Chapter 125:

Chapter 125: The Woman Returns

Beyond The Stars

Author's Note: This is the first chapter of the seventh arc, the Enigmus Arc.

Chapter 125: The Woman Returns

Narrator: We now take a look back at the town of Flagron and take a look inside the magic power A-Rank Club.

*Goma is sitting calmly on a chair next to the lit fireplace in his A rank club*

Narrator: Goma still remains as the only A-Rank human in the entire country of Harmone.

*Goma is wearing a brown T-shirt with black long pants. He is silently reading a book. Someone walks into the room he is in and he hears a young adult female voice*

Female: Father.

*Goma puts down his book and listens*

Female: Father, I can sense the winds of chaos picking up in this country.

*Goma stares at the cover of the book he is reading. It is titled “The Meaning”*

Goma: I know. It is… concerning. I have a hunch as to why, but I will need to look into it.

Female: I see. Well, you are the greatest alive. You will accomplish anything you want.

*Goma hears her walking away*

Goma: (Talking to himself) It’s probably worse than she thinks.


Narrator: 4 months have passed since the events of the Swamp Underworld. It’s now April, Year 119 and it’s been 11 months since Zeth broke out of the Hawk Clan prison. Zaydra is now 537 years old.

*Zeth is training with Sasha. The heroes are back to wearing their adventuring clothes, though Zeth is also wearing his headband*

Zeth: (Narrating) After seeing what Korobu did to Telecouch City, we all felt weak. We all needed to get more powerful. We enlisted the help of RAG (Run And Gun) to help us train. He was happy to help. When we first met him, he was a low D-Rank. He is now a high D-Rank. Zaydra was needed for the task squad that my mother had summoned to look into Poleon. Mother also had her angel forces increase their presence on Earth to fight any threat by the Dark Goddess even if it meant she temporarily had to break the rules. As we trained over these 4 months, it became increasingly clear that humans simply were not as innately powerful as divine beings and demons. As of right now, I am a middle D-Rank. Sasha and Keith are now low D-Ranks. However, Emily, Kurt, and Joe are starting to fall behind. Emily is a high E-Rank. Kurt and Joe are middle E-Ranks. Not a huge gap but it’s starting to grow. It was starting to frustrate them too.

*Joe falls to his knees and punches the ground after finding out his rank*

Joe: Damn it! Are we humans really that limited!? More power!!

*Emily pats him on the shoulder*

Emily: It’s okay. All it means is we need to train harder.

RAG: She’s right. Humans can achieve great heights, even if it takes longer.

Joe: But we don’t have that kind of time! We saw what Korobu did! He would annihilate us in a second!

Kurt: Joe, we need more power but at the same time, we need to accept what we are.

Joe: Saying that doesn’t make it easy!

Zeth: We could always try and find the third of the eight altars.

Joe: Do you have a way to find one?

*Zeth looks down with a little bit of disappointment*

Zeth: …No. Not without divine contact with my mother but I can’t do that right now and Zaydra is not here.


Narrator: In Heaven.

*Harmona is talking with one of her generals*

Zentano: My Goddess, my angel soldiers investigated the city of Hashon and were surprised to see most of its residents gone.

Harmona: Was it the work of the Dark Goddess?

Zentano: There was no trace of any of her influence.

Harmona: This is bad. What could have happened? If only I was fully recovered, I could have seen what happened.

Zentano: In any case. We will continue to investigate.

*Zentano leaves*


Narrator: Back to the heroes.

*The heroes are training again but then a woman arrives and it is Udana*

Zeth: Udana?

Udana: Hello, Zeth. After 10 months, we are finally ready for you.

Narrator: Udana, the woman who approached Zeth back in Chapter 30 has returned to inform Zeth that they are ready. Ready for what is the question.

Chapter 125 END

To be Continued in Chapter 126: The Enigmus Project