Chapter 126:

Chapter 126: The Enigmus Project

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 126: The Enigmus Project

Narrator: Udana comes to the heroes to say that “we are ready” for them. It’s time to find out what she means.

Udana: I’m here because we are ready for your help. It’s time to prepare to stop the Dark Goddess.

Zeth: (Still somewhat distrustful) You still have yet to say what it is we would be doing.

*Udana snaps her fingers*

*A person instantly appears beside her. He has red hair that is long enough to cover the top half of his face and head on all sides. He is wearing a black jumpsuit*

Udana: Let me show you, but only the five of you that were together a year ago.

*She snaps her fingers again*

*Udana, Zeth, Sasha, Emily, Joe, Kurt, and the red-haired new person disappear*

Keith: Hey! Wait!

RAG: Where did she send them!?


*They appear in a factory-looking room*

Zeth: Where are we?

Udana: We are in my master’s factory that was built away from where a lot of people live.

*Kurt looks out a window and he sees nothing but trees, rocks, grass, and a river*

Kurt: Well, she’s right.

Zeth: So then tell us why you brought us here.

Udana: Look around you.

*They see many operating tables with people on them*

Zeth: What is this?

Udana: Our Enigmus Project.

Zeth: Enigmus? What the hell is that!?

Joe: I think Keith may have mentioned it at some point over these past 4 months but we kind of just brushed over it.

Udana: Oh? So you have at least heard of Enigmus before?

*She walks over to a table*

Udana: This is what we want you for. For all of you to BECOME an Enigmus.

Zeth: What!?

Udana: Especially you Zeth, your power continues to rise fast. Think of the power you could have.

Zeth: I will have you know that I’m a divine being.

Udana: Even better. You are still compatible with internal enhancements.

Emily: Internal enhancements…? That book! You were the one who was reading those books I found in the Mansion of Horrors!

Udana: And if you read them, you should understand how good being an Enigmus would be. We can fight the Dark Goddess.

*The heroes are starting to become more hostile*

Zeth: Who are these people that you are operating on!!?

Udana: They are all people who are from the Hawk Clan.

Zeth: The Hawk Clan!?

Udana: Yes, and you should thank us, Zeth. With them becoming Enigmuses, they won’t be bothering the Eagle Clan anymore.

Zeth: That’s bullshit!! If anything, now they will have more power to destroy the Eagle clan!

Udana: I assure you that they will be too busy serving Master Kogen.

Zeth: Serving!? That sounds more like mind control! You can forget this!

*Udana quickly draws her sword and it is now pointed at Zeth’s throat*

Udana: This isn’t optional. Now that you know what we are doing, you either follow us or die.

*She snaps her fingers*

*Three other people show up*

Narrator: Kogen’s Underling – Goro. (Goro is 7 feet tall and is quite bulky. He has brown short, spiky hair. He wears a gray button-up shirt which is not buttoned up. He wears tan-colored pants. He was first introduced in Chapter 5.)

Narrator: Kogen’s Top Scientist – Gido. (Gido is a 4-foot-tall man with a creepy smile. He has messy black hair and he wears a white lab coat.)

Narrator: Kogen’s Hit Man – Gen. (Gen is a 6-foot-tall man who has the look on his face like he is always thinking. He has long black hair that goes down to his upper back and a small part of his hair is tied back. He wears a black robe.)

Udana: What will it be? You have no hope to defeat the five of us.


Narrator: Meanwhile in a building in Heaven.

*Harmona watches as Zeth and his friends are in a difficult position*

Harmona: (Talking to herself) This is what happened to the people in Hashon. As I thought, this is bad. And worse is that these five are stronger than Zeth and his friends.

*Harmona leaves the room and encounters Zaydra in the hallway*

Harmona: Zaydra, this is an emergency!

Zaydra: What is it? I was just getting ready to join back up with our Poleon investigation task force.

Harmona: Zeth has found himself involved with a group of individuals with bad intentions!

Zaydra: What!?

Harmona: He is in a factory that is somewhere in an area that is not very populated. I’m not sure which though. Get down there to Harmone and check them all!

Zaydra: I’m on it!

Narrator: The heroes have found themselves in a terrible situation. How will they get out of it? Or will this be the end of the road for them?

Chapter 126 END

To be Continued in Chapter 127: A Lesson, Punishment, and Crushing Sadness