Chapter 123:

Chapter 123: Zeth Takes On All Spiders and Centipedes

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 123: Zeth Takes On All Spiders and Centipedes

Narrator: With the second divine stone being used, Zeth stands full of divine power!

Zeth: I’m going to bring an end to this power struggle!

*Zeth goes back to the city and he effortlessly begins smashing many spiders and centipedes with just punches and kicks*

*A bunch of spiders come up from behind him. He quickly turns around unleashes an energy attack that is a massive wave of golden energy*

Zeth: Shining Wave!

*The attack destroys the spiders*

*Zeth runs into a building and starts destroying all the spiders and centipedes in the halls with just punches and kicks*

*He then goes room to room and kills even more of them. After that, he jumps out onto the street. The spiders and centipedes in the area stop what they are doing and turn their focus to Zeth*

Zeth: All of you brought this on yourselves! Leave these people alone!

*Zeth unleashes his Shining Wave attack at all of the spiders and centipedes on this street*

Zeth: I won’t allow any further terrorizing in this city!!

*Zeth moves onto a different street. Keith watches Zeth’s onslaught from the top of a roof*

Keith: Amazing. So this is divine power!


Narrator: Back with Sasha and Zaydra.

Sasha: Should we help?

Zaydra: No, he seems to be on a roll. Let him have this one.


Narrator: Zeth’s onslaught continues.

*Zeth ends up getting surrounded by spiders and centipedes which have started working together to take him down. Zeth smiles*

Zeth: You monsters don’t stand a chance!

*They jump and run towards him. Zeth then proceeds to attack them by punch to kick to gut rip to three punches to elbow to stomp to two kicks to arm smash to two swipe kicks*

*He finishes them off by throwing a lot of Star Shards at them*

Zeth: Even working together, none of you stand a chance!! All of you should just leave the city now!!

*Zeth then goes from building to building destroying all the spiders and centipedes in them*


Narrator: Meanwhile, just outside the city.

*Korobu is approaching the city*

Korobu: I see. So Zeth is destroying a bunch of spiders and centipedes in the city. Interesting.


Narrator: Back with Zeth. By this point, he has cleared out 80% of the city from spiders and centipedes.

*Zeth starts going through the remaining streets*

*As he continues to destroy the spiders and centipedes, the other ones that he has not yet encountered begin to run away from the city*

*However, they are stopped by the other heroes*

Zaydra: Where do you think you’re going? You all still have to be punished for the crimes you have committed.

*They are all destroyed by Zaydra, Sasha, Keith, Emily, Kurt, and Joe*

*Zeth finishes off the remaining spiders and centipedes by himself*

Zeth: Good riddance.


*Zeth meets up with the other heroes and his temporary divine power ends*

Zeth: I guess with that over, we can relax for a bit.

Keith: And I see that with Spay dead, you were able to kill the spiders.

Zeth: Yep! I hope I never have to deal with this spiderfication thing ever again!

*They all laugh*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Korobu.

*Korobu stands at the entrance of Telecouch City. Korobu smirks*

Korobu: (Thinking) Once Zeth and his friends leave this city. Everyone in this city will belong to the abyss.

Narrator: The heroes have defeated all of the spiders and centipedes. But what about Korobu? What is he planning?

Chapter 123 END

To be Continued in Chapter 124: The Power Struggle Comes to an End