Chapter 4:

Chapter 4 The chipmunks kingdom

The Fox and the Deer

Everything went downhill when they saw the fox. After their farewell to the bear, the chipmunk suggested that they should visit his house. 

"I'll bring you guys to my house!", the chipmunk said excitedly. 

"Where is it?" the deer asked. 

"About an hour walk to the left from here" the chipmunk replied. 

"So how's about we check it out?" the fox asked the deer. 

"Fine" the deer said. 

"Lead the way!", the fox said. 

"Aye!, aye!, captain!" the chipmunk said and ran to the left. 

The deer and the fox followed the chipmunk until the chipmunk suddenly stopped. The deer almost stepped on the chipmunk because of this instant stopping. 

"What?" the deer asked, a little bit angrily. 

"I sense an owl nearby" the chipmunk answered quietly, "It's sleeping, we could sneak pass it. Be quiet" 

They crawled along the bushes looking for the owl in every direction. 

Finally, the chipmunk said "It's okay now, you can speak" 

They all stood up and walked quietly, thinking. 

After a while, the chipmunk said "We're here" 

The chipmunk pulled one of the leafs and pointed at a tree. 

"Really?" the deer said, "I'm a deer! How am I supposed to crawl into a tree?"

"Be patience!" the chipmunk replied "I didn't say we have to crawl into a tree!" 

"But if we d-" 

the deer started talking but the chipmunk knocked on the tree and one of the vines started pulling itself up. A massive door was revealed upon them as the camouflage worn off. The chipmunk smiled and opened the doors. Turning back to face the fox and the deer, it said 


 The fox and the deer, too stunted to say anything, followed the chipmunk into the door. As soon as they stepped inside the kingdom of chipmunks, an alarm was blaring. 


"Oh, crap" the chipmunk cursed under its breath. 

And a rain of walnuts started pouring down on them. The next thing they knew, they were caged in a vine trap. Below them, there were soldiers holding spears made out of walnut shells. 

"You may leave at once intruders!" the same voice said. 

"You majesty! I do not mean harm. These are my friends" the chipmunk said. 

"You brought them here?" the same voice, which was probably the king asked. 

"Yes" the chipmunk said. 

"Very well then, release them" the king said. 

"Ack!" the deer and the fox hit the ground hard. 

"If you are my son's friends, then welcome to the kingdom of chipmunks" the king said. 

"SON?!" the fox asked looking at the chipmunk. 

"Yeah..." the chipmunk replied. 

The deer sighed, "Well, can we have some supplies and we'll be heading on our way" 

"THE DEER WANTS SUPPLIES!" the king shouted. 

Instantly, bags made of vines filled with walnuts and blueberries were thrown in front of the deer. 

The fox said "Can I have some meat?" 

The king once again said "THE FOX WANTS SOME MEAT!"

 And again, bags made of vines filled with frogs and snakes were thrown in front of the fox. 

"Thank you" they both said sincerely, 

"No problem" the king waved his hands. "Son. What will you do?" the king turned to ask the chipmunk. 

"What do you mean?" the chipmunk asked. 

"Will you stay or will you go?" the king asked. 

"Uhhhhhhh" the chipmunk stuttered, "I'm sorry guys, I'll stay" the chipmunk said. 

"It's fine" the fox said, "Thank you for all of your help" 

They exchanged farewells, and the fox and the deer turned around to walk out of the door. 

"I KNEW YOU WERE HERE!" a voice shouted as soon as the door closed. 

Jumping out from a nearby tree, was a tremendous shadow. And standing upon them were 3 large bears, ready to kill them...