Chapter 131:

Chapter 131: Enigmus War Machine

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 131: Enigmus War Machine

Narrator: Continued from Chapter 128, Goma faces off against Subjects 74 (an old man) and 128 (a teenage boy).

Goma: You fellows look like normal humans but there is clearly something off about you.

*S74 charges at Goma*

S74: Die human!

*With incredible swiftness, Goma moves in and breaks S74’s arm by snapping it*

*S74 uses his other arm to throw a quick punch and Goma dodges at the last second and then he jumps back*

Goma: You just called me human and your punch was way too fast for an old man like you. I don’t know who sent you but they did some modifications to your bodies.

*They now both charge at Goma at the same time. Goma dodges various punches and kicks from them. S128 then marks the path between him and Goma and starts running and goes at a fast speed*

*As S128 reaches Goma, he does an uppercut punch that makes slight contact with Goma. An explosion from the uppercut happens immediately afterward*

*Goma did not take much damage other than that his robe got ruined*

Goma: You two are too dangerous to let live and judging by those numbers on your shoulders, there are a lot more of you. I will make this quick. Let me show you my Burst Magic.

*S74 charges and jumps at him but Goma points his finger at S74’s chest area. One second later, what looks like glowing lines blow out of all sides from where he pointed at S74’s body*

*Massive amounts of blood pour out and S74 dies*

Goma: Whoever sent you must not know my power very well. I am the only A-Rank in this country. Just the two of you could never kill me.

*S128 charges in anger. Goma points at S128’s head. Glowing lines come out of his head and his head then bursts, causing S128 to die*

*Goma walks over to their dead bodies. The subjects have symbols for the Hawk Clan on their shoulders*

Goma: The Hawk Clan!? Looks like I’m going to Hashon!


Narrator: A day after the heroes received power from the altar, they return to the factory where the Enigmuses were being produced.

*The heroes go inside the factory*

*They are shocked to see that the place is completely empty*

Zeth: What? There’s nothing here!! Nothing! No people, no equipment! How did they get everything out so fast!!?

*He falls to his knees*

Zeth: Now we are back to square one!

*Sasha looks nervous*

Sasha: This is nuts!


Narrator: Over the next week, Kogen’s Enigmus War Machine continued its growth with nobody to challenge it.

*Scientists are using surgery equipment and performing surgeries on Hawk Clan members in rooms that are somewhat dark*

*Kogen is walking through his fortress and goes into a large room to see thousands of Enigmuses lined up. Kogen is on a balcony at the front of the room*

Kogen: My Enigmus War Machine! We will conquer all who get in our way!

*The Enigmuses all clap in applause*

Kogen: We will conquer the Dark Goddess when she makes her return!

*They all clap in applause again*

Kogen: And then I will become the king of Hell where even the Light Goddess will be at my mercy!!

*All of the Enigmuses are cheering and clapping*

Kogen: Prepare for an invasion of Hashon where we will take what remains of your people!

All of the Enigmuses: Sir! Yes Sir!

*Kogen is approached by Gido*

Gido: Master Kogen.

Kogen: Yes, what is it?

Gido: (Smiling creepily) They are done.

Kogen: Show me.

*Kogen and Gido enter an operation room where three silhouettes are seen. Gido bows to Kogen*

Gido: Here they are master. Ready to fight for you.

*Kogen looks at the three silhouettes*

Kogen: (Smiling) Excellent.

*The three figures are Kurt, Emily, and Joe. They are all an Enigmus now. Emily has a large scar where her right leg was cut off and there is a new leg there. Kurt has a large scar on his left arm. Joe (who is shirtless) has a large scar on his abdomen. All of their eyes have a blue shading on the edges*

Narrator: The shocking truth! Kogen has had Kurt, Emily, and Joe turned into Enigmuses. Will the heroes be able to save their friends or will they have to kill them!?

Chapter 131 END

To be Continued in Chapter 132: Mysterious Boy