Chapter 118:

Chapter 118: The Final Battle of the Power Struggle Begins

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 118: The Final Battle of the Power Struggle Begins

Narrator: The centipede invasion of Telecouch City begins!

*As the centipedes come out of the large hole, so does Kitipede*

Kitipede: Go my centipedes! Take this city and annihilate all who stand before us!

*The centipedes begin attacking people*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Kurt and Keith.

*Kurt and Keith begin running back to the city*

Kurt: We have to get Zeth here and fast!

Keith: And avoiding these centipede bastards in the process!


Narrator: Back in the city.

*Kurt and Keith enter the city. As they go through the city, they fight off many centipedes. The centipedes aren’t that strong but they do slow them down*

Kurt: We don't have time for this!

Keith: That's the annoying centipedes for you!

*Soon, they reach the hotel that the heroes have been staying in*

Kurt: Let’s hurry, we don’t have much time.

*They go inside the hotel*

*Inside, they see centipedes attacking people. Kurt and Keith then attack the centipedes and save the people*

Human Male: I don’t know who you are but thanks for saving us!

Kurt: No problem. Just get into hiding before more show up!

Human Male: Right!

*After receiving thanks from the humans and demons that they saved, Kurt and Keith go up the stairs to the floor they have been staying on. The door to their room is open*

*They go in and see Emily, Sasha, and Joe fighting off centipedes while trying to protect Zeth. Kurt and Keith help them kill the centipedes*

Emily: Kurt! Keith!

Sasha: Did you get the Kraysheen?

Kurt: We returned it to the pond where it usually is. Now we just have to get Zeth there.

*Keith looks out a window*

Keith: The problem is getting him there while protecting him from the centipedes.

Sasha: I will take him there.

Keith: Will you need any help?

Sasha: No. It will only attract attention.

*Sasha picks up the unconscious Zeth, piggyback style*

*They hear more rumbling as, outside, the spiders begin invading the city but not from underground like the centipedes*

*Keith looks out the window again and sees that the spider invasion of the city*

Keith: Damn it! The spiders are here too!

Joe: Then it’s only going to be that much harder to get Zeth through.

Sasha: We can do this! Let’s go!

Keith: I guess I like your attitude.

*Keith has a more serious expression now*

Keith: I’m going to hunt down that bitch queen spider.

Emily: By yourself?

Keith: Yes. I have a score to settle. If Sasha is fine on her own, then you three should take on Kitipede.

Joe: We’ll give her everything we got!

*They all leave the room*


*Keith goes to the roof of the hotel and he looks over the edge trying to find Lady Spay*

Keith: Hey Spay!!! Come and fight me to the death!!!!

Spay: I see you love me a whole lot. Luckily for you, I’m already here.

*Keith is alerted as he turns around and sees that Lady Spay came from behind*

Keith: Good. Now that you are here, I can end you.

Spay: I wanted information from you about Commander Moss, but I see that is no longer necessary. I will now brutally kill you.

Narrator: Keith and Lady Spay will now fight to the death.

Chapter 118 END

To be Continued in Chapter 119: Keith vs Lady Spay