Chapter 3:

Chapter 3 The betrayal and revenge

The Fox and the Deer

The fox, the deer and the chipmunk reached the stream where the bear was distracted by the fish. When they reached the stream, the animal that was following them showed itself. It was a big tiger. 

"Hello!" the tiger said. 

"I am the king of all tigers! I came here because I heard that there are lost animals wandering in my territory. So, I came to greet!" 

The fox's instinct was instantly alarmed. But the deer and the chipmunk didn't seem to notice. The fox backed away for a bit noticing the tricky smile on the tiger's face. Unlike the fox, both the deer and the chipmunk seemed to trust the tiger. They said 

"It's an honor for the king of the jungle to greet us", the tiger's smile widen. 

"It's fine! I'll go across the stream to greet you properly!" the tiger said while moving towards the stream. 

"RUN!" the fox said sharply. 

Even though the deer and chipmunk noticed the tiger's open jaw, it was too late. The fox had to act. It jumped head first tackling into the tiger's mouth sending each other into the stream. The deer grabbed the fox's tail and dragged it onto the shores. 

"You good?", the deer asked, 

"Yeah" the fox said "Thanks"

"No, thank YOU" the deer replied. 

"Will you guys keep thanking each other or will we move on?" the chipmunk asked. 

"Well, well, well" a voice said "Seems like that old, lazy tiger didn't absolutely trick you" 

Walking out from the dark was the same bear that chased them. 

"It's true that I have more interests in eating the fish than you. But anyone who comes into my territory, never gets out alive", the bear said, "Imagine the first animals to ever escape my palm of death are a deer and a fox! WELL DONE!". 

"Uhhhh, you're not going to kill us now, right?" the fox asked hopefully. 

"NO! Of course not" the bear said "And by that, I was LYING!", 

on the last word, the bear shouted and leaped across the stream. When the bear was on the ground again, it held out its claws and scratched them, only to miss by millimeters. The bear stumbled in place because of the momentum from the scratch. The fox, the deer, and the chipmunk took their chances. They fled. As quickly as they fled, the bear got ahold of itself and chased them. The rain started pouring down. The sound of their footsteps were the loudest thing in the forest. Finally, they reached a dead end. In front of them and on their left were trees that grew too close to each other and created a wall. On their right, however, was a cliff. Behind them was the bear. 

"Nice running" the bear said "But you can never outrun me"

The chipmunk, knowing that they could not win the fight with raw strength, thought of the oldest trick in the book. The chipmunk said and pointed behind the bear's back.


Believe it or not, the bear actually turned around to look behind its back. 

"NOW!" the chipmunk shouted. 

All of them tackled the bear with all their might. With the rain in their favor, the bear stumbled and slipped to the right, towards the cliff. The bear grabbed a rock on the cliff a size as big as a book. 

"My fa-family w-will look f-for you, t-they will find yo-you, and th-they will k-kill you", the bear said. 

Each word coming out of its mouth hardly with all the strength it had to use hanging on to the rock. Finally, the bear lost its grip and fell from the cliff. The fox, the deer, and the chipmunk watched as the bear fell. They all walked away from the cliff. They decided to make a little gravestone in the memory of the bear. They chose a rock, and put mud on it. They wrote their farewells and walked away. The grave stone read:

"Here lies the mighty bear. May his memories be kept for years and may he be remembered as a brave soldier who fell, trying to reclaim his honor"