Chapter 122:

Chapter 122: What You Do To Centipedes

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 122: What You Do To Centipedes

Narrator: Kurt, Emily, and Joe continue their tough battle against Kitipede!

*Kitipede has a sinister smile*

Kitipede: Should I spare you? Maybe infect your minds with centipedes.

*A massive amount of aura magic energy comes off Kurt’s body and hits Kitipede before she has time to react*

*She is knocked far back and starts to get up. She has a massive wound on her belly area*

Kitipede: Ugh gahh. You will indeed pay for that. Death is now your only option.

*The heroes get up*

Kurt: Attacks like that are why Aura Magic is very valuable.

Emily: You saved us. That’s for sure.

*Kitipede has become enraged and her eyes turn completely white. She charges at them*

Kitipede: I’ll kill you!!

Joe: We haven’t landed many attacks on her but the ones we have landed counted big.

*Kitipede tries rapidly punching them all but her attacks have become predictable and easy to dodge in her enraged state*

*Joe charges a punch with wind power. He then dodges Kitipede’s punches and slams his punch powerfully into her*

*She is knocked back into the wall of a building and then falls to the ground*

Kitipede: Why have they gained the upper hand now?

*Suddenly, a giant sign falls from above and crushes the midsection of Kitipede*

Kitipede: Ho..w?

*They all look above and see Commander Moss, Major Tarres, and Major Smithy standing on top of a building where they knocked the sign off of. Commander Moss has a very serious expression on his face*

Commander Moss: That is what you do to centipedes.

Kurt: Thanks for the assist!

Major Smithy: No problem, comrades!

*The three of them walk away*

Emily: Come on, we need to assist Sasha and Zeth.

*The heroes leave the area too*

Kitipede: Fools, I am part centipede! You can’t kill me by crushing my midsection! Once someone helps me out, you will all pay!

*Kitipede looks at the ground with frustration*

Kitipede: (Thinking) I’ve come too far to fail now. I’m the only one fit enough to lead the Swamp Underworld. Commander Moss… He’s never proven a damn thing. Lady Spay… She just wants this to become a spider paradise.


Narrator: Meanwhile, Sasha continues to carry Zeth towards the Kraysheen pond.

*Sasha is getting closer and closer to the Kraysheen while carrying Zeth*

Sasha: Almost there. I can see it in sight now.

*Suddenly, a bunch of centipedes appear*

Sasha: Oh no!

*They are all blasted away by a Star Shine Blast and it was Zaydra who did it*

Zaydra: Come on, don’t stop!

*They soon reach the Kraysheen pond*

Zaydra: Drop him in!

*Sasha drops Zeth into the Kraysheen pond and Zeth’s body sinks into the liquid*

*Zeth is in thought as he sinks more into the liquid*

Zeth: (Thinking) What is this? Is this… the Kraysheen? I feel like I’m being purified.

*Inside Zeth’s body, the Kraysheen attacks and destroys the carnivorous blood while also healing him*

Zeth: I can feel a connection with the Divine Stones. I can feel its power flooding into me. I feel…. Divine!

*Zeth opens his eyes and the irises of his eyes are green instead of brown. His hair turns from black to a shining blonde*

*One of the divine stones breaks which leaves two remaining*

*Zeth rises out of the Kraysheen pond with a divine aura. Sasha and Zaydra look at him with happiness*

*Zeth lands on the ground*

Zeth: Time to end this.

Narrator: Zeth has been healed and has unleashed temporary divine power again!

Chapter 122 END

To be Continued in Chapter 123: Zeth Takes on All Spiders and Centipedes