Chapter 132:

Chapter 132: Mysterious Boy

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 132: Mysterious Boy

Narrator: While the Enigmus situation begins to ramp up, Crimson still lingers out there.

*Crimson walks into a restaurant filled with well-dressed people*

Crimson: I want food. I certainly won’t pay for it though.

*Crimson marks many of the tables where there are people sitting at*

Man: What the hell are these markings?

*All of the tables start to blow up and people all over the restaurant die in a bloody death*

*As he continues killing more people who are unable to flee for their lives, at one table there is a boy who his explosions don’t kill. The 4-foot-tall boy looks displeased*

*Eventually Crimson kills off everyone in the restaurant*

Crimson: Time for some food.

*As he walks to the kitchen, what feels like a speeding bullet goes right by his head and cuts off a few strands of his hair. The object then hits the wall*

Crimson: What the hell!?

*Crimson looks at the wall. The object was a knife that is now stuck in the wall*

Crimson: A knife?

*Crimson turns around*

*Crimson sees a boy that is 4 feet tall. The boy is wearing a suit and bowtie. His hair is black and oddly, the look of his hair is the same as Zeth’s. What would be the white part of a person’s eyes are juicy red for the boy*

Boy: I am displeased.

Crimson: Who the hell are you? Did you throw that knife?

Boy: Indeed, I did. My Momentum Magic is pretty useful.

Crimson: Oh, so you are not just some weak human.

Boy: Far from it, for I am a demon. And you Crimson *Crimson has a shocked face as the boy says his name* have disturbed my meal.

Crimson: How the hell do you know my name!?

Boy: I know lots of things. Just like I know there is an Enigmus raising an Enigmus army. I know you want to consume Zeth. If you want to consume Zeth, you best get involved in finding Kogen’s Enigmus army. You will surely run into him.

Crimson: Where do you get this information?

Boy: Does it matter?

Crimson: You are one mysterious boy.

Boy: Am I? If it makes you feel better, I too am interested in Zeth, but for different reasons.

Crimson: Now that I think about it, your hair looks like his. What is your connection to him?

Boy: You need not worry about it. If you want to find Zeth, then we must go.

Crimson: Hold on. I’m eating first.

Boy: Fine.

*Crimson grabs food and sits at a non-destroyed table*

*The boy looks at all of the dead bodies*

Boy: Well, no sense in letting these bodies go to waste.

*He holds his arm out and a demonic mist starts to fill the room. The mist makes contact with the dead bodies and they start to look rotted*

*The bodies then start to twitch and moan and start to stand up. They have become zombies*

*Crimson is in the middle of chewing his food when he hears the noises and turns around. His eyes open wide*

Crimson: (With his mouth full) What the shit?

Boy: You killed all of these people so now their bodies will be useful as zombies. I’m sure mother will be pleased when she sees what I have brought back for the upcoming Chaos Tournament.

*Crimson swallows his food*

Crimson: Chaos Tournament?

Boy: Soon Crimson. Soon you will know. If you’re done, let’s get going.

*Crimson stands up and then starts walking with the boy*

Crimson: You’re such a mysterious demon child.

Narrator: Who is this mysterious boy and what other kinds of powers does he have? Does he have some connection to Zeth?

Chapter 132 END
To be Continued in Chapter 133: Hashon