.

Keith: Damn, well there are two options. Either we convince her to reverse it which won’t happen or we kill her which will auto-reverse it.

Zeth: Sounds like a plan.

Zaydra: Now that we have a plan, it’s time to move out. Keith just give me the directions to the centipedes’ lair.

Keith: Okay.

Narrator: The spiders were no match for the divine powers of Zaydra and Sasha. Is a big battle in the power struggle coming?

Chapter 115 END

To be Continued in Chapter 116: Zaydra Infiltrates the Centipede Lair