Chapter 124:

Chapter 124: The Power Struggle Comes to an End

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 124: The Power Struggle Comes to an End

Narrator: As the power struggle starts to come to an end, Kitipede still lies on the streets of Telecouch City with her midsection crushed.

*Kitipede has stopped trying to free herself as she waits for someone to rescue her. Someone approaches her and she looks up at that person. It’s Korobu*

Kitipede: Korobu?

Korobu: Hello, Kitipede. Nice night, isn’t it?

*Kitipede is feeling fear*

Kitipede: Wh… what do you want?

Korobu: Your soul!

*Kitipede is now scared to death. Korobu then laughs*

Korobu: Just kidding. It would be such a shame if you died. You will be coming with me.

*Kitipede is no longer scared and just stares at him*

Kitipede: I can’t imagine there is anything that you would need me for.

Korobu: You’re wrong. I think centipede powers sound quite nice and useful.

*Korobu smirks and Kitipede looks up at him nervously*

Kitipede: What do you mean by that? I… I can’t believe you would even return to the Swamp Underworld after being away from it for so long…

*Korobu is still smirking*

Korobu: I don’t think you will be waiting too long to find out.


Narrator: Following the end of the battle in Telecouch City.

*The heroes have all gathered at Commander Moss’s building*

Commander Moss: I admit, I was skeptical that you could help, but you have my thanks.

Zeth: If you truly are the best option for these people then we are happy to help.

Major Tarres: That huge sign was a very convenient asset though.

Emily: Haha true.

Major Smithy: Can we eat now?

CM: Yeah, I guess.

*They all begin getting food*

Keith: I think it’s time we all dig in! Though, I wish we had some booze too.

Zaydra: I think you’ve had enough alcohol for a while.

Keith: You can never have too much booze!

Joe: Enough of the booze talk! Let’s eat!

*They all happily enjoy their food and have a good time*


Narrator: Later.

Zaydra: We better get going. Thanks for the meal.

Keith: Yeah. I need to go check on my family.

*They begin leaving*

CM: Come back any time!

MT: And hopefully this place will be more interesting next time.

MS: It’s been real! Tis a shame you have to go.


Narrator: Later.

*The heroes arrive in Hirro City and they go to the building where Keith’s family lives. Keith knocks on the door*

*Lisha opens the door*

Keith: Hi, mom.

Lisha: Keith!

Keith: The power struggle is over! We can finally get some peace!

*Lisha begins crying in happiness*

Lisha: That’s the best news I’ve heard in so long!

*Keith points at the heroes and smiles*

Keith: You can thank these guys. They are the one who helped bring an end to it.

Lisha: Ah, so they helped bring it to an end and also are your friends?

*Keith rubs the back of his head as he smiles more*

Keith: We just met recently but I guess you could say that.

Lisha: All of you should come on in! Having company is great!

*The heroes go inside*

Lisha: Trate! Come here! Keith is back!

*Jinto and Bayga show up and they are now young adults*

Jinto: Keith, my man! *They fist bump* You been kicking ass!?

Keith: You bet!

*Bayga looks at the other heroes*

Bayga: Hi, my name is Bayga.

Zeth: It’s nice to meet you, Bayga. My name is Zeth.

*Zeth begins pointing at the other heroes*

Zeth: Their names are Sasha, Emily, Joe, Kurt, and Zaydra.

Sasha: Hi!

Emily: Nice to meet you!

Joe: It’s great to see that Keith has a good family!

Keith: They are great people. I’ve missed seeing them so much so I’m glad to be back.

Narrator: They all meet in the family room and talk. They enjoy themselves but Keith has something on his mind that he wants to let out.

*Keith turns serious*

Keith: Listen, Zeth. I have been thinking about this and it sounds like shit will be going down soon. Let me join you!

*Zeth is surprised*

Zeth: But you finally can have some peace with your family. Why do this?

Keith: If things turn for the worst, nowhere will be safe. You’re gonna need all the help you can get.

Zeth: …Okay, but only if you are absolutely sure.

Keith: Trust me. I am. Besides, you and Sasha make good drinking buddies!

*Zaydra, Kurt, Emily, and Joe give Zeth and Sasha a stare down*

*Zeth and Sasha look awkward for a moment until Zeth stands up with a serious face*

Zeth: Then make final preparations. You may not get a chance to come back here for a long while.


Narrator: Later.

*The heroes have left Hirro City and are near the exit of the Swamp Underworld. They look out to Telecouch City*

Zeth: Hopefully they do a lot of good.

*In the center of Telecouch City where there are a lot of people, Korobu stands*

Korobu: Let the chaos begin.

*Korobu holds his hand out and a dark sphere begins to form and then it starts to grow larger*

*The sphere is powerful and crying and screaming souls can be seen flowing around it. The sphere of power is so powerful anyone in the same vicinity as Korobu turns to dust*

*It continues to get bigger and starts overtaking any surrounding buildings and continues to turn people into dust*

Korobu: Yes! That’s it!

*In Commander Moss’s building, Major Smithy looks out the window from a high floor*

MS: Comrades, a giant sphere of death is enveloping the city!

*CM and MT spit out their beer*

CM: What!?

*CM and MT look out the window*

MT: Well, shit.

CM: Quick! To our secret escape passage!

*They go to the basement floor and then they go down into an underground passage*

MT: What about the people of this city?

CM: They are a lost cause. The divine beings left. We have no way to stop it.

*MS looks down at the floor as they walk*

MS: It’s Korobu, isn’t it?

CM: Probably. I can’t believe he would come back to the Swamp Underworld.

*Korobu’s sphere has engulfed most of the city at this point. The heroes are still waiting for the grim reaper (Mark) to pick them up and they see the engulfing sphere out in the distance. They are all shocked*

Zeth: What the hell is happening!!!?

Zaydra: It’s Korobu! What is he doing here!?

*The city is now completely engulfed and no life remains in it*

Zeth: We have to go back there!!

*Zeth tries to run but is grabbed by Zaydra*

Zaydra: Zeth! There is nothing we can do now!!!

Zeth: We have to do something!!

Zaydra: I know how you feel but there can’t be a single soul left alive in that city now!!

Zeth: But Commander Moss and Major Tarres and Major Smithy!

Zaydra: They are probably dead! You have to accept that sometimes there is nothing you can do! Not even our mother, the Light Goddess herself, can save every single person who is in danger! Zeth, it’s time to go!

*Zeth falls to his knees in frustration*

Zeth: Yeah, you’re right…

Zaydra: I know how you feel. All you can do is just hope that some people were able to escape the devastation.

Zeth: But what if Korobu attacks the rest of the Swamp Underworld?

Keith: And I’m worried about my family!

Zaydra: I doubt Korobu will do anything more here. As terrible as is he is, he’s not one to just go around and destroy everything. He’d rather make people loyal to the Dark Goddess than killing them.

*Soon, Mark arrives to pick them up and they get on Mark’s boat*

Mark: Now departing to Harmone.

*Korobu stands in the now-dead city*

Korobu: Yes, I quite like this. Don’t worry all of you dead people. You will now be able to serve the Dark Goddess.

*Korobu looks up at the sky*

Korobu: Such a nostalgic feeling…


*Zeth sits angrily on the boat as it moves through the tunnel. Zeth has never looked so angry before*

Zeth: Korobu. You will pay!

Narrator: The heroes’ business in the Swamp Underworld is finished but they leave on a sad note as Korobu has killed off an entire city.

Chapter 124 END

To be Continued in Chapter 125: The Woman Returns


Arc Completed: July 13th, 2015