Chapter 119:

Chapter 119: Keith vs Lady Spay

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 119: Keith vs Lady Spay

Narrator: Keith faces off against Lady Spay on the rooftop of the hotel!

Keith: I will destroy you!

*Keith opens a portal and goes in it. He then appears out of a portal that is right above Spay*

*Keith does a swipe kick as he falls but Spay blocks it and then punches him*

*Spay quickly moves behind Keith and then grabs onto him and slams him into the floor*

Spay: This is already over!

Keith: Not quite!

*Then a bunch of portals open above them and energy beams come out of them, Spay jumps out of the way but it allows Keith to get up*

Keith: Damn spider.

*Keith suppresses his human appearance and he takes on his demon appearance. His power increases as a result*

Spay: (Smirking) You really thought you would stand a chance without going full power? Despicable.

*Keith begins charging*

Keith: I’ll wipe that smirk right off your face!

*Just before he reaches her, he goes through another portal and appears out of a portal behind her and punches her in the back*

Spay: Gahh!

*Spay then jumps forward and quickly turns around and releases a powerful web-like beam from her mouth. Keith goes through a portal to dodge*

*Keith comes out of a portal behind her but she is ready and shoots out a web at him which traps him*

Spay: The same trick won’t work twice.

*A bunch of portals open again with an energy beam coming out of each one. Spay shoots a web again and captures one of the energy beams while dodging some and taking the hit from others*

*She then slams the one beam she caught down into Keith and Keith takes damage from it but is freed from the web*

*They stand facing each other, both with noticeable damage*

Spay: I think I finally have you figured out. You have to set these portals up beforehand, don’t you?

*Keith has a “damn she figured it out” expression on his face*

Spay: Yes, that’s the look. If you could simply teleport anywhere, you would do more hit-and-run attacks. You also would have done so to get out of my web. Your Portal Magic is interesting but is very limited in real combat once it has been figured out.

*Spay charges at Keith and jumps. Keith releases a bunch of magic energy blasts at her but she withstands them and lands and then pushes Keith off the roof of the hotel and they both fall down to the street below*

Spay: Hmhmhm. Now you won’t be able to make your portals without me knowing.

Keith: I’ll still kill you!

*Keith charges at Spay and she is ready*

*They begin rapidly punching at each other with each getting some hits in*

Keith: By the time this is over, I’m going to smash your face in!

Spay: You first!

*Soon, Spay grabs onto Keith’s head and slams his face into the window of a car which shatters the glass and leaves cuts on his face*

Keith: Ahh!

*Spay then pulls him out*

Spay: What’s the matter? I thought you were going to smash my face in?

*She then gut punches Keith three times and then punches him in the face, knocking him back a bit*

*As he lands, he sees that she unleashed another powerful web-like energy blast from her mouth and he doesn’t have time to dodge*

*He takes a direct hit from the blast and now he is very injured. He is bleeding, but stands up*

Spay: Your battle skills leave a lot to be desired.

Keith: Damn…

Narrator: Lady Spay figured out how Keith’s magic works and he is now in trouble.

Chapter 119 END

To be Continued in Chapter 120: What You Do To Spiders